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  2. it’s payback time for Nicole! Good luck Liz Clenci, “Clinch” the crown!

  3. clenci is a great f-up to Nicole. Her speaking voice is amazing and she registers good on tv. her body may need a little tweaking but over all she has a very good chance of placing and possibly winning the crown.

    • clenci chanel and peters are very competitive. they are likely to do well

  4. Congrats Nicole! I know you will always have a big successful future with or without a crown.

  5. Hmmmp😎
    My Queen Nicole is back😊
    Alam mo kung gaano kita sinuportahan last year at ipinagtanggol sa mga nagmamagandang mga pangit hi hi hi 😄
    Pero plsssss itago mo na sa baol yung mga shoulder bag mo at Di talaga magandang tingnan sa isang Mega Queen like you 😉
    Ask questions to Ariska na mapapangiwi Pertiwi sya sa pagsagot hi hi hi 😜

    • @ Bong – you never fail to crack me up. . . lol . . . Nicordovites forever we are, Bong 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • bong- balimbing
      di ba kay jehza ka? aral muna syang mag-English.

      • Fabian, tinuturuan ko na in-house training with audiovisual.
        Sayang yung time na ginugol nya sa A&Q hihihi kc visayan English ang gamit habang British English naman tinuturo ko hihihi big charette😄

  6. At dahil wala akong kaamor-amor sa pagmumukha ni Clenci, may rason na ako para manood ng favorito kong MGI pageant, and that is my ever favourite NICOLE CORDOVES!!!!!! Wapakels manalo matalo si Clenci, and papanoorin ko the whole pageant is Nicole Nicole Nicole. But I bet she is just a co host like Ashley Graham and Lees Garcia, but it s okey as long as i have Nicole for the finals of MGI. Mabuhay si NAWAT!!!!

    • BAKLAH, pinasasabi ni Clenci, wala din daw siyang kaamor-amor sa iyo.

      At kung gusto mo daw ikaw na lang rumampa sa MGI Vietnam ngaung taon na ito.

      Hiyang hiya naman daw siya sa iyo!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA BAKLAH ka nga daw!!!!

    • Baklahhhh wala nmang ganyanan hi hi hi
      Napacomment tuloy c KF VJina. ..charette
      Baka c Queen Clenci pa ang mag-uwi sa crown☺

  7. Gustong makakuha ng maraming Pinoy fans si Nawat ah! I will not be surprise kung dito sa Pilipinas gagawin next year ang pageant na yan! #nagpapalakaskaywanda

  8. The winner last year was forgettable. What activities did she do for the pageant’s advocacy? Hmmm.

  9. Ariska was definitely more facially beautiful than nicole. Obvious naman na stndout talaga si miss indonesia. Yun nga lang, kung pagbabasehan ang q n a anf if its solely the deciding factor, nigole should have clinched it. It was mu 2012 all over again.

  10. kapag laging nag aappear si Nicole sa MGI. parang sya ang nanalo at hinde si ariska. winner na winner ang dating always. tama nga ung isang commentor d2. kung si nicole ang inilaban natin sa MU. for sure b2b or even top 3 ulit tayo sa MU. during bbp 2016 she answered my question why she? but never disappointed when they announced her as bbp grand international. since i know she fits very well in grand international. Kung si pia ang hinahanap ng MU. si nicole naman ang hinahanap ng MGI. Hinde nga lang pinanalo. Pero sa effort ng MGI ngayon kay nicole. its a clear sign that nicole is a prototype that MGI looking for.

  11. dapat i feminized nila ng husto si clenci may pagka androgynous siya.. sa modeling lang yan pwede.

  12. Pero un nga nde dapat talaga sya ang host nyan.. dapat sya ang host ng Miss U2017 prelims kung sya lng ang pinadala natin sa Miss U.. nilampaso nya sana ang mga walang kwentang sagot ng mga Miss U finalist!! For sure sa mga judges na sushmita at dayanarra! Sure na nag back2back sana tayo!

  13. Oh no, I can see that the Philippines will never get the chance to clinch the crown this year.

    Getting Nicole as host is enough to tickle Filipino pageant fanatics ego.

    I hope it won’t happen.

    I believe with Elizabeth Clenci, pull it off girl!!!!

    Go go go Philippines!!!!

  14. Nicole obviously lost the crown because of a very unpopular response which is Donald Trump. She made the most of a very politically incorrect answer, and that pulled her through but not enough.

      • Yep – he didn’t understand Nicole’s answer justifying why she chose Trump over Hillary.

      • The fact that she needed to justify the answer was already an indication.

  15. Grand has somewhat the track record of crowning the wrong girl. From the diva Anea to the lackluster Areska. Ho hum!

  16. After hosting Miss Universe in 2008, Mrs. World in 2009 and Miss Earth in 2010. Do you think Vietnam can pull a good expectations after 7 years? So who is the Vietnamese host committee of MGI 2017 since there was no American host committee from last year’s pageant that caused some problems and even worse the body shaming issue?

  17. Nicole ! Oh, Nicole ! The one who should have been Miss Grand International 2016 ! The rightful winner in my humble opinion 🙂 Show and prove to them that you should have been “it” and that they made a big mistake in choosing the winner. Okay, I have rest my case and have moved on. . . lol.
    Elizabeth & Nicole share a common denominator – they have the gift of gab. And very intelligent.
    Congratulations Nicole for hosting this year’s edition and I’m pretty sure, you will do an excellent job !
    Sisiw lang sa iyo, iyan, Nicole 🙂 🙂 🙂 Go go go, girl !

  18. Nicole Cordoves was robbed big time with this pageant. I’m sure now Nawat realized that he crowned the wrong winner last year. I don’t know why Madam Stella don’t just drop the franchise completely. I’m feeling that Nawat is just using the Filipino fans to make noise for his pageant. Good luck to Elizabeth Clenci this year. Hope she surpasses Nicole achievement and finally win the crown. I’m not putting high hope with this pageant.

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