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  1. yuck Rachel, give Mocha Tuwad a chance daw. Palibhasa ang boylet na politiko ay isang Dutertard

  2. I love her credentials

    Born in Bharain

    Elementary at Collegio De San Agustin in Manila

    International Bacalaureate degree at Thailand

    Bachelor of Science degree in Business at Australia

    Manages their family business which is events productions..

    Brittish father: English? Ancestry

    Filipina mother: Bicolana with an insulares officiales forefathers- “Obregon” a version of Irish “O’Brien” Hispanized in Texas… Making Rachel a Brittish-Filipina with a minimum of English, Bicolana, Irish, Spanish, Mexican and American in ancestry.

    Her ancestral lineage, educational background and proffesional experiences are perfect for Miss Universe specially if it would indeed be held in Australia.

  3. Plastikada talaga ang matandang blogger.
    Love na nya ngayon si Rachel, dati hindi naman eh.
    Balimbing ampota!

  4. …she’s pretty.. But still not a fan of her beauty.. Very British nose and aura.. But that’s just me..im still nostalgic to the template of MU beauty during the trump era..upon which the current owners , IMG, abandoned the day they took th e reins..a big departure to keep the contest relevant..

  5. Mr. Tinio looks FRESH and ANIMATED despite the KILLER schedule he had to endure.

    I reckon he is in love. That’s nice, if indeed.

    • He is in love with his work…I would be if I were in his shoes ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Lots of common features between Rachel and Norman.
    And yet Rachel,is a beauty queen and Norman is Norman.
    indeed there is a thin line between love and hate
    There is a thin line between Rachel and Norman

  7. If rachel will win this year’s MU crown, is it possible for a back-to-back win with catriona presumably winning the MUP2018 crown?

  8. I think Rachel’s win has already sunk on everyone’s heads, believers and non-believers alike. She’s gorgeous, carefree, great personality, has a very active lifestyle and relateable at the same time.

  9. On a previous thread a reader commented that at the M-Usa preliminaries, swimsuit and evening gown accounted for 40% of their score and a whopping 60% on their interviews to determine the eventual semi-finalists.

    If this is the percentage allotment to be used at the MU pageant then Rachel Peters’ crowning is even more of a blessing given her ability to naturally articulate her thoughts.

    I imagine that the interview process, at MU, will require morifications due to not all the candidates speak English. At M-Usa where English is the first language of all 51 candidates it is easy to detect the contenders from the pretenders.

    MGI is certainly sending a message that this is not Mr. Trump’s pageant anymore. Glory, glory, glory! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  10. Wow now Norman is close to Rachel who was never in her radar as an MUP contender

    • That says a lot of Rachel, I guess. My pick for MU was Mariel too, but I’m now supporting Rachel all the way.

  11. Rachel Peters is the full package and hopefully, with the guidance of KF, will only get better. Come December or January I believe the MUP 2017 will hail as yet another top contender for the MU title.

    2008, with Bianca Manalo as Bb Universe, was the last time the Philippines did not place in the semi-finals.

    Lets keep it that way.

    • Friendly correction: Bianca Manalo was Bb.Pilipinas Universe 2009 and that was the last time the Philippines did not place in Miss Universe. Jennifer Barrientos was Bb. Pilipinas -Universe 2008

  12. So far I have not found any negative reviews about her… no naked pics… no skeletons in the closet… no hidden filth… totally clean as a whistle…

    She’s the ideal spokesperson and product endorser

    • Her veneer is annoying. KF, parang awa nyo na. Wakasan nyo na ang OBSESSION nyo sa giant veneers. Hindi masama magveneer pero huwag nyo naman abusuhin.

  13. Thank you for sharing this, Norman! Rachel seems like a very fun person to hang out with – easy-going and carefree. I don’t understand the people who are bashing her looks. The girl is pretty! And more importantly, she has a good head on her shoulders. Best of luck to her on her bid to become the next Miss Universe! I’m proud to have her represent the country.

  14. Maaliwalas ang fezalak ni Rachel. Parang ang gaan gaan ng feeling nya lagi which is a good aura to have.

  15. I wish BB Pilipinas would have REGIONAL Preliminary competitions. For exampleโ€ฆ

    BB Pilipinas-Northern Luzon will choose 10/22 provinces
    BB Pilipinas-Southern Luzon will choose 10/16 provinces
    BB Pilipinas-Visayas will choose 10/16 provinces
    BB Pilipinas-Mindanao will choose 10/27 provinces
    BB Pilipinas-National Capital Region will choose 10/17 city/municipality

    This would equal 50 candidates representing 50 different provinces from all parts of the Philippines. I hate the Candidate Numbers @_@. Kung may provincial sash sila, sa tingin ko mas Bongga at may sense of extra Pride in each candidate.

    I also think that if BB Pilipinas wants to continue with this years Format, kailangan nila ng Prelimanary competition (swimsuit, evening gown, Natโ€™l Costume) para naman patas ang basehan at laban sa lahat ng kandidata.

    Sigurado ako na patok sa ratings din kung may Prelim Competition instead of yung road to Binibini!

    • At sana Miss Universe Philippines lang ang paglalabanan. Yung first runner up ang BbP International, 2nd runner up MGI, 3rd runner up MSupra and so on….

    • @Miss Milky Way

      I think it is a great idea. Bb Cebu, Bb Zamboanga and Bb Cavite sounds so much formidable than “Bb candidate number 21, 29 or 40.”


      • Bakit hindi nyo pa gawing BB regional talaga? bb region 1, bb region 2 etc.. lol… or hindi kaya lahat ng candidates mag lalaban laban pero ang kukunin lang na finalists 4.. bb luzon, bb visayas, bb mindanao at bb NCR.. tapos from those 4 kokoronahan ang winners.. lol charet lang ayoko ng naisip kong format mas ok pala format nyo pero sana major crown pa din ang international. we cant demore international if anything after miss universe eto siguro ang mas malapit sa puso ng mga pinoy. at Japan yan japan. Dont we love Japan? Doesnt the world love Japan??

    • not a good idea. pano kung may iba pang girls na mas deserving kesa sa representatives ng bawat city? hinde sila nakasale sa national pageants nila for some reason. o nakasale pero natalo. so hinde sila makakajoin sa bbp. since may rep na ang city nila. unlike sa current system mas ok. they can join in bbp whenever they want as long as they are qualified. i think the current system is a good advantage for us to win the crown easily. nakakapag padala tayo ng deserving queens taon taon internationally by this current system.

  16. Rachel strikes me as someone who is nice & down to earth based on how she carries herself in all her TV appearances and guestings that I have seen so far. My only wish is for both KF and A&Q to join hands in preparing her for the next Miss Universe pageant. She is eloquent and has the bod to die for. And it would only be so nice if both camps can put their resources together and transform her into something that is Miss Universe worthy. Good luck, Rachel, and to Sir Norman thanks for sharing your moments with our MUP2017.

  17. Tito Norms,never forget to wear sunblock ALL the time while having the time of your life! ๐Ÿ˜€

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