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  1. Sorry alma Concepción won ms friendship award in ms international pageant..

  2. Modify her (middle) name to Chanel “I-love” Thomas and that pretty much sums it up and says it all.

    A worthy BbP titlist without question. As for me, it seems as if when the ladies win their title, then one sees clearly why they won. Uncanny, really.

  3. Not a fan of her but i thought with her performance and attitude during the finals she’ll take home the MUP crown. She was a surprise for me

  4. I feel bad for homegrown beauty queens kasi they are usually ranked low and not prioritized. I’m tempted to call it Bb. Half Pilipinas.

    • We sent homegrown Filipinas in the past 50 years. Lately lang naman nananalo ang half-breeds. Actually, there was discrimination against them for the longest time. Kung pinapanalo man sila, doon sila nilalagay sa Miss International kahit very deserving ipadala sa Miss Universe, at kahit top scorer. Ang mentality kasi dati ng BBP, dapat morena or Filipina-looking ang MUP. Anong napala natin doon? We were in the dark ages of pageantry for decades. Buti na lang nag-gamble sila kay Pia and so now we have our third Miss Universe crown.

    • Ranked low? Venus, Shamcey, Janine, Ariella, MJ, Maxine were all homegrown. Pia, although having a German father and born abroad, was raised and lived in the Philippines for most of her life (since she was 9) so she can also be considered homegrown even if she is bi-racial.

      Any Filipina regardless of where she was born or raised, as long as one of her parents is Filipino and is able to meet the strict residency and nationality requirements of Bb Pilipinas is eligible to be a Filipina beauty queen and should not be perceived or treated differently just because of their mixed racial or cultural background.

      • Don’t forget Parul! That woman won BbP Tourism then was appointed BbP GI and placed 3rd. Example of commitment and endurance… Katarina Rodriguez, take notes baby. 😉😄

    • Hindi naman intentional pagkapili sa mga halfies. Ang sa akin lang ke puro o halfies doesnt matter, yung ibang bansa rin naman hindi lahat ng reps nila puro. Besides, wala naman sa purity ng race mo yan, it’s one’s willing to represent and bring pride to the country what matters.

      • Right — Many of Venezuela’s beauty queens are multi-racial like Stephanie Fernandez (part Ukranian) or Gabriella Isler (Swiss-German), and we never hear Venezuelans complaining about “halfies’ winning Miss Venezuela.

    • If you guys are looking for pure unmixed homegrown Filipinas.. Go to the mountains and look for beautiful tribal Filipinas who can speak English well and could pass the height requirements of the international pageant they would be sent to if she wins… I hope you could convince her to join.

    • @ Lireo : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      I could not help but join (in). My apologies. Notwithstanding the earlier replies to your comment, I just wanted to add that homegrown Binibini Jeslyn Santos picked up the pieces after failing to nail a title at BBP, and went on to be crowned Miss United Continents 2016. We all know her story, and Mr. Tinio (who takes GREAT PRIDE in saying he is a town mate of Ms. Santos) even posted a feature here in his blog last year.

      Isn’t it interesting how it is the MINOR MINOR pageants that get to see what a typical HOMEGROWN Filipina queen looks like? Hehehe. 🙂

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Andrew and the rest who commented on my opinion. I’m just happy to know that despite of differences, I can say most of them who replied gently managed to raise their point. Two thumbs for that mga kababayan!

  5. Venus raj won miss friendship award in bb pilipinas 2010 and won bb pilipinas universe

  6. I couldn’t understand her appeal when I saw her for time on Miss Earth. She definitely won me over! Gusto ko siya – energetic, cheerful, friendly – very charming. Perfect for Supra! I’m rooting for her.

  7. in the beginning i thought she was old looking and lacked facial beauty but as the pageant progresses i saw her vibrancy, her versatility in her looks and her quirky free spirited attitude. i like that. she became part of my tough 8 winner circle and indeed she won!

  8. I want Misses Thomas and Ibe to SWITCH NatCos for their respective campaigns! The Eurasian halfie will look “correct” in a terno (which is really a Europe-style long dress if the butterfly sleeves are removed, as per Auggie Cordero) and the Malay-beauty pilot will look appropriate in Mindanaoan finery. Just my one cents. Hope the Olive Tree and the Pretty Pilot do not get upset.

  9. Ang gusto ko sa kanya e masayahin and higit sa lahat wala syang energy gap! #alamna

  10. If she was styled differently, yung more vavavoom instead of pasweet, she could have challenged Rachel for MUP. Maganda katawan, pasarela, and communication skills, plus great personality. It would be refreshing to see an MUP na vibrant.

    • Medyo mind conditioning Yung 2 awards nya and Ni Rachel even before the top 25 was announced. Obvious na pinupush Yung 2 to be noticed by the judges by BPCI. After Ng 1st set of awards, you can already sense na sila Ni Rachel ang maglalaban for Universe. Too bad for Chanel cause Wala sya halos fans compared to Rachel na dinala ata buong Cam Sur in the VIP area and the General Patronage. Still, Chanel’s inner beauty was radiating throughout the night.

  11. Aminin natin her styling that night was not really suited to her, ang gown doesn’t give her extra points, buti na lang nag shine sya sa ibang portions…. sana maayos ang styling niya bago siya isalang sa international stage.

    • true. her gown was a bit underwhelming for her. or should i say she couldve worn something better baka nag consider pa siya for MUP title.. her personality is like Ariella. Ara’s is more bakla, masa.. sakanya pinasowsyal. pero both are cute. lol

      I hope ma style siya mala Victoria Secret angel. tama ba ako, yun ang hanap ng Supra? lol

    • Sabi ko nga waley ang styling ng karamihan ng A&Q girls nung finals (Chanel, Jehza, etc)

  12. Diosko mga baklang pangit kung makapuri kay Chanel ngayon wagas dahil nanalo pero at the beginning andaming sinasabi na mukhang matanda, mukhang weird etc etc

    • true! might be my fave queen ever after observing her on coronation night.

  13. i super love her! Super bubbly, kalog, ang sweet at hindi trying hard. parang go lang. napaka natural. lol

    • This convinces me that BPCI really paid attention to the girls from day 1. They took note of each girl’s personality, hence, Chanel was assigned the title where she can do well. Ang kyot-kyot nya!

  14. She really shine like a diamond. Perfect packaging and full of personality. Love her

  15. natawa naman ako sa last paragraph. talagang babalik sya sa Australia in case hindi sya nag wagi. so gamitin lang talaga toh. kunwari pinoy para makasali sa contest ng pinas pero pag talo goodbye pinas?!

    • Kaya nga no, pumunta lang dito for career move. Hindi nga marunong mag tagalog si lola eh. Fan ako ni Joanna Eden pero na realise ko ngayon hindi nila deserve magsuot ng Phils sash. Di ko sila nakitaan ng pagmamahal sa filipino side nila. They are just doing it for themselves and not for the PHILIPPINES. Mariel at Nelda lang talaga ang susupprtahan ko this year. Kahit bet ko si Katarina at ok naman si Peters pero waley talaga. Career kung career lang to sa kanila. Wala sa puso.

      • Did you really think these girls are doing it for the country? Chosss ka talaga. Sobrang naive ng vaks. hihihi.

      • nothing wrong with that. important is she is Pinay also. nag prepared para makasali at ma qualified.She will compete with sash name “Philippines”. isa pa matagal na din namn sya sa Pinas and she was joined ME 2015. she choose to join here in the Philippines kaysa sa australia.

    • Ang drama ni Charice Calingo ay inalok daw siya ng scholarship sa Harvard at Colombia University pagkatapos maligwak sa top 25.

      Message from the mom of Charice Calingo:

      “Although Arienne’s BbP 2017 quest ended with her placement in the Top 25, both Harvard University and Columbia University offered her admission to graduate studies with scholarship. Soon, we will know soon whether Arienne will move to Cambridge or New York this August. ”

      Kumusta naman ang pagiging education ambassador ng US Embassy at yung Angeles Pampanga street children charity chu-chu nya kuno?

      At eto pa:

      “The over 300 members of the Calingo Crew (Arienne’s support group) for their active support, prayers and positive thoughts, and sustained presence and loud cheers at the BbP events;
      The over 5,000 fans from many countries who followed Arienne’s journey for their messages of encouragement; learning about BbP viewing parties for Arienne in Philippine regions other than Central Luzon (such as Bicol and Northern Mindanao) has been a great source of joy and encouragement to Arienne;”

      Hakot kung hakot. Ang tanong, sulit ba naman ang bayad sa kanila? Example na lang ay etong FB profile na ito ni “Heartlyn Ejercitado” na 16 lang ang friends at na-create lang ang profile nung April 21.


      Kaya mga Calingo trolls na naglipana sa FB, Twitter at maging dito sa blog ni Tito Norman, siguraduhin ninyong nakuha ninyo ang bayad sa inyo bago umuwi ng Amerika si Charice.

      Schadenfreude talaga. Mabuti naman at natalo tong si Calingo. Well-deserved. Ipinagpipilitan kasi. Napakayabang pa ng pamilya. Hindi sapat ang pagiging fluent sa iba’t ibang lenggwahe para tanghalin kang Miss Universe-worthy. Kulang sa ganda, kulang sa height, kulang sa humility, kulang sa sincerity. Kahit hakutin mo pa ang buong Pampanga at bilhin ninyo ng angkan mo ang sandamakmak na fake accounts online, hindi ninyo mabibili ang mga hurado ng BBP. Buti nga sa inyo.

  16. She is a breathe of fresh air! I didn’t have her in my list too early in the competition. But during coronation night she was something else and I know after the Q and A she will have a crown on her head. 🙂

    She will do great in Miss Supranational! I can’t wait to see our girls’ transformations! 😀 ❤

  17. Btw Dindi looks fabulous on that yellow gown. Chanel l will go far in the Supra pageant, winner or runnerup for me. I love her personality…

  18. Hi Norman

    Trivia:-……Venus Raj was Ms. Friendship in 2010 and she won the coveted crown (MUP)

  19. Chanel was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t have her in my Top 15 list, but she performed really well. And she clearly has a good attitude if she was able to bag the Miss Friendship award! I hope they continue to tone down her styling; she looks beautiful with more natural makeup. She doesn’t need too much makeup since she’s already blessed with a naturally pretty face. Good luck to her!

  20. 1995… Caroline Pobre… 1st Runner Up
    2010… Maria Venus Raj… MUP

      • Fabian, I think Venus Raj is classy despite her humble beginnings IMO. The was she talks, her gestures are classy.

      • @jeremi:
        classy- “it’ girl. my personal definition
        tse, hihihi!

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