17 comments on “Something to watch out for: Liza Soberano as Pia Wurtzbach 

  1. Congrat Lisa as P #QueenP Pia Wurtzbach kept in up..I cheers & pls help me to share my enjoy to Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach..#Philippines!

  2. Ano namang pakialam namin sa mga milyones ni Pia at sa cut ni Jonas sa pambubugaw niya sa kanya? Kaya nga ayaw pakawlan at todo lingkis kay Marlon di ba kasi mukang pera! Kahit kepyas ibubuyangyang para kumita! Yan ang turo ni Jonas tingnan mo si Janine, binilad ultimo pekpek ng hitad! Nilangaw!

  3. 100% sure it will not air this Saturday because of the Angel Locin’s version of Robbed Motherhood episode that will be aired. Pia’s story might be aired next week?

  4. Kung may ipapakitang scene na rumarampa sya at nakagown at naka SS both bbp scene and MU scene nya sa MMK. Then it would be a great experiment for us and a challenge for liza. d2 natin makikita potentials nya. since hinde lang physical beauty ang hinahanap. pero doubt ko kung may ipapakitang pageant scene i think ung recorded na during bbp at MU so meaning Si Pia pa din makikita sa pageant scene. from performance to coronation and not liza. But i have seen photos of her and april smith and other girls so possible na may scene ng performance si liza both pageant and coronation or kung meron man limited lang. except ung crowning baka si pia pa rin talaga.

  5. Paandar .

    66th MU will be in Philippines again. They are still silent about it ,but bidding againts Australia . Pagent is good business in Phil.

  6. she’s so beautiful! I mean look at that face. angelic na hindi nakakasawa tignan.

    nakakatuwa lang. napapaisip lang ako, parang she’s turning her into a beauty queen talaga kahit MMK Episode lang to. parang they want to see what will Liza look like pag naka pageant heels, pag naka pageant gown.. im sure may mga tinuro din ang aq sakanya re posture and all if ever kakailanganin sa mga eksena.

    parang sige tignan natin ano kakalabasan if Liza became a beauty queen (which i think is bumagay naman) then let’s see what’s next for her.

  7. Liza Soberano is a future Miss Universe in the making. Who else can do justice to the role of Queen
    P but Liza whom the former already touted as the girl most likely to succeed as a future beauty queen . . . as MIss Universe at that. I hope and pray that she does consider joining BBP in the future.
    She has that beautiful face and the ideal height and honing her personality and skills this early will definitely help her conquer the Universe in due time. I would like to see Liza Soberano as Miss Universe Philippines 20XX/ MIss Universe20XX 🙂

    • Haliparot na pakantot din ba si Liza parang si Pia? Makyondi din? Pabugaw kay Jonas? Aminin, mahilig sa daks na buratchina si Pia!

      • Pia has 9 endorsements and counting after her reign. Multi millionaire na sya. I thought you just want to know. 😀

      • It was revealed some where that Paulina garnered a sallary equivalent to around 12Million pesos during her short reign which does not include her product endorsements… Pia had a longer reign with way more product endorsement.. I wonder how much she earned all that time?

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