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  1. I wasn’t a fan of her beauty . After her transformation , I became one . She has a kind
    Humble disposition which makes her more endearing to the fans.

    But let’s move on . We have a new batch of extremely
    Competitive queens … save for Katrina unless she loses her gut and gets some education on
    How to behave as a queen

    • I am a Maxine Medina fan but I am “SO EVER CURIOUS” (katarina rodriguez line), what would have been the result last year if they have changed the criteria for Q&A a year before.

      I think it would be like.
      Universe – Kylie Verzosa
      International – Joanna Eden
      Intercontinental – Nicole Cordoves
      Supranational – Jennifer Hammond
      Grand International – Angelica Alita
      Globe – Maxine Medina
      1st RU – Nichole Manalo
      2nd RU – Kimberle Penchon

  2. Djusko ko Maxine, why so beautiful. Don’t mind you number one basher here kasi mga inggitera yan! hihihi Happy birthday dear. 🙂

  3. Happy birthday Maxine! Wishing you all the best sweetie 😘😘😘

  4. What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the world in the last 10 years?

    In the last 10 years of being here in the world, is that I saw all the people bringing in one event like this, Miss Universe. And it’s something big to us that we are one, as one nation we are all together.

    Many believed that her answer is not enough but to me that was one the best. Lesson learn and if Filipinos planning to bring Miss Universe pageant again don’t expect too much from our representative and please let the official interpreter do their job. Happy birthday Miss Medina!

    • Ano ang pinaka-importanteng pagbabago ang nasaksihan mo sa mundo sa nakaraang sampung taon?

      Pero hindi ganyan ang nasabi ng interpreter kundi …. ano ang pinaka-i mportanteng pangyayari …
      Kaya ang sagot ni Maxene…ay…

      Sa huling sampung taon na narito sa mundo, ay ang aking nakita lahat ng tao dinadala sa isang pangyayaring katulad nito, Miss Universe. At ito ay parang malaki para sa atin na iisa tayo, bilang isang bansa magkakasama tayo.

    • It was not actually about the answer but it’s all about the way she delivered her answer, it’s about the minute nuances that denote uncertainty and dumb-NESS. In other words, she was not able “to deliver herself towards others”. Hahahahaha. She was actually quite lucky that the event was held in the Philippines.

  5. Yeah “she should deliver herself towards others” na kasi wala na syang duties sa BBPCI
    Ordinary face

  6. Bawing bawi sa mukha ni maxine kung anuman ang ikinapangit ng gown ni rhett. I commend rhett for making a gown outside his comfort zone at least alam na ni rhett kung ano talaga ang strength nya when it comes to designing and he should stick to his aesthetics.

    Maxine, ija, happy birthday. Thank you for continuing ph’s streak at MU. Ang ganda ganda mo talaga. Happy birthday ulit

  7. Relax?

    4M is BUSY still.

    She recently served on the Panel of Judges at Miss Tagbilaran 2017. She shared the task with Francis Libiran, Marx Topacio, Tanner Mata, Andrea Biondo, and the Younghusbands, Phil & James.

  8. Ang ganda niya!!! And 100 layers of make-up (ordinary people don’t have the luxury of time or budget for this sort of routine) can’t hide this fact. I just realised that Aces & Queens probably knew in their hearts that there was only so much they could change and she pretty much sashayed into the competition in her own laid-back, care-free way which in hindsight, was the perfect strategy to end up as high as she did. Had she answered that pre-top 3 pick question better, maybe top 3, but to have hoped for more would have been beyond even her own abilities.

    But she has graciously taken everything in stride- which includes this puzzling gown. It’s not ugly per se, but looks every inch the struggle in Rhett’s soul to put some couture into pageantry. But only someone like Maxine can wear something like this and carry it with aplomb- models aspiring to be beauty queens should take their cues from her

  9. She’s definitely one of the most stunning representatives we’ve ever sent to Miss U. I also admire her grace and calm approach on things thrown her way. Hindi pikunin at mapagtanim ng sama ng loob, bagkus palaging nakangiti lang kahit na ilang panglalait ang ibinabato sa kanya.

    • Dagdag lang:

      Her gowns, though. Sayang. Rhet Ealla’s bead work is impeccable, but I guess his overall isn’t for the world of pageantry. Never really fan of the gowns he made for Maxine (I did like the Vinta gown, though). I may be in the minority but I wish she wore Cherry Veric’s creations instead.

  10. Happy birthday Maxine! Dalaga ka na, hindi ka na dapat nagda-diaper 😂😂😂

  11. without a doubt she was one of the prettiest filipina to have graced the ms U stage in recent memory. im happy for what she has achieved, shes a free spirit not your conventional pageant girl its rare that PH took a risk on a model who had little knowledge of how it was to be a worldclass beauty queen but she was….

  12. Kakatuwa itong evening gown na to. I feel like it was inspired by a two-piece bikini with nakabalabal na twalya. Swimsuit and evening gown competitions all rolled into one! Maxine, nasayo na talaga ang lahat! 😂😂😂 #goodvibes #sorryNOTsorry ANYWAYS, HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN! You’ll always be one of my favourite MUPs ever!!!

  13. Ohhh I love her out of this world fabulous gown. “I want to wear it” sabi ng ibong charerette😊
    Maxine is so sweet and beautiful☺
    Puedeng pangSupra and MInternational😉

  14. She is a true trooper! In retrospect, I now believe that hosting the MUP pageant in an attempt to win B2B crowns was not a good idea for our beautiful Maxine Medina. When it was announced the Philippines would host MU 2016, I knew a B2B victory would be impossible but Maxine had the externals to make it possible

    Would the outcome have been the same if held in the U.S.? Who knows. However, trying to follow Pia’s MU victory ending a 40 year drought, the anticipation of continuing the top 5/10 streak and the social media scrutiny from the passionate pageant fans would have been more than enough pressure to carry.

    That said, Maxine will always have a special place in Philippine pageantry because of her resilience and strength to place in the final 6 despite the insurmountable amount of weight on her shoulders.

    Is this her time to relax? Hell yes! Let your hair down, get your surfboard and catch all the waves you want. You deserve it!


    • @ saluda chang

      very well said, exactly our thoughts… but hayss, that gown tho…

      • Lol…

        Look on the bright side Andy. She did not wear it during the MU pageant. 😉

  15. Honestly this whole Rhett Fringe-style gown is super nakakaumay na! I feel like its super OA na…and can Maxine wear other designer? She is the most predictable beauty queen!

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