25 comments on “Miss Universe Host Countries | Where do you want it to land next?

  1. WME/IMG will look for a host city/country that will translate the pageant into revenues as far as discovering new models and finding local celebrities seeking international representation are concerned. Does such a place exist?

    But if they will be generous and grant MU followers their wish for exotica, I respectfully nominate Myanmar, where I imagine the candidates in balloons as they behold dawn over Bagan or checking out charming Lake Inle, either on rafts skimming the watery expanse or on foot exploring the lakeside markets. I just hope the Myanmar government will agree to such a notion.

  2. bkit nga pala mulat sapul hindi naghost venezuela eh ang daming beses nilang nanalo? dati sana nagtry nman sila maghost ngaun kc malabo na…. undergoing economic crisis sila

  3. If not leaving USA, how about

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Shreveport, Louisiana

    (french flair and experienced in hosting -MUSAs)

  4. If its not the Philippines, maybe Canada or South Korea. But wherever the venue will take place, It’ll be a thrill

    • @ mikz : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      WME/IMG will probably also take into consideration the popularity of pageantry in the country-in-question. Gone are the good old days wherein MU took fans around the world on a tourism dream sequence.

      Is pageantry particularly popular in either South Korea or Canada? If yes, GO! I like your proposal.

  5. Considering the huge crowd during iris homecoming, I think it’s time to bring back the MU pageant to Europe and where else but France either Paris or somewhere in the French Riviera

  6. Sus ending sa Pinas din naman. Malabo ata sa Australia. Mas Malabo naman sa France.

  7. Cancun, Mexico
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Seoul, South Korea
    Paris, France
    Athens, Greece

    • They already did in Seoul in 1982 where Chat Silayan won as runner up. Why not Busan for a change?

      • Tapos yung background me mga zobies no? Miss Universe walk in the midst of the undead. Why not?!! Ang maganda nito, lalabas yung mga candidate sa tren tapos pose pose with zombies in the background. Maganda sha infair.

  8. 1. Canada
    2. Angola
    3. Haiti
    4. Japan
    5. Peru
    6. Australia
    7. France

  9. Paris, Sydney, Maldives, Los Angeles

    With this video, does this mean Our country is no longer in contention to be the host for this year? I am trying to read in between the lines here

  10. Manang Teo, Subukan namang lokohin c Pastor Quiboloy dahil ayaw na yatang paloko c Lolo Chavit hihihi😄

  11. If not the Philippines, I would want to see it happening again in the States. Los Angeles, perhaps? France could be a good option too. Just not in China.

  12. These are my choice cities , not only because they are exciting and exotic but they also honor the reigning queen Iris and they have never been a host city, so there is a breath of fresh air.

    1) Washington DC (same venue as MW 2016, MGM hotel)
    2) Paris, France
    3) Quebec City, Canada
    4) Montreal, Canada
    5) Islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia

  13. From the land of the most beautiful women abound, VENEZUELAAAAAAAA!

    • Wala na nga makain mga tao dun. Also, I’ve never remembered na naghost sila ever

      • Textuality, kaya gusto ko sa Venezuela kasi hindi pa sila nkapaghost, but considering that they are currently in a state of crisis, kaya the next host country in mind is COLOMBIAAAAAAAA!

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