19 comments on “Sunday Specials: Moving On, Part 2 | Mae Liezel Ramos

  1. She just wasn’t crown-worthy. She might have placed in previous years (during the dark ages), but not now. The competition is getting tougher every year. More gorgeous ladies are joining, and they are smart too.

  2. Liezel was pushing it. She didn’t improve much from her past two attempts and the competition just got tougher and tougher. Sorry to say this, but she was never BBP caliber. She probably would’ve had better success at Mutya ng Pilipinas.

  3. My bet for BBP-Intercontinental. I hope that she joins other pageant like Miss Earth, Miss Gloal Philippines, or Mutya ng Pilipinas, wala namang masama. She deserves a crown.

  4. She should be sent to minor international pageants. Who knows, she might do a Michelle Reyes 2.0.

  5. i saw her once in the introduction that was her best look. as for the haters why dont u just killl yourselves 😀 its strange that less prepared ladies made it with mediocre faces. i guess BPCI IS NOW SENDING A SIGNAL ON YOUR THIRD TRY, DONT EVEN TRY. i wish her luck and yes she too deserve atleast a semifinal finish she was really good on that stage.

    • She deserved her non_placement . It was no surprise to me at all..

  6. i find it really strange and silly that super plain girls made it to top25 and not ms ramos and angelique. WTF is wrong with BPCI????

    • We will never know what goes on on stage. Meron talagang mga pleasant surprise sa stage pero sa normal activities nila, quiet lang.

    • Bill, what I observe is that the Philippines is still mired in the concept of beauty that is mostly physical, and excludes cerebral. And the standard of Physical beauty is sadly Western– fair skin, pointed nose, long limbs, etc. That is why the half-breeds and mestizas edge out those with Malay features, even if they are achievers. And when we send the half-breeds and mestizas to international derbies, we scamper to make their styling Oriental-looking because they will definitely pale in comparison with the Latinas and Europeans.

      • This issue has been refuted many times in the past ….and convincingly so .so pls stop making excuses on behalf of L Ramos .
        it’s not just her look. She did not maintain her body from the first time she joined BP and her comm skills were limited.

      • Are you kidding me? Have you seen the candidates that have won in the past 10 years? How many of them were actually mestiza? It’s just a sourgraping reason for Liezel not making it. Just face it, her face is not pretty enough, her height is average, her body proportions are average and her comm skills are actually very bad. Get over it, Liezel was in over her head with BBP. She should’ve just joined a small obscure pageant with little to no competitors if she wanted to have a crown.

    • Liezel was overrated and not BBP caliber. Are you her brother, father or something? Reality check, she just wasn’t good enough for the highest rated pageant in the Philippines. Perhaps if she joined some obscure pageant like a provincial one or even Mutya then she would actually have a shot. As to your comment that other girls looked plain and did not deserve to be in the top 25, Liezel didn’t even deserve to be in the list of official candidates.

  7. why not send her to United Continents ? If Angelique will not go, Mae is a supreme alternate.

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