19 comments on “Meet the ladies of Miss Ilocos Norte 2017

  1. Just on INITIAL facial impression, I am getting the corresponding vibes for the following :

    Badoc > Huelar

    Banna > D. Pajares

    Laoag City > Verzosa !

    Paoay > Rodrigues x E5

    Sarrat > A. De Leon

  2. Ok.. Goodbye MI placement…
    Gusto ko ibash si Mariel pero hmmm..
    Water on a duck’s back nalang ako… Joke! Hahaha

    Well, there are 3 sides of a story: the winner’s side, the loser’s side and the truth. The truth is subjective, depending on which side you are facing. In all fairness to Mocha who’s father was a judge who handled cases involving big criminal syndicated and got assassinated, she was the same age as Mariel when all that happened. The same time Mocha was finishing her 2years in MED school at the University of Santo Tomas. Meanwhile, may I suggest to Mariel that if she also wants to gain Mocha’s 5 million followers then she should also actively volunteer at various non-profit charitable institutions aside from sharing your equally biased opinions on social media. Let us not forget that a beautyqueen’s role is to be an ambassador of peace and not perpetuate hate.


  3. Alla😲 ayan daguiti napipintas nga ilocana? Apay nga daguitoy ti lumaban🤣 awan makitak nha pang national hanuveyen 🤣

    • Jawzkoh lucrecia diak ammo no appay ania aramedin da Peters ken Mamang Norman ket paadduan met ti kuarta dayta a kontes hi hi hi hi
      Dayta kuarta aggapu hawaii mainland USA HK Singapore Saudi uae Canada UK Australia NZ south Africa etc ket ibulsak laengen ken agpasiar uray maabakak 😄
      Charette lng

      • Ayyy laglag ka bong. Saan met ah nga pinnaaduan walta ay maipasango lamisaan ti judges 🤣🤣🤣

    • Padasem ngata umay ton big night. Baka maulaw kat kapipintas ken sabsabali nga partuat ken pabuya mi ditoy ilocandia. Be our guest.

  4. MARIEL is in the hot seat!!!!!!!!

    Unbecoming of a Beauty Queen!!!!

    hater’s will hate!!!!

    • Another one from Aces & Queen!!!!

      Una si Katarina
      Pangalawa si MARIEL!!!!

      Puro issues. Ano ba ito? strategy ba ito ng Aces & Queens?

    • So how does voicing her own opinion make her unbecoming of being a beauty queen?

    • On one hand, her voicing her opinion shows she has conviction, and true passion which adds depth and substance to a beautiful exterior.

      On the otherhand the pageant world, MI in particular, may not see Mariel’s critique as an attribute but as a detrement to their brand.

      Interesting to see how all this pans out. How sad. 😕

  5. It seems solsona and laoag city have the guts to be crowned as miss ilocos norte 2017.. Very lovely candiddates

  6. Etitz na ang nxt pageant plsss Fabian😃
    Comment na para masaya kc naupgrade at mas lalong gumanda hi hi hi 😄
    Mga genuine faces hanap mo, ayan pag-isipan mo ang kanilang Alindog 😊😁😉

    • Ayyy mga guwapa, ano ititz na pangyayari sa bago kung reyna bwihihihi 😊😃😄
      And don’t be afraid to educate me when I’m wrong. (Educate, not belittle and insult!)

      Let’s help each other out! 🙏🏻

  7. hmm they look short on the photos. i wont say much though hehehe

  8. Paoay, Pasuquin, and Solsona are the loveliest candidates. 😁👍🏽

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