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  1. i am a huge miss world fan ever since. i am excited with the new format and the new director…
    with last years international results – but i guess stephanie del valle really deserves to be miss world.. yes i was saddened with the fate of catriona gray but when i watched the video i was convinced of her placement. though she deserved in the top three but not the crown. it must have been after the final question i guess that she waned and lost her chances.. she hoped but it was obvious that she knew .. catriona for MUP? no please.. its adding salt to the wound.. do you think miss araneta would make her win knowing that she chose MWP over her own pageant?..


  2. Spare the most deserving girl and the ones with the most potential para hindi masasayang lang. Kung hindi pa kayo naleksyon sa nangyari kay Catriona ay ewan ko na lang sa inyo. Saka na tayo magpadala uli ng de kalibreng kandidata pag tumino na si lola Julia. For now, si madam kilay na muna ipadala natin doon tas next year si madam gilagid naman. Eh yong mukhang mangga nga na kapitbahay nag2nd runner up. So hindi magmamatter kay lola Julia kung ano hitsura ipadala natin as long as napagbigyan sya sa gusto nya, sigurado crown tayo kahit si mahal pa ipadala natin. Hindi ko rin matatanggap na assured tayo ng runner-up placement this year as peace offering ni Julia at para matuloy na ang hosting natin ng MW next year kasi walang pinagkaiba yan sa ginawa nilang pangloloko kay Catriona.

  3. sana naman they can give us a new flavor in terms of production, pre pageant activities and even sa winner. since bago na ang ND natin.

    pero.. wait, september??? ang late naman ata (well wha’ts new?) to think December ang MW?

  4. Seems like for many past editions MW has been giving favors to certain NDs. I think it’s pointless to send a candidate. At least we had one winner.

  5. I push na Kasi Ang venue sponsorship in the Philippines para maka 2nd Miss World na soon. Hihi!

    • @ Ryan : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      I totally agree! Publicity is publicity, bad or good. And I bet these MW opponents will be the first to take a peek once their curiosity gets the better of them. LOLz.

      And besides, I read somewhere that MWP got TWO (2) ADDITIONAL franchises – Reina Hispanoamerica and Eco International. Isn’t it exciting?

  6. I’ll still watch it just because I want to see the Philippines join Venezuela as the only countries to win multiple titles in all Big Four pageants.

    The Philippines need to catch all the breaks however.

    We should’ve had three Miss World titles by now had Gwen Ruais and Catriona Gray turned their Top 5 finishes into Miss World titles. GRRRRR!!!!!!

  7. What’s the point in sending the best, kung ang ingredients sa cooking show ay handa na?

  8. Rule the World?? Seriously…? at MW, it’s Julia who rules… such a waste of time…!!!

  9. hummmmmm. Yawning . Good luck. I am not following or watching … any girls who does not win should join binibini

  10. Oh good lawd! Mga bakla hindi lang nanalo si down syndromist beauty Catriona Gray eh scam pageant na raw ang Miss World. Hayssss the typical Filipino mentality pero pag sakaling nanalo si Catriona tiyak sasabihin nilang best pageant in the world yan.
    Who are you to judge anyway, nandun ba kayo from beginning to end nung MW 2016? Nasaksihan nyo ba lahat ng pre- pageant activities leading to the finals? Who baka Catriona might had disappointed the judges in so many occassions before the finals. Eh yung unang event nga lang eh ngmukha syang matronang doktora dun sa suot nya

    • Jeremi sinampal ka na ni Pia ng kanyang MU crown , di ka pa rin natuto. I’m pretty sure mauulit yan Kay Cat…kung Hindi palarin si Peters ( who is a very very strong candidate ) .
      Tse hihihihi

      • Ganun Fabian ? Nasan na nga pala ang Pajares sisters na sabi mo either of them will be MUP? Sa totoo lang mas marami pang magaganda na sales ladies kesa sa kanila. Tse hahahahaha. Ayan ka naman eh sa sure winner sure winner na yan.
        Sige tandaan mo to hindi magiging MUP si Catriona kung sasali nga sya tiyak Intercon ang mapupunta sa kanya. Mas marami pang mas magganda na sasabay sa kanya.

    • “…baka Catriona might had disappointed the judges in so many occassions before the finals. ”

      Oh eh bakit pa sya napasok sa finals? Paki explain ang teorya mo bro… broha. Lol

      • … and those disappointments might have played a big factor during the finals… so yun na gets mo?

      • Hay naku jeremi. If disappointed sila from the beginning hindi na makakapasok si Cat sa finals. Besides, parang ibang set nman yata ang judges sa prelims at sa finals. Pakicheck mo nman bakla. Thanks

    • Jeremi. Taman naman talaga. if cat won. they will say Miss world is a best pageant in the world. why? cause they crowned the deserving one. and Catriona we cant deny that she is very deserving. not being bias but its true. Can you answer me how PR won? Ano pang silbi ng FT kung pipiliing manalo ay sponsor sa FT. even ung pagkakainclude nya sa semis eh questionable. if they found out that she is sincere okay but plus her score in the FT so talo pa din to include her in the semis. and if sincerity ang pag babasehan where is miss indonesia sincerity even in her answer? so since hinde nanalo si cat so what ever they say to miss world is true. siguro ikaw ang nanabotahe kay Pia!

      • Ganun Geoff? Ok show me some valid proof why the current queen does not deserve the crown and I will conceived sabi nga ni alma moreno hahahaha and tell me some reasons why Catriona was the deserving one. As I have mentioned we are not insiders, just mere spectators. We were not there from start to finish. Now if you say, you were one of the judges who met and interviewed each and every candidate, then I CONCEIVE again like alma moreno hahahahaha.

      • you have to answer my question jeremi furnitures. How PR won? anung valid reasons why they include her in semis? until won? dapat ung tunay na basehan. my only question is how PR won? but my next question is also related my ist question. i dont like to judge someone or to bash someone. she is a good person i believe and all of the girls. But they are in a competition that only one should crown and my point of asking is base sa competition. especially sa FT. we never know what happened during prelim. activities but dont be stupid. the result was cooked. no need to tell you or proved you if i saw everything. use your common sense. at bawasan bawasan mo ang pagiging bitter mo. bitter ka nga kung ano ano pang pang mga hinde magandang salita binibitawan mo!

      • Geoff talagang furnitures talaga pinuna mo pa hahhahaha hiyang hiya naman ako sa grammar mo. Gusto mo isa isahin ko ang mali sa English mo simulat sapul pa?

      • haysss. never mind the grammar. yung point o laman ang pansinin mo. wala ka bang common sense? marahil perpekto ka sa grammar pero wala namang sense ang laman ng ibang pinagsasabi mo.

  11. Napa rise ang eyebrows ko pati eyelashes sa “RULE THE WORLD!”
    Parang pang Miss Universe/Miss Supranational ang peg ha!
    Remember, Beauty with a purpose????

      • Don’t worry we know.

        What’s the point in sending the best when we all know the ingredients for the cooking show have been layed out

  12. I hope Laura won’t join Mess World as i am certain that the 2017 crown is already reserved by lola Julia to indogs! Their ig account is full of pics nun merlat nila. Sure na ako na ibibigay na yan sa kanila.

  13. This is a good opportunity to “right the wrongs”. I hope it is not wasted.

  14. Seriously? Gosh… An insane decision to join this search after what happened to Catriona Gray and how the winners were chosen/ hand-picked/ Pre-selected, whatever it was of the 2016 edition…

  15. I’m sure runner-up yang mananalo dyan, kahit di kagandahan! Bagong franchisee eh! Di b Manay Hulya?! LOL!

  16. ..mukhang SM job hiring lang ang peg ng ad…i guess the new franchisee deliberately use the blue font to lend some semblance of integrity direly needed by the MW brand..

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