26 comments on “Family comes first for Rachel Peters

  1. She was just in her element during the pageant night. We have to give her that.

  2. She speaks really well. And she reminds me of Nina Ricci Alagao.

  3. I echo what others are saying: PLEASE DO NOT GIVE HER HUGE VENEERS! Maawa kayo sa ngipin at ganda ng mga KF queens niyo. Eden’s case was a great example of choppers upgrade gone wrong.

    I see Rachel as a strog contender for the MU crown. Just give her better styling.

  4. The problem with her is that her beauty takes time to “grow” on you.
    She needs a better stylist. She is good at public speaking though.
    Wishing her the best of luck, after all she is representing our country.

    • The problem here is “you” anonymous hi hi hi charerette lng huwag pansinin kc gusto ko tumawa c Rachel and delicious Daniel 😊
      Look at Erwann, dami nya problema hi hi hi

  5. Very 90’ish ang beauty ni tiya rachel,, more more anti ageing more more anti oxidant tayo bes!


  6. Her aura during MWP is very rachel peters and now, during BBP, she is screaming MJ 2.0 from styling, make up and hair. Infairness sa MWP14 batch unarangkada this BBP edition with Ibe as 2nd princess won BBP Globe and Peters as 4th princess won MUP. After watching AsNTM, i somehow find the uncanny resemblance of Cara mcilroy and peters esp when cara smiles and talks showing her dimples. May time pa nmn ang KF to reasearch and perfect peters’ styling, hair and make up, personality, wit, pasarela, body and her wardrobe for MU. She should always improve her flaws and enhance her assets. Wag na dagdagan ang Veneers pls. Maawa kayo.

    • Ayan na naman ang down syndrmist beauty.
      Ipinagsisiksikan ang sarili. You had your chance to represent the Philippines but you were too busy imitating Megan Young so ayan nganga. And one thing more stop sporting that hairstyle puhleazeee

  7. Ayyyy😊
    Ano ba nman tong c ibong charerette at may napansin na nman😂
    Mukhang mas malaki ang veneer ni gov kesa kay Rachel Ann Go hi hi hi 😄
    Nagtatanong yung kasama Kong ibon kung masarap ba daw c Daniel or malansa hi hi hi pero mukhang delicious 😄

      • Naku 4M, sino ang red lips c gov o c delicious Daniel hi hi hi. Ikaw ha maniniwala akong red lips c gov kung walang kasalang magaganap in 2 yrs hi hi hi.
        C ibong charerette ay may napansin na naman kc nagzoom bigla kung red lips talaga pero iba ang nakita, babalena family pala mga vaks but I don’t mind kissing the baba’s coz it’s delicious hi hi hi wiz charette 😊

  8. She’s very natural and engaging. I like her.

    By the way Tito Norms, parang may nagplagiarise ng post mo about Bbp’s snub of Dindi P. Pls check this youtube link: https://youtu.be/RJB8acQOLhg

    Kalurkey, pati mga comments nila 4M, geoffb etc eh iniscreen cap at isinama.

    • aj, it wasn’t totally plagiarized as Norman’s blog was cited on the video. No hint of malice, just taking the info here and putting it on video but I agree that the content should have been approved by Norman for distribution. I’m so famous now and A&Q probably hates me for posting it. hihihi.

      • DiosMio 4M at napaview and read talaga ako dahil sa reply mo kc diko ko nman pinansin kanina yung comment ni aj hi hi hi.
        Vaks, natawa nman ako sa “greedy” pero wiz paki na tayo doon kc pinaghirapan din nya yan. Mama Jonas is indeed kinaiinggitan ng ibang camp at ibang Vaks kc can afford na talaga c mama kahit milliones ang halaga hi hi hi.
        Ikaw ba naman ang luluwa ng gold kada DT as Donald Trump…whattttt? Charette lng bwihihihi😊

    • Kaloka! at dalawang comments ko pa. kaloka ulet!! maybe they didnt like her talaga. but they cant see the other side potentials of Dindi. hinde kesyo crossed eye sya its a reason na to snob her. if that is the reason dapat last year pa sya hinde sinale sa top 15. But never mind her crossed eye. its about beauty or less beauty but with confidence, awra, personality and performance. For me. i feel her. kung sya eh half chinese or half vietnamese wish ko mag join sya don at pag nanalo who sa kanya ang bbp.

      • Nawala ang spark ni Dindi this year. I loved her last year. She was youthful and vibrant. But they made her look old this time.

  9. I think she’s very spontaneous and clear-headed. I’m very surprised how she lost her Filipino accent knowing that she grew up here and studied high school (?). Overall she can give a good fight in terms of intelligence. Now we’ll see how she stacks up beauty wise from the rest of the MU candidates.

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