19 comments on “Daisha Jimenez for Charming Charlie

  1. At 19, Daisha is a diamond in the rough. Huwag po sanang ipilit ng KF na isabak agad sa BbP o MWP kung may natutunan silang leksyon sa nangyari kay Janicel at Catriona. Give her 3 to 4 years of polishing para walang sisihang mangyari. At please lang KF, huwag na huwag nyong babuyin ang ngipin ng dalagang ito kung ayaw nyong matikman ang poot at bagsik ng sang kabekehan. And one more thing, hind paborable sa atin kung pagsabayin si Daisha at Cat sa iisang patimpalak. Both should be sent to MU or nothing. They deserve no lesser crowns kaya huwag ng sayangin.

  2. Kung sasali ito sa year na sasali si Catriona for sure maykakalagyan siya dito… fresh beauty indeed.

  3. Gorgeous but should wait for a couple or 3 more years. Cat shout represent next year

    • Confirmed this… Currently, she’s 5’8 barefoot.
      Not bad for a 19 year old.

  4. Very promising . She looks more modern than Catriona. Plus she’s tall and exotic looking. Cat is pretty but too processed and not spontaneous enough for me.

  5. If this is the calibre of our representatives every year, we will be collecting crowns of every pageants there is in the world. Gone are the days of the Philippines clapping in the background. We are now the country to beat.

  6. A&Q still has Apriel Smith. I really hope she’s just preparing for her comeback. Her Instagram photos show me that she is going for one more fight in the nationals. She’s so much better than the first time she joined.

    • @ 4M : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Certainly she will join again to WIN. Sana ay hindi siya matulad sa kinahantungan ni Ms. Huelar…

      But which begs the question : to WHICH pageant do you send Ms. Smith for MAXIMUM chances?

      Grand International?

  7. I love it.. I just found out that her Dad is a pastor.. and she’s an active volunteer at orphanages…. A singer, model & humanitarian?! Whuuuuttttt?!!!! Seriously at 19?!… WOW!!!

    Beauty: Check!
    Height: Check!
    Talent: Check!
    Background: Check!
    Compassion: Check na check!


  8. Oh well depende sa Q&A performance nya. Although Catriona is an overall package, Daisha is on a morena side so baka madam SMA will assign Daisha sa MUP and Catriona sa MI…. and I am sure meron pang babaita na di pa nagpakilala that will give Daisha & Catriona a run for their money… exciting prospect!

    • Mauuna pa muna si Catriona wag ka magalala…

      Miss World Ph ang susunod na tagisan….

    • Nakakatakot talaga na baka sa MI ilagay ni Madame si Catriona if ever. Tapos nagsuot pa sya ng gown ni almodal. ok na ba sila almodal at madamme? If ever Mariel wont win MI tapos sa MI ipadala si Cat medyo okay din. But if she wins MI or even place. wag naman sa MI ilagay si Cat for pa vor!
      Daisha is also fit in MW. ito kaya ang dahilan why she backed out during bbp2017 screening? I will not suprised if ever. Baka maulit ang Janicel Lubina. I think she should wait 2 or, 3 years. if rodgil will push her at pipilitin lang. Then Girl switch a camp!
      KF is now soaring high! Good Job! well! Thats a good news! after
      all our country Philippines is their Sash.

  9. Next year and next next year grabe ang salpukan ng mga candidates at camp for MUP.

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