3 comments on “Miss Tourism Philippines 2017 Screening

  1. To the producers of this video. My one cents.

    1. “Baroque”, NOT “barok” churches, please. Did you not GO OVER the spiel/script with Ms. Abellanosa BEFORE filming? Enunciation, please. We are Filipino. We are expected to be…

    2. The tarsier is NOCTURNAL. That image of the poor creature in a state of disinterest or indifference (huddled among palm leaves here) is all too common as tour operators in Bohol FORCE the gentle mammals to be awake when tourists are around. Haven’t they heard of the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo? Watch these AT NIGHT – actively leaping around in pursuit of prey – and you will NEVER want to see a tarsier in the daytime ever again!

    3. My mother is from Calape, and I myself have been to Bohol thrice. But imho, The Chocolate Hills are VASTLY OVERRATED and really do not deserve the amount of publicity they currently get. Better looking in glossies, underwhelming in the flesh. Other geological wonders like the karst limestone formations of Coron and the Masungi Georeserve in Tanay deserve more attention.

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