16 comments on “Rachel Peters and the 66th Miss Universe in her mind

  1. i like the personality of Rachel but.. i think she’s more stunning with less or lighter make up… and she has to wear her smiles more often… i just hope she will also take into consideration the gown she’ll be wearing in MU…

    sa KF please dont ruin the opportunity…gaya ng nasayang kay MJ atbp.

    about Miss Universe Philippines 2018… i think the best representative has to be Catriona …

  2. Me thinking, If Rachel wins. and Mariel lose. There is a possibility na sa MI ilagay ni SMA si catriona if she joins next year. Cat is also fit in MI. even mariel lose. i dont think MI will give the crown to Philippines again even how deserving she is. medyo malupit at strict ang current MIO. Sa MU pwede pa siguro if ever rachel wins. and Cat wins bbp universe, we can have a possible b2b since malinis naman ang MU ngayon basta ba deserving they will give the crown to her.
    nakakakaba lang kahit pa medyo malayo pa. Catriona should be our next bbp universe and Miss Universe.

  3. I want her facial buccinator and risorius to be a little deeper. One she accomplished that will make her face a little sharper – modelesque & queenly looking. She’ll have a better jaw, chin and will look like an angel. ❤

  4. I like Rachel na!!!! Hindi na sya lasing. Kaya nya iimprove pa katawan nya. Have you seen Nelda? Ang haba at ang payat! Maaga nag pupursigi. Sila ni Chanel sa new video ang hahaha ng biyas. Can’t wait for Rachel kase maganda proportions nya.

    • Hi lai, i have a gut feel we will win in supra this yr iba ang personality ni Chanel. if not a top 5 finish. same as Nelda… Rachel is not my typical beauty but oh my ganda ng katawan at pasarela not to mention the wits.

      • Feeling ko minsan ginagamit tayo ng Supra Jackie sa page nila 4 na posts on Chanel. Ang Percy lang ng proportions and personality ni Chaneanea for Supra sana ibigay kaso kase Asian na naman baka mahirap.

  5. she really looks stunning with less makeup….hit the gym girl! we have your back!

  6. This is the perfect time for KF to equalize the pageant equation,
    AQ got the MI, MW and MU while KF only has ME and MI.
    I hope KF already learned the opportunities from their last three protege and give their best shot for Rachel.
    Sana pagtuunan nila ng pansin ang alaga nila ngayon at huwag muna magampon ng kupitbahay para magsanay dito.

  7. We are blessed with another very competitive candidate. The more I see her the more I realize her strong Filipino ‘connections’.
    Konting energy at gigil Lang , perfect na
    What say you, bong 700 hihihi

  8. I can really see Paulina Vega in her. She looks young and fresh with Light makeup. 😊

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