12 comments on “Presenting: Miss Iraq 2017 Vian Sulaimani 

  1. Ang gaganda ng mga babae nila. Di ba yung previous Miss Iraq maganda din. Too bad she didnt get to compete.

  2. For a war-torn country like Iraq, where the almost daily death and destruction is destroying society’s moral fabric, the call for social change and renewal is finding a platform in beauty pageantry. Supported no less by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, this is one more proof that pageantry can be very relevant if it goes beyond physical beauty to the realm of national reconciliation and humanitarian action. Iraq is Mesopotamia in Biblical times, one of the world’s earliest civilisations and the homeland of Abraham. Its flourishing culture has bequeathed the world with priceless cultural treasures that wars simply pulverised instantaneously, or snatched away to some multimillion global auctions for rare treasures. If this beauty pageant can be a voice of reason to the warring factions, and a rallying point for the restoration of rare antiquities and cultural heritage, it can show to the world that indeed beauty pageantry can be a social and political catalyst. I hope Miss Iraq can place in some international contest so that she can acquire a global platform for her advocacies.

  3. Great for pageantry! All the best Miss Iraq. Reminder that the Arab/Muslim world has thier share of beautiful women also.

  4. Miss Tunisia, Miss Morocco, Miss Jordan, Miss Azerbaijan (these other nations have sent delegates to Miss U previously in addition to Miss Iraq and I wish they start sending again)

    On the other side of the globe, missing Miss Cuba as well.

  5. Hmmm Sulaimani the Arab origins of Sulayman.
    Royalty indeed!
    Sounds like a TOP 8 placement at MW or at a minimum of Top 15 at MU.

    • Don’t spew your ignorance here. Have you ever gone out of the Philippines.
      Your statement is condescending

    • 1% probability for Saudi Arabia as they are one of the most repressive nations against women; more likely for Pakistan and Afghanistan , even Iran to send delegates than Saudi Arabia ; UAE & Qatar, a couple of more open-minded Arab countries have relative chance of sending delegates.

      Also, the other euraisan STAN counries (Kyrgstan, Turkmenistan,… ) have fielded delegates before to lesser known pageants, so maybe it’s time for Miss U

    • @ Pep : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      As per Jeremi, I am honored to share the ignorance.

      But THAT’S PRECISELY THE POINT, isn’t it? As janetwrightlover details, why be repressed?

      A possible compromise : ELECT/APPOINT Ms. Saudi Arabia from one of the expatriate Arabian communities. Far from the grasp of the repressive regimes/orders of the home country.

      Arabia (Saudia) is TOO RICH (culturally and historically) a nation to NOT be represented!

      And now, I await an Arabian Special Forces mercenary working under cover to come and SLAY me.

      OK lang. Basta, Ms. Saudi Arabia SLAYS!

      • Each country has its own culture and belief with which everyone should respect without prejudices. That’s all I can say. Not every country is crazy about beauty pageants.

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