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  1. If she wins MUP crown is she will be the first Filipina who compete for Miss world and Miss Universe tho it is not new to the 2 international pageant because other nation did and even won the pageant after changing path… Cat has a chance to bring home a back to back crown. From Peters to cat!

  2. I think Cat might be too “soft” for MUP. To be one of the favorites in MU, she needs to be fierce and daring at times and I just don’t see Cat like that. She’s more suited for Miss International, imo.

  3. Good lawd mga bakla gandang ganda sa gown bagong style daw. Nilagyan lang ng fringes pero still the same old silhouette. The problem with Leo is iisa lang ang silhouette ng mga creations kulang sya sa innovation and creativity

    • Same thoughts. Most of the time, overly done din yung styling…it gets a little tiring. Pareho sila ni Michael Cinco in using rhinestones and Swarovski Crystals but the latter knows how to edit, edit and edit. Kaya malinis tignan mga creations niya.

  4. Pasalihin muna bago tayo magdiwang. She needs to win first. Madam SMA might give the MUP to Daisha and MI to Catriona if ever magkasabay sila. A similar case when Ruffa Gutierrez joined in 1993 when most pundits predicted Ruffa to clinch the MUP (before the choke of Dindi.. and even more after)… and you know what happened..

  5. Beautiful Catgrrrriona!
    You remind me of my resolve to boycott Miss World. That daring injustice. The callousness of greed. The crushed heart. The fight is still on. Slay them all Catgrrriona!

  6. Pasalihin nyo muna siya at nang magkaalam…. indeed she is beautiful… pero hindi lang nman siya ang maganda sa Pilipinas… Malay natin bka MW 2016 ang ending.


  7. Sana 2019 na siya sumali. Kasi 24 pa lang siya by 2108 e. Lam niyo na. Baka International ibigay sa kanya at sa older candidate ang MUP. Hahaha.

  8. The one that got away. A complete package. Ms. World’s loss indeed.

    1) A shoo-in for the Miss Universe Philippines crown and dare I say, Ms. Universe crown. She’s become lovelier and lovelier. The year has been kind to her.

    2) Jeremi dahling…I beg to disagree with your comparison of Catriona with Sirene. They are both beautiful, true. But Catriona is eloquent , Sirene is… never mind. Lol.

    3) Yup. This is how a fringe gown should look like. Maxine’s were indeed horrendous. Especially during the recent Bb. Pilipinas crowni What the hell was that green groin patch? Lol.

    4) Who should be afraid? Juila!

    5) And yes , after a long, dry twelve months of waiting, it is high time the Ms. U crown should be given once again to the Philippines. Lol.

    World Peace.


  9. Di ako natatakot😅
    Laban kung Laban👊👊👊
    Maganda c Cat at matalino.
    Bakit, maganda at matalino din ako😄
    Kulang cya sa landi kaya labanan na lang to sa landian, mala-landing Osmel Venezuela😄 bwihihihi

    • Kakausapin ko c Dodong Leo A. na gawan nya ako ng pinakabonggang gown at gugulatin ko c SMA dahil kahit isang gown from BPCI ay diko isusuot hihihi
      Lahat ng isusuot ko ay galing kay Leo para Panalo😊

  10. There will be no contest for MUP 2018 if Cat will join next year. 😊
    Meron pa naman MI, MGI, MG etc…crowns para sa ibang magjjoin.
    Fabulous gown by Leo. Ganyang mga gown dedign ang dapat irampa sa MU finals!

  11. An avid Catriona fan, I would like to see her compete in BBP in a year or two. And I hope she considers joining the nationals again one last time. And I must agree, it’s MUP or nothing for her 🙂
    P.S. She looks absolutely gorgeous in this Almodal creation 🙂

  12. It’d be nice for Monique Lhuillier to design something elegant and light-handed for our girls. The pageant Patty look is on it’s way out with IMG on the helm. Catriona doesn’t need a gown that will compete with her looks, less is more with her.

    • Oh really? Try yo check the gowns of the top 3 girls during the last MU… are you out of your mind!?!?

    • She needs a gown that is striking and will compliment her. Do you think this gown competes with her beautu? I don’t think so. She needs to wear gowns that woulf make her lool crown ready just like Iris. Look at her. She looked very much ready with everything from body, hair, gowns during the prelims and finals and mind.
      You do not know what you are saying. 🙂

    • @ DanDan and @ angl : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      I understand your respective points.

      May I suggest that the gown (or gowns) be tailored to the tastes of the host country?

      Whether minimalist or decadent… WHATEVER MAXIMIZES our chances of winning.

  13. One word: DIOSA

    Daisha Jimenez is another DIOSA in the making. Both deserve no lesser crowns. It’s Miss Universe or nothing. So hindi kailangang pagsabayin unless Daisha would end up 1st RU to Cat just for the sake of experience. Ilalaban ko ng patayan ang pananaw kong ito, sure na! hehe 🙂

    • @Eustaquia

      I agree!… Daisha at the right timing and experience could win Universe.

  14. I was wishing people would take the weight off Cat’s shoulders and let her join quietly and win quietly. I guess this is not gonna happen .
    So I hope she has the strength to carry it all to the finish .
    MUP or nothing for her . I think she has everything the MUO is looking for in a winner.

    But the pressure of it all .. from here on ..
    She has to have a heart of steel … if she joins next yr.

      • Fabian dahlinnn winner ba sya hahahaha diba loser sya sa MW remember despite everyone’s expectation na sure winner sya lol…sorry pero she won’t be able to redeem herself ifever she joins BBP lalo lang syang mapahiya. This girl might be falsely fed dahil lang sa sinasabi ng mga baklang pangit na sure winner sya. She is not all that. Rachel Peters is a million way prettier than her. Sorry

    • This is coming from the filipino gay crab who predicted for the indog to win in miss u…but ended as an afterthought. Nobody takes your comments here seriously you self hating c*nt. We just tolerate you because norman is too nice not to kick anybody out of this blog

  15. Whose afraid? Si mamang julia, isang sampal na naman sa kanya kung mag wiwinsung si cat sa MU, presumably cat winning the MUP18 title at kung magcoconfirm sya na sasali talaga sya. Isa rin sa mga matatakot eh kung sasali si cat sa next bbp edition eh si mama j at mga fans at supporters ni cat, bka minor crown lang ang ibibigay ni SMA sa knya. Pero duh, cat has what it takes to be our next miss universe from the philippines.

  16. Yes she should definitely try Bb. Pilipinas. I think she’s keeping her doors open for possibilities.. kita niyo nga di ba? nanuod ng BBP2017. maybe gusto niya makita ano ang kaganapan doon. but ayaw ko mag expect. baka masaktan lang ako pag biglang hindi siya tutuloy. huhu..

    MUP or nothing for Cat. ewan ko na lang kung anong shabu ang hinithit ni Madam kung ilalagay niya to sa International or sa Supra ha! hahahahaha

    • Rhett’s green fringe prelims gown was okay. it was uniquely beautiful.. Max’s farewell walk gown is a different story. LOL

      • Both were horrendous. The green one was supposed to be worn by a ballroom dancer and the other… I CAN’T even know what to say

    • This almodal number is really a breath of fresh air, honestly, mejo nauumay na ako sa sequins, flower paillettes gowns nya but its good that he’s exploring other styles. Still kudos to rhett for thinking outside of the box, out from his usual RTWs, pero di ko talaga masikmura ang final walk gown ni max.

    • Maxines gown was good enough and she carried it gracefully. I think rhet did a good job. Hindi lang talaga masatisfy ibang pinoys.

      • Panget yung gown, nahiglight yung pukangkang na wakwak ni Maxine na laging binabalandra ng jowa niya! May scandal si ateng! hanapin :p

  17. I won’t get my hopes up until she makes an official announcement that she’s joining BbP. Even then, I will be holding my breath hoping that SMA gives her blessing to crown her MPU. If that happens, I will be first in line to buy tickets to the MU pageant wherever it’s held. I will be one of the loudest supporter of hers in the audience. Win or lose, I want to bear witness to her grace, her eloquence, her beauty, her determination all while proudly wearing a sash that reads “PHILIPPINES”.

    In the interim, I wait…

  18. I will be waiting for the day when she signs up as official candidate. She deserves to win an international crown and I think Miss Universe will fit her head nicely with the IMG changes happening now. Gone are the days when Miss Universe is all about being glammed up and being pretty. Now it wants a queen with a voice and a platform to change the world, rather the Universe. Catriona is well spoken, creative, and charismatic. So I hope she really seriously considers gunning for the MUP crown in a year or two.

  19. And this folks how you do a fabulous fringe gown for the universe! Kudos and bravo Leo Almodal!

    • Leo’s creativity is impeccable. How I wish BPCI would sit down with Leo and patch things up, so the fantabulous young designer could provide stunning gowns for our beauty pageant reps, no?

      • Leo designed the gowns of nichole m. and janicel, even janicel’s natcos. Its just that baka walang binihisan na candidate si leo this year sa bbp o di lang natin nakita. Busy nmn si mommy leo sa mga international costumers nya.

  20. Beautiful Catriona.

    Anyway, Rhett Eala should learn from Leo how to do an eye-catching fringe gown.

    • Rhett Eala design is tacky and cheap looking…pang Cumbia! And that Maxine green fringe is very lamp shade—ishhhhh so ugly!

  21. Yes I think she deserves the highest crown in Binihini after what happened to her in Miss Bribery with a Purpose World!!

  22. Yes. Oras na para muling ibalik ang MU crown sa atin. Daisha Jimenez for MI if magsabay sila😃😃😃

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