9 comments on “Mister Philippines Versus 38 in Mister Universe 2017

  1. As far as physique is concern Denver is not as buffed as Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua but all it takes is confidence and luck on the final night to make it to top ten. Good luck Denver

  2. This pageant is the domain of Latin America, so I place ten (10) bets from there and three (3) from Europe for my Top 13 : Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Peru, Panama, Margarita Island, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Cuba, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain, France, and Czech Republic. It has always had SCANT Asian representation, owing partly to the steep air fare involved.

    But Mr. Hernandez will get the Internet Popularity award if his Denvernatics can hold off the combined vote padding being carried out by Southeast Asian countries on the second-placer Nicaragua, perplexed as to why they have no rep in this pageant.

    I am a sucker for repeaters/conteseros, so I want Peru’s Alan Masa to make the Final Cut after earlier (unsuccessful) attempts at Real Universo and Mister World.

    That’s it. I wish Denver enjoys the experience and gives the pageant organization a good impression. The future of Filipinas’ participation in this elusive male beauty tilt depends on him.

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