10 comments on “Iris Mittenaere and her NYC Street Style

    • It’s possible to recognize the flaws of someone and still love them inspite of those flaws. I suppose the tendency of many people is to sanctify or beatify someone after he or she has died. Perhaps they feel it would desecrate the memory of the dead if one focused on their shortcomings (like Alexander Wurtzbach), or perhaps they feel it would an injustice to speak ill of someone who can no longer defend himself/herself being, well, dead. At any rate, Pia has a right to speak her truth. And it’s possible that she, being a daughter, still loves her father inspite of her feelings about him and what he may or may not have done as a father. Her half-brother also the right to react. However, he comes off as rather … well … kanto. I was going to attribute that to immaturity (perhaps) but based on his mother’s reactions as well, there seems to be a general lack of sophistication on their end.

    • Ang kapal naman ng mukha ng mag-inang yan… Sila na nga 2nd family sila pa me ganang magalit?!… Grabe ang bitterness against Pia ha porque hindi sila nagbigyan ng pera palibing?!… Sila Pia na nga iniwan sila pa ang gusto pagastosin?! Bakit hindi sya magtrabaho?!

  1. Kung nagbid ang France bakit Di na lang sa France iheld at huwag ng ipagpilitan ang Pinas, idonate nlang ng sponsors yung perang
    gagastusin to rebuild Marawi as the “Holy Place in the south” after the trouble made by
    Maute group and tae group hihihi 😄

    Sa mga KPOP fans kagaya ko, let’s support our kabayan’s debut album as solo artist in Korea, a 2nd placer of KPOP 6 😚

  2. Ganda pala talaga nya. Sana naman huwag syang mgpopost ng selfie nya kasama ang boyfriend nya sa kama na parang katatapos lang gaya nung previous MU. Walang delikadesa

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