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    1st Princess – Miss Continentes Unidos
    2nd Princess – Miss Eco International

  2. Masasayang lang ang ipapadala nating delegate sa pageant na ito.

  3. Catriona — Should she have answered these qualities: bravery, sensibility and the undying “willingness to help others”, she could have been our second Miss World. PR edged her out big time in the final Q & A, IMO.

    • Hahahaha. Kahit confidently beautiful with a heart pa isagot niya, waley. Dahil luto na ang result. Pauto pa kay Julia more! The gain MW had with Megan was lost in an instant in 2016. MU >>> MW

  4. Hi Bessie! Havent you learned from the injustice they did to Catriona? The point system during Ms Gray’s stint was completely disregarded and most pageant websites chose her to be the clear winner and we were clearly ROBBED. Even if we poace as a runner up in MW this year, it will still leave a bitter taste in he mouth. Saka for sure, Indonesia or China na yan nk reserve. Or kahit tago manalo, pambayad utang lang dating niyan. Si IMANG nlan ipadala or di kaya si RIA RABAJANTE, HANNAH SISON, ANGELIQUE DE LEON.

    • Hi. Thank you for your message.

      When Megan won Miss World, I was with her through out the journey. And by that I mean, we will Skype or WhatsApp from time to time to know where she is and what has she been up to. From that, I learned how great Miss World is. Megan went to Sweden one time to attend a charity ball, she was handed with a check which was suppose to be brought to a good cause. After a quick stop over to London, Megan went to Haiti where MWO has a 5-year program to irrigate a province which does not have water supply. If that is the work an organization do – who does not feel like bragging it to the public, I am all up to support this organization.

      You see, the only things our eyes and mind see is what is shown on the television. But I was able to dig deeper into that. I saw what this organization I am supporting truly aspire for and not only the superficial beauty you see on stage. And besides, who knows, there might be a bigger story why Catriona didn’t win. Only they can tell.

      I will not stop my work. Because my work here is not yet done. I have not even started at all. ❤️

      • It may have been “all that” in 2014 Bessie, but come 2016, heres the “bigger story” that unfolded: with national directors sitting as judges, the removal of leaderboard, the absence of a charity gala or even any substantial media coverage for that matter – it became clear that Miss World is a dying pageant.

        No longer is Miss World the only “Beauty Contest with a Purpose”. With Miss Universe and other pageants stepping up and taking larger steps to advance their involvement and contribution to charities and advocacies worldwide – they are able to contribute to a variety of worthy causes as a pageant whilst having a FAIR and TRANSPARENT process of judging.

        So, no thanks Miss World. Our candidates deserve more than being sent to this fake-competition where BWAP, Multimedia, Top Model, Talent or any other preparations don’t even matter (hello Miss World 2016 Puerto Rico who only appeared in the top 20 of Talent).

        If I’m gonna a support a pageant it definitely won’t be yours.

    • Hi Bessie,

      Thanks for standing up against those who berrates an organization just because their candidate didn’t win which I think is a big shame.

  5. Sobra nmn mkpg-demand! Alam mo n nmn China or Indonesia mananalo this year

  6. na eexcite ako sa mwp. dahil syempre pageant season na naman. ganyan naman tayo pag pageant. pero deep inside d2 sa mwp medyo may halong kaba lalo na sa MW. after all of bruhaha sa MW last year.. we can easily say that we dont need to send someone who is very MW prototype since the last edition was full of disappointments tapos china o indonesia ang possible host this year. But since Filipinos has a fighting spirit. So laban lang ng laban! plus bago na ang may ari ng MWP and since unang taon nya to handle that pageant and kahit alam nya ang nangyari sa MW last year. so im sure he is aiming to crown a mw material representative for our country. and syempre im agree that we still need to send a representative in MW. someone who embraces all the qualities of being a Miss world. If that organization (MW) will ignore her even how much deserving she is. its the organizations lost not her. importante we sent a representative. a representative na hinde basta basta lang. a representative who embraces all the qualities MW. so its a win pa rin naman. why? cause we sent a MW representative and Catriona Gray is a Miss World.

    • Well i doubt someone would sign up for that since they’ve known the controversy the past year. It will take a strong/palaban woman to make the risky move. It was very clear last yr that catriona deserved a better place. We might just have a quality candidate but not to the extent of megan or catriona’s calibre.. In my opinion i believe that whoever may want to follow the footsteps of cat can be very pressured of how cat performed well and also because of the controversy, there can be lesser support which a candidate will actually need. Its a risky move and ppl nowadays know how to be strategic as well on when to join or not. After all, there are other pageants out there to choose from.

  7. ahh..so yung mga princesses, baka doon yan mapunta sa ibang second-tier pageant yata..halimbawa, ang first princess, magiging pambato sa Miss United Continents….and ang second princess, kunwari, magiging pambato sa Miss Globe International….at ang pangatlong princess..ipapadala sa Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International…mga ganoon.

  8. Spare the most deserving girl and the ones with the most potential para hindi masasayang lang. Kung hindi pa kayo naleksyon sa nangyari kay Catriona ay ewan ko na lang sa inyo. Saka na tayo magpadala uli ng de kalibreng kandidata kapag tumino na si lola Julia. For now, si madam kilay na muna ipadala natin doon tas next year si madam gilagid naman. Eh yong mukhang mangga nga na kapitbahay nag2nd runner up. So hindi magmamatter kay lola Julia kung ano hitsura ipadala natin doon as long as pagbibigyan sya sa gusto nya, sigurado crown tayo kahit si Mahal pa ipadala natin. Hindi rin katangaptanggap na assured tayo ng runner-up placement this year bilang peace offering ni Juliana at para matuloy ang hosting natin ng MW next year kasi walang pinagkaiba yan sa ginawa nilang pangloloko kay Catriona at sa atin na mga supporters.

  9. Mr. Tinio, do those “couple” of pageant missions abroad for the princesses involve organizations connected in some way to Miss World? I heard one will somehow require some ability to speak Spanish, while the other is an Africa-based Miss Earth wannabe…?

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