16 comments on “Elizabeth Clenci on Tonight With Boy Abunda

  1. Andrea Tovar and Parul Shah combined… Speaks flawless…. Hmmmm. I did not see her parasela though. Godbless on your journey…

    • ahh, yes.. i see that now

      also, minorka mercado

      they all have similar, jawline / head shape

  2. Ms. Clenci is very beautiful with towering height 5’5″, interesting talent and excellent communication skill. She will definitely bring home the crown.

  3. she’s vibrant and warm
    i like her streamlined, elegant style
    beautiful face and fine bone structure
    i can see her doing well
    (that crown,,,,,l uggghhh)

    incidentally, is bbpci favoring fil-aussies of late?

    • Yes, because Miss Universe and other pageants might be hosted by Australia due to the political and economic opportunities of the country.

  4. Gorgeous and a good communicator. Even lensman Raymond Saldana took notice of her natural beauty, so I believe she is a stunner in person. Only issue is height and I think KF (for the nth time!) tampered with her teeth.

  5. she has a very strong chance of winning MGI.
    she looks great on tv and her speaking voice is just amazing.

  6. She is very charming and I cannot help but be awed by her wit and intelligence ! I hope she wins our very first Miss Grand International title. Good luck, Elizabeth 🙂

  7. May pagkaParul Shah ang beauty and i guess she’s more eloquent and beautiful.
    Hopefully, she’ll place higher than Parul or bring home the crown 🙂

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