6 comments on “Mr. & Miss Hannah’s Ecotourism Philippines 2017 will be named on May 13

  1. My one cents again.

    1. Bakit ang Pinoy, tuwing gagawa ng resort, LAGING PUPUNUIN ng attractions at activity areas ang property? THEME PARK tuloy ang dating! Tapos, lahat na lang, may zipline, por que at nauso. The structures GARISHLY STICK OUT from the landscape, rather than seamlessly blending in with the topography and nature. May shooting range pa, but we expect this, as the owner is a former member of the Armed Services… BADUY ang arrive. Hindi pang-feature sa Conde Nast. (Sigh)

    2. You cannot fool us. Those are NOT juvenile “pawikan”. Those are juvenile red-eared sliders, a North American pond turtle popular in the pet trade. I was skeptical because I did not know that stretch of coast was a natural breeding ground of marine turtles. (Sigh)

    3. WALANG CHEMISTRY si Miss at Mister Hannah’s Ecotourism. Peke. Poor acting. (Sigh)

  2. We booked a two-night stay in Hannah’s last October, and it was a total letdown. We checked out after one night. It was that bad. They’re able to organize a pageant for their environmental projects. I just hope they would also invest money for the resort’s upkeep.

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