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  1. Her look is enough for the crown. Pag nasa top 3 na cia sa MU, macha-challenge at mai-inspire na yang piliting manalo. okay lang naman kung di gaanong magaling sa english. Interpreter!!???

  2. Salamat at hanggang comment lang kayo. Di kayo judge kasi one sided na kayo kahit nagkaka stroke sa q and a gusto nyo manalo parin, ano lutoan ng show, cooking show?

  3. If the girls who are expected to join next year show up at the screening of BbP 2018 – Catriona, a prepared Daisha Jimenez, Sirene Sutton with a camp affiliation, a rumored Jamie Herrell or a newcomer of the same caliber as Clenci or Katarina, the odds are stacked against her. Will she have what it takes to go toe to toe with such level of competition? Only time will tell, but if I were her, she should be taking notes right now.

  4. We wish to see her again next year or 2019. She is such delight to watch. Nothing wrong with her responses but she does need to learn how to get to the point & more exposure. It is a beauty contest and her persona speaks beauty queen. She has it. Beauty is universal and is not equated base on how good you speak English. Q&A is hard but Charmaine held her own and spoken from her heart. It is just a matter of connecting to the judges taste. This will be a good opportunity for her to learn more skills.

  5. She and her team should just give up on the idea of joining again. Hindi pa ba obvious sa results this year na ang hinahanap ni madam ay yung good communicators as in yung walang palya sa grammar and all? Rachel raised the bar!!!!


  6. I like Maine very much, she is a super beauty. Pero weakness nya tlaga interview. Somehow kapag normal conversations she sounds ok pero kapag qna na dun na sya kinakabahan. I dont know kung kaya pa yang ipolish pero kasi sayang if she wont be able to represent our country in any pageant. Im hoping for an improved version of her after one year of being with BPCI. We can only hope for the best.

  7. She could join again and get a crown, but not Miss Universe. Times have changed na talaga and her communication skills are sub-par. Okay sana if she were as witty and naturally charming as Ariella, pero hindi eh. Hindi na talaga kaya idaan sa ganda alone. Maxine Medina’s journey should be enough for people to realize that the way a candidate speaks is the hardest to polish, along with her attitude and mentality (of course). It’s not even about having perfect grammar and diction. Sana nga ganun lang, kaso again, it’s more than that.

    Ariella and Venus aren’t fluent in English, but there is something in the way the speak and interact that make them stand out. Elima is beautiful, pero ang dating kasi parang madali sya ma-intimidate at mag-choke pag kudaan na. Yung tipong natatameme kahit chikahan lang with the other reps/officials.

    Rachel Peters may not be as facially stunning as she is, pero I can see why she’d win over Elima KUNG silang dalawa lang ang ipagkukumpara. Huwag lang talaga sumablay ang KF sa training niya, kasi Rachel has understated elegance and an air of calm confidence around her. I’m getting Iris’ vibes from her, yung saktong chill lang pero kaya lumaban if needed.

  8. I’m most likely in the minority here, as so many wanted her to win(some sites even chose her as their MUP winner), but I doubted her from the beginning. Yes, she’s pretty and has a nice body(so are many other candidates). But her grasp of English is terrible – poor grammar, poor syntax, poor choice of words. It’s undeniable. I cringed when I heard her answer during Q/A, her response full of grammatical errors. For someone with a university education(and a cum laude!), it seems Elima didn’t learn English properly, which is very hard to correct. No amount of rigorous Q/A training can correct poor understanding of English. That’s a problem for an MU candidate. Further, she’s a tad short for MU, something that many people just ignored or failed to realize. All Phil reps to MU in the last 7 years have been 5’7″ and taller(yes, even Latimosa is 5’8″), a fact that should not and must not be ignored. This is true again this year – Peters is 5’9″. With many countries currently sending taller girls to MU(Indonesia has been fielding girls who are at least 5’7″ – 5’10” and taller recently), I highly doubt that Bb Pilipinas would send a girl who’s only 5’6″, unless she is of Olivia Culpo’s caliber, which Elima is not.

    • MJ is 5’8? Really? How tall do u think Pia is? Nothing wrong wuth being 5’6… just saying…

      • Mj is 5’6, Pia 5’5 3/4 plus Bragais shoes + 7-9 inches

    • Olivia Culpo won because she represents the US of A. Trump wants to play the hero by crowning an American girl. This is to uplift the American spirit after the mass shooting incident. The clear winner during that time was Irene Esser (one of the most beautiful Misses Venezuela in years). That is until she messed up her Q&A. But even with a horrible Q&A, she still ended up as 2nd runner-up.

      And again, Lastimosa is 5’6″, sans padding.

      • Sakto yung description mo kay Irene Esser, Johnny. To me she’s the still the best representative Venezuela has sent to Miss U in recent memory. Kung hindi ito nag-attempt mag-English sa Q and A nanalo siya. Sa top 5 sa kanya talaga delikado si Janine.

  9. I like Maine.. in placed her on my prediction as Ms Interntercon and katarina as my 1st r-up.. but a r- up placement will give her another shot to the crown if she decides to… i just that they kerp her styling leaning towards classic and structured . Polished than flirty and flimsy.. that beautiful face dont need much to high lighted…. clean and simple hair styles to show of the symetry of her arresting gorgeous face.

    Preasured maybe for being 1 of the Ms U bets amongst the pageant watchers… maybe got affected by it and shakens her footing due to too much preasure ( self imposed and from the very high expectations of others) . Same goes with ms Huelar….

    If this years pageant is has a great mix of strong candidates with their own. Plus and minuses….. surely 2018 will b tougher… battle of the 3rd timers ( pia inspired)… an anticipated cross over queen… a new set 2nd timers… and fresh new glamazons…

    All the best to Maine🙏! Potential needs to be actualized.

  10. I’m totally surprised that the A&Q girls really stumbled in Q&A this year. Jehza and Maine. Wow you would think that the super rigorous training they get will prepped their nerves but I guess not. Maine could have been a good Intercontinental candidate but she got upended by Katarina in the Q&A.

  11. yung mga baklitang butanding lang ang walang karapatan sumali sa BBP, go Charmaine sali lang ng sali girl.

  12. Is she allowed to continue working as flight attendant at PAL? Sana they allow the runners-up to continue working para mabuhay din naman sila.

    I agree, she gained weight during the competition. While she’s still fit naman, kung rampahan na sa stage kasi, umaagaw eksena talaga ang mga mas sexy, tapos mas matatangkad pa sa kanya. While Nelda, for example, is bulkier than her, matangkad kasi siya, and she wore a red gown. Same with Mariel and Katarina, who wore colorful downs. Parang nalunod si Maine nung finals night, tapos di pa siya confident sa Q&A, tapos mga kasabayan niya Englisera. Deserve lang din niya ang runner-up that night. Yes maganda siya, but they were looking for a complete package kasi.

    • It saddens me a bit na nasabayan siya ng mga natural English speakers, although she expressed naman her answer well kaya lang the content lacks substance and confidence in her delivery, parang estudyante na hindi totally nakapag- review na tinawag for recitattion, nakarecite naman kesa walang maisagot. Ako, as a fan, I wouldn’t push her to join again next year, kasi she’s already at her best elements this year, baka kung maimproved naman niya ang comm. skills niya, eh natabunan na siya ng mga upcoming Queens like Catriona, and other contenders. Pero, sa isang banda, Queen P was also- TOp 15 and1st Runner-Up in two BBP editions. Sana nga they could walk on the same path.

      • And mas marami pang magaganda, matatangkad, at better communicators na sasali next year, other than Catriona. The competition is stiffer every year. Gumaganda at tumataas ang quality ng candidates ng BBP every year. Kaya dapat if Maine aims for a crown, mag-todo train na sya sa public speaking ar bongga dapat ang styling at rampa niya next year.

  13. Wag na ipilit. She’s at her peak this year pero wala pa rin.

  14. she should do the 3x a charm bid for a crown , may not get the MUP but that might be a blessing if she gets a non-MU worldwide crown

  15. She’s my favorite to win MUP!
    She should concetrate more on QnA training and she will be perfect for BbP next year.

  16. She really has one of the best faces ever no doubt. I think her styling pageant night could have been better. She also seemed to gain weight. She wasn’t as fit as she was a couple of months ago. Aces and queens should make sure the girls are not stress eating during the competition.
    For next time I think they should lighten her styling, brighten her coloring and do away with the brown hair. Straight hair will be better next time to highlight her dramatic features.
    Norman does being first runner up prevent her from doing side gigs? Kawawa naman Baka maghirap si Ate!

  17. I think Maine can go for a 3rd and final bid in the next year or two. She just needs a little more polishing in the Q and A segment. She is already gorgeous and confident and the desire to win is there.

    She will have her own time. And yes the runners-up won Php 250,000 each. The crown-bearers won Php 500,000 each.

  18. bet ba talaga siya ng BPCI? and she was assigned to be this year’s 1st RU so she can have the same training the winners will get?

    nakahinga ako ng mabuti nung tinawag siyang 1RU, though i really wanted her to win. alam ko na hindi siya mananalong MUP. her answer was pretty decent but there are other binibinis who gave a better and convincing answer. better than a Minor crown.. because I believe she can be a good MUP. there’s more room for improvement.

    Yun lang, her work as an FA is maapektuhan. do the runners up get salary/pay din from BPCI?

  19. Wag na ka sing umasa. Si Elima pang barangay Lang yan. Tama na 1st RU sa kanya. Nganga namna kasi.wag na ipagpilitan kasi. Mas matindi pa yan Kay Maxine!pa demure demure ek ek nman pag sumagot! Hahaha

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