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  1. Abunda is too old to be asking lights on, lights off, size matters, blah blah blah. Soo juvenile.
    His hosting & interviewing skills didn’t evolve at all. He also talks over his guests.

  2. im so excited for this. bollywood or Hollywood She deserved to have a star on their walk of fame now pa lang. im am thinking what would be her first role on her ist project? romance? comedy? rom com? horror? thriller? comedy or action? hopefully shes the main cast and not supporting actress. But what ever would be. it justs the beginning and more to follows soon!!!

  3. I wonder what happened to bollywood offered before. Bagay din sya doon dahil Mukha syang indiana.
    I’m sure patok din sya sa India at napakalaki ng market ng bollywood films😏

  4. Good luck Megan. I’m surprised that Jonas isn’t managing Megan Young…

    • Megan Young deserves a real “artist manager”. Pia is being managed by Jonas and look what she is doing, OMG pumunta pa sa Brunei at na-involve sa napaka-cheap na issue just because of money. In other words, Megan is too classy to be managed by Jonas

    • to asnwer your question (with the limited information that i know),

      Megan had a contract with GMA as part of her prizes during MWP in 2013. She had to fulfill that contract after ng reign niya as Miss World.

      In contrast, BB Pilipinas does not award TV management cotract to its winners. In fact, Pia had to ask Johnny Manahan to release her from her conract sa Star Magic para makasali siya sa BBP. Kaya Jonas has to manage Pia’s Career after her reign as MU kasi wala naman siyang talent management contract na napanalunan

      also, @Jeremi, I think Jonas’s management duties with Pia are only limited to contracts and dealings within the Philippines. IMG manages her outside the country 🙂

  5. That’s so rude to asked her about the lights and if the size matter. That’s quite personal and it should not be asked to a woman of her caliber such questions. That’s just my take on that!!!!

  6. I wish Megan all the success in her chosen career. She’s young and determined. I’m sure she can reap accolades outside the beauty pageantry that will again put our country in the spotlight.

  7. Excuse me po…. tumabi na po ang lahat at yan na ang tunay na reyna at tunay na maganda.
    Sa totoo lang sya lang at si Ruffa Gutierez and may karapatan para pasukin ang hollywood.
    Pwede sila sa kahit anong role hindi yung stereotyped Asian.
    Pede silang American, Latin, Caucasian and whatever race so di limited ang roles.

  8. I really dont see the relevance of asking the guests about lights on/off or if size matters. I think that is rude. Oo year 2017 na tayo, but that should not be a reason para baguhin ang mga values natin. Single ang tinatanong nya hello!

  9. Megan is the type of queen na titingalain mo pa rin even 50 years after. She has preserved the mystique of a true queen sans unnecessary publicity and controversies. She’s in the league of Ms. Margie Moran, Ms. Gemma Cruz and Ms. Aurora Pijuan. Hail to the queen!

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