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  1. Ok.. Goodbye MI placement…
    Gusto ko ibash si Mariel pero hmmm..
    Water on a duck’s back nalang ako… Joke! Hahaha

    Well, there are 3 sides of a story: the winner’s side, the loser’s side and the truth. The truth is subjective, depending on which side you are facing. In all fairness to Mocha who’s father was a judge who handled cases involving big criminal syndicated and got assassinated, she was the same age as Mariel when all that happened. The same time Mocha was finishing her 2years in MED school at the University of Santo Tomas. Meanwhile, may I suggest to Mariel that if she also wants to gain Mocha’s 5 million followers then she should also actively volunteer at various non-profit charitable institutions aside from sharing your equally biased opinions on social media. Let us not forget that a beautyqueen’s role is to be an ambassador of peace and not perpetuate hate.


    • kinampihan ng kapwa binibini na pokpok ang butanding….isa pang clapper

    • speaking of mariels tweet it is related naman for the good of this country. yun ang nais ipahiwatig o point nung tweets nya not degrading mocha uson literally. i admire mocha uson for being a brand new. kung minsan kase may mga nakapost sa page nya na hinde naman sa pinas ng nangyari. like ung na rape sa brazil. pinalabas na sa pinas nangyari yon and matagal na nangyari yon. and her supporters shared that post. real story but its considered fake news pa rin since hinde naman sa pinas nangyari. i think mariel is not degrading her. not literally pointing out her past. Ang hirap lang kse talaga kapag sobrang panatiko. sobrang sensitive nila. if feeling nila insulto yon kay mocha. how about insulting leni and kris? cursing other country’s leader? cursing is part of disrespect and insulting too double standard ang mga die hard supporters. even kris is a sister of pnoy they should not insult her even bimbi sinasali nila. Now hinde na sila support kay Mariel, so ok lang, hinde sila ang judges sa MI. malaki ang populasyon ng pinas so malaki pa rin ang support for her plus other foreign fans. Those supporters are proving that mariel is right in other side of her tweets.

  2. I mean look at her, she is sexy, stunning and adorable in one package! Plus, she is able to communicate with ease.

  3. Well, if she does “not” make the semi-finals at MI then it is obvious that the pageant has strict b2b rules. It would be a shame.


  4. I tot a and q doesn’t do it for money but ❤️. Nevertheless kahit anung training Kung Hindi talaga fate na manalo WaLa rin. Unfortunately Japanese dnt want a back to back for sure so wasted beauty si ateng nyo.

  5. May napansin ang ibong charerette 😊
    Akala nya c janine t. ang nagsasalita mas malumanay nga lang ang boses.
    Naku, feel ni boyet sumali 4 sure hi hi hi kaya lng pagtatawanan cya at mapatunayang isa pala cyang Darna. ..charette 😄
    Well, maganda nman talaga cya in fairness loveliness😁
    Bigla akong naging fan ewan ko ba hi hi hi
    B2B daw sabi ni Queen Jehza… ayan ha supportive ang aking reyna 😉

  6. Rachel is a better conversationalist than her. Mariel often uses those “words” na sosyal daw sabi ng mga pinoy.

  7. Nag bloom na talaga si Mariel. Way back 2013 medyo lackluster at shy pa cya. And now she has commanding presence. Just goes to show may kanya kanyang time ang candidates.

  8. based on her interviews, i knew it.. she is really a Miss International queen prototype! she’s really reserved, demure, sweet doll face and eloquent. sana lang hindi mabawasan ang freshness pagnagpa-payat.

  9. I like her make-up here. She looks ethereal. Albert K naman pala. Kaya pala.

  10. With Mariel competing for MI under A&Q, will KF train our Indonesian neighbors for MI? Same with Peters, under KF, for MU, will A&Q train the Indonesian Rep for MU? Kakapal ng mukha ng mga asong yan na magpatrain sa atin tapos ibabash lang tayo. Pucha! Ginagawa lang nila tayong katatawanan. But yeah, i guess both camps have not yet seen that picture, gusto lang ata nila eh magsampalan at ipamukha kung sino ang better camp lalo na kung magpplace ang tinetrain nilang foreigners. Well, money matters pa din. Tsk tsk tsk

  11. Definitely in the runners up place for now. I think she can really do well. 🙂

  12. Actually….actually…
    Mariel bawas bawasan mo rin actually.
    Congrats to you and good luck sa Miss International 2017.

    • @ miss tissa : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      I agree. She betrays the “kind of crowd” she gravitates towards. “Super”, “wanna”, “gonna”, and “like…” can be replaced with the corresponding English words, “very”, “want to”, “going to”, and SIMPLY REFRAIN from saying “like”. There were comments before that she is “not jologs” (or something to that effect) like E5, that she needs to “come down” (so to speak). Elitist? Hope not…

      The Japanese hosts might not, like, understand that she trully wanna nail a b2b, and she’s gonna do a lot to achieve this super feat. Get it?


      Mag-Inglis ng tuwid, or speak straight Filipino, por favor.

      I am ALL for her advocacy. Sureness, dahlin… 🙂


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