14 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2017 on News-To-Go

  1. I feel that the highest placement among these girls would go to Channel Olive Thomas… Although she has a low chance of winning since Miss Supranational is a relatively new pageant and we just won in 2013 BUT I’m sure she would charm the judges with her awesome wit and sweet personality. She should at least ve 1st runner-up.

    Next would be Elizabeth Clenci… It’s another Top 5 placement definitely since she could be a great brand spokesperson. With more trainning, she could actually win it.

    Katarina really got something to say and I understand that her heart is in the right place. Miss Intercontinental org is insane not to let her make the Top 5. With more trainning, she could nail all the aspects of pageantry and be very desserving to win the title.

    • @Closer2Fame, India won in 2014 and 2016 editions of Miss Supranational.

      • @Johnny

        Yes, because one of the organizers of Supra is of Indian descent… If there is a Fillipino organizer or we send a girl like Parul Shah or Venus Raj then maybe we have a greater chance to win again within this decade.

  2. amazing women. all pretty even chanel who many see as the less pretty one looks great on camera. all of them will do well in their respective pageants. there is nothing to worry about in their upcoming international pageants.

  3. Katarina’s English is horrendous but I like that she is very confident .she sounds like she has something to say just about anything .
    chanel clenci and Peters are very good communicators .any of the 3 can win MU.

  4. Elizabeth Clenci is growing on me. I think she’ll do really well.

  5. I think BB has nailed it this time. Walang trying hard di gaya nung nanalo last year.
    Anong nangyari kay Mariel? Anlapad at lalong tumaba omg mga pata pano nanalo yan?

  6. Katarina Rodriguez looks like a cross between Brooke Shields, Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz.

  7. These girls are indeed very good in communication. I like Katarina, Elizabeth, Chanel and Rachel.

  8. chanel has the more exposure followed by Katarina. rachel,angelica, clenci and nelda. they are still sounds so good. consistent sila so far in terms of comskills. this batch is really strong. waiting for their transformation and photoshoots. yun lang bye!

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