18 comments on “Mariel de Leon: Let it come. Let it go. Let it flow.

  1. mariel face is very pretty even with light makeup . I could see she is trying to lose weight .may i suggest cashmere eyebrow or s3 stranding like what they did w kylie or pia

  2. Sa tono naman ng write up ni Tito Norman parang kalevel na ni Mocha si Mariel sa pagkamuhi ng mga tao. Anyway i respect your political leaning Tito Norms.

  3. Ordinaryo face ni Mariel? Pa-post nga ng mga mukha niyo mga bakla.

  4. ..was never a fan of this girl.. I guess she was rightly appropriated the MI crown knowing that a b2b is a near impossibility..we have so many MI crowns that it has somehow lost its appeal factor.. Thats why there is no pressure at all for her.. She just needs to be there and everyone will be fine..with placement or clapper.. On the other hand, we could have sent Maine or anyone more facially gifted.. And we could be consistent..

  5. Honestly, she was my bet for MUP but now I realize…her face and vibe aren’t that compelling enough for such crown. Even for MI, sadly. Talagang nadaan lang pala sya sa styling and (as much as I hate to say this) sa hype ng camp niya.

    That being said, she’s a class act and in a sense it’s great that big beauty pageants don’t rely so much on facial beauty and “manufactured” packaging these days.

  6. Kaya bang matanggal ang mga freckles sa face ni Mariel? With no make-up sigurado kitang kita ang mga freckles nya.

    • You are so mean and evil, Jeremi. Ang lungkot siguro ng buhay mo to be so negative.

    • Oo wagas kung makapintas,”Napaka Perfect nya! Sus linisin mo salamin nyo baka matauhan ka, pagnakita mo sarili mo!

    • Hindi ako fan ni Mariel, pero sana “Mang Jeremi maghilamos ka baka puro muta mga mata mo, kung makalait ka akala mo mo may ganda ka!

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