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  1. Miss Universe 2017 should not be held in the Philippines with the latest violent events now seem to be spreading. Filipinos should focus on more pressing problems now. Blessings to all.

  2. Si Chavit lang makasasagot niyan kung dito uli o hindi. If not in France, somewhere in Europe.

  3. Sa Venezuela naman sana. They have so many international beauty queens but not even once they have hosted it. I bet the pageant would be spectacular having all these queens in one event plus Venezuelans are also known to be pageant crazy country.


    • Huh? aware ka ba sa nangyayari sa Venezuela ngayon? they’re like having people power. ang tindi ng economic crisis sa bansa nila ngayon. hirap din sila in terms of food. so sobrang malabo yan. hehe

      • MrManila, it’s only a suggestion. Maka-react ka wagas. That’s why I said “sana.”

  4. Why not host Miss Universe again this year? Julia Morley would be raving mad should that happen! The opportunities she let pass by. Hahaha

    • Korek, apirrr😄
      Magalit cya, Mainis cya at mamatay na sya hihihi Big charette😊
      Kaya Lola Julia, ikaw ang may kailangan sa Pinas period at hindi kami …Charette uli😄

  5. As DOT Secretary said kelangan nila mag confirm by June 2017 sa MU Org. kung kaya ba ang Pilipinas mag host ulit… certainly kayang-kaya this year shall be less expinditures kasi ang mga buses and yatch and airplane na ginamit anjan pa kunting remodel nalang… Plus I guess OKADA Manila… Plus the pageantry craziness ng mga Philippines fans… Thrilled MU Org. alot…

    Kaya go lang ng go kung kaya naman…

  6. We probably need the MU pageant in the Philippines more than the last time to assure the rest of the world that despite the situation in Mindanao, the country is still very safe for tourism. We hope that everything will be resolved soon..

  7. Wow, I can’t help but notice that we are facing prospects of rare probabilities: (1) of Manila becoming the first CITY to host it twice within one calendar year, and (2) the Philippines as the first Country outside the USA to host it twice within one calendar year.

  8. Gusto ko sa Pinas at ifeature sina D5 banana Trollanes and fake VP.
    Media coverage by abscbn inquirer rappler hihihi Di ba ang saya.
    Ang kokoronahan ay fake winner ayon sa rappler hihihi
    Ang sponsor ay ang mga sponsors ng rappler, inquirer at abscbn😄charette lang

    • Fake ba kamo? Naku magagalit sila mocha “powkpowk” uson at panggulong dugyoterte nyan. Lol

      Kung fake at kasinungalingan din lang kasi ang labanan, silang dalawa ang number 1. Bar none. 😂😂😂

    • Bong I think you’ve become a lunatic supporter already because you always put political undertones in each and every comment of yours. That is bad! Lol…may napapala ka ba sa sobrang pagka fanatic mo kay Duterte. Pakisabi na lang sa kanya mag mouthwash sya at maligo hahhaahhaha.

      • Di raw sila traydor ng bayan jeremi sabi ng ibong charerette na friend ni DU30 at Mochasarapnya hihihihi

  9. ako bilang fan,spectator,at nagnanais makapanuod ng miss universe ng live dahil hindi ako nakapanuod last january ay siyempre PAYAG NA PAYAG!!! di nman ako yung gagastos o magahahanap ng sponsors. DOT ang incharge sa lahat. Kung may willing gumastos at willing magcommit sa event di GO! Wag na tayo kumontra. Mag enjoy nalang tayo. Don’t over think guys. Wag tayo mamaru.

  10. Because it’s called Miss Universe, the pageant should be hosted from one continent to another except Antarctica, of course, either in alphabetical order or according to landmass. For the former, let’s start off with Africa, next stop will be Asia, then down to Australia, Europe, North America and finally to South America. For the latter, from smallest to largest, let’s begin with Australia, then let’s go to Europe, South America, North America, Africa and the last stop is Asia!

    • Not Australia. Australia is very discriminating. Its policy has always been “white policy” in every aspect. It is not advisable to hold the Miss Universe 2017 contest here.

  11. I don’t object to the idea of the Philippines hosting the pageant again, but I think it’s a bit too soon to host it again in November/December. Perhaps in another 5 years, with the condition that in the meantime, the Philippines will continue its consecutive placements in the pageant for the next decade, LOL.

    So here are 4 cities I’d like to see host the next Miss Universe pageant, in order of preference:

    PARIS (so Iris can crown her successor in her own country)
    SYDNEY (since Australia seems serious in hosting and it is a fantastic city)
    BANGKOK (exotic locale + pageant-crazy fans)
    LAS VEGAS (yes, I know… but the Philippines’ winning streak started there after the decade-long drought, and there’s a large Filipino community there to support our candidate)

    I agree with the many comments here — if and when the Philippines would host MU again, the country’s culture and travel destinations should be featured more prominently during the live global telecast.

    • Indonesia, Thailand, or China, but not Australia. Australia has a very strong discrimination. Its policy has always been “white policy” and so it is not advisable to hold the Miss Universe contest here.

  12. Indonesia or Thailand.
    Miss Universe has a large fanbase in those countries.

  13. Unfortunately whatever was invested last time still no returns. Masakit pa ulo ni Singson. The Philippines is very unstable right now. Believe me or not Kung ang namumuno ng Pilipinas ay Atheist base sa kasaysayan ng mundo ang mga ganitong mga Tao eh Hindi nagtatagumpay. Law of attraction Lang yan. Yung mga corrupt ipadala sa Marawe. WaLa na silang alibi ngayon dapat tapyasin na yang mga extremists na yan mga Abu sayap . Now is the time para Hindi masayang ang martial law.

      • This is the kind of people who is a liability of the Philippines they are just particular with what you mistakenly wrote. Good job xoxo your the vanguard of the society and I salute you. Wishing you propagate your genes and definitely will help the Philippines.

  14. Sa Jupiter nman. Naging Ms Universe pa kung lagi na lang sa Earth. Lol

  15. Dun muna sa covered court ng baranggay namin! Hihihi jokejoke

    Sana sa ibang bansa naman. Singapore is a good choice among Southeast Asian countries. Thailand and Indonesia too.
    I would also like the hosting back to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Greece or Trinidad and Tobago.

  16. I ve posted in the past that Philippines is bidding for the 66th edition of MU along with Australia. Lolo Chavit is making it bigger this time .

  17. 1. Korea / Japan / Australia / New Zealand
    2. France / Belgium / Sweden / Finland
    3. South Africa / Namibia / Kenya / Ghana
    4. Canada / Peru / Argentina / Carribean

    • Australia is not a good venue to host the Miss Universe as there is a strong discrimination in this country. The policy of Australia has always been “white policy” in every aspect. I know as I have lived in Australia for many many years now.

  18. I wouldn’t mind if dito gagawin uli.. Pero sana naman.. i ‘filipinize’ ang pageant. I mean di ba. tourist destinations should be featured, puntahan LAHAT ng girls, not just the selected ones. more activity, charity events/causes here, fiesta themed production.. i don’t think nakuha ng DOT ang gusto nila after the pageant. parang walang balik. LOL ang konti ng exposure ng pilipinas. as iiiiin! Sana lahat sila pumunta sa Boracay, Palawan, Vigan, Baguio etc etc. ang laki ng shinell out ni LCS, pero hindi na emphasize ang pilipinas. kundi pa nag salita si Pia re: PH and hindi pa bumisita si Ashley Graham sa Bohol (which is ang ikli lang ng exposure!) wala masyadong ganap about PH!

    but, if hindi dito gagawin.. why not sa France.. for a change and besides, kakapanalo lang nila. or sa carribean like Bahamas, Singapore din pwede. Thailand? Panama? or Russia?

    May update na ba sa crown? LOL why not gawin dito sa PH tas jewelmer ang official crown sponsor. hihi

    basta wag lang china please! hahaha

    • @ MrManila : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      If Iris’ victory can achieve CRITICAL MASS in terms of popular interest in her home country, why not France, indeed?

      Caribbean is SO DONE already. So are Panama, Russia (Crocus City, with Ariella Arida), and Singapore (with Geraldine Asis). Thailand is ALWAYS a willing, gracious, and logistically-adept host. And with Mr.Itsaragrisil bringing Grand International to Vietnam this year, Aniporn and Chalita have generated ENOUGH excitement locally and of late to justify a hosting job.

    • If in China, surely Miss China would win just like what happened to the previous beauty contest before when it was previously held in China. I think it was Miss World contest. Pag sa China ginawa, lutong macaw.

  19. May I make a most INSANE suggestion? China, please… And concurrently with Miss World 2017! 🙂

      • @ MrManila : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Para magkaalaman na kung alin ang mas sikat! Heheheh…

      • Andrew. kung sino ang mas dudumugin at lalangawin. hahaha alam na this.

      • I hope she gets to compete in miss universe or miss world or miss international or miss baranggay.

      • Anyare dun sa naka black?!

        Based on looks I always thought from the begining that the girl in purple looked the best.

  20. Diyos ko na mahabagin Panginoon huwag naman sa Pilipinas. Sabi ni Ginang Teo dadagsa ang maraming turista sa ating bansa kung dito gaganapin ang patimpalak na Miss Universe 2016 pero imbes na turista ang dumating, sinakop naman tayo ng ISIS sa Marawi. Sino kaya ang matinong turista ang pupunta sa Pilipinas para lang manood ng patimpalak? Kung ako lang mas maigi pa sa ibang bansa na lang dahil hindi pa nakakabawi ang Pilipinas sa limpak limpak na ginastos nila.

    • Actually, ISIS and chinese invaders ang kumagat sa tourism promotion ni Teo.

      • Correct. China wants everything, sige na pati Miss Universe. I love to see the swimsuit competition in South China sea or in Philippine Rise na feel din nilang angkinin.

    • Babaw! Are those terrorists relatively interested with pageants? Kahit hindi tayo nag host ng Miss U dati, talagang gagawin pa rin nila ang manggulo. Iba objective nila. Regardless of economic status, guguluhin nila. Manchester, Paris, Brussels, and dami pa. Check your facts before giving comments.

  21. How about the city headquarters of WME/IMG , Manhattan ! It will be the 2nd time hosting gig for NYC. Another one is the MGM in Washington DC where MW2016 was held.

    Rumors are also swirling that it will be Sydney or Melbourne, Australia.

    Finally, why not Paris, France ?

    • If in Australia, surely the Asian and African contestants would be discriminated against. Australia has always been “white policy” in every aspect. Sakit na ng bansa dito ang discrimination. Magkaroon kaya ng interest ang mga Isis na invade ito pag dito ginawa sa Australia.

  22. I want France to host the Miss Universe 2017 because I think they are interested in hosting the pageant this year so why not?

  23. I really would like it to be somewhere else. LV will be fine for me. Wag na Muna dito.
    I mean, I love MUO, but it’s a case of too much too soon. Maybe we can host it next year again.
    Huwag Muna ngayon sa atin.
    And I have this silly theory that if we host again, it diminishes our bet’s chances of making it to top3 as per the results of our 3x hosting.
    So sa LV na Lang sana uli.
    I highly doubt if DOT will welcome a November hosting. May aSEan summit na gaganapij dito between Noc13-14. Tapos Miss Universe agad agad? Baka Himatayin ang police officials natin sa tinsi ng stress aabutin Nila dito.

  24. I think the question is, did the Philippines get what it wanted in the first place? Did the sponsors get their monies back or more? If not, then it would be a tough sell to bring it here knowing the sponsors could lose money. If it turns out to be lucrative then why not? The one thing that Philippines need to do this time is to get more exposure from MU media about the country as a tourist destination.

  25. Sec. Teo confirmed last night on TV Patrol we are being offered again to host it. While it may be good opportunity for us, I think it would be best to have another country or the US just host it again. It will take time to get sponsors, and you just don’t gather that up in a matter of 5 or 6 months, if they want the pageant around November or December.

    Best to have the pageant host it again in may be 5 or 6 years.

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