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  1. Give up na siya; she’s overrated and just made a contender by her own media supporters. She’s not that pretty to win anything internationally, and she also cannot speak well. I literally barfed when I heard her say the Miss Universe Philippines crown rightfully belongs to her during the Aces and Queens pre-pageant events. Over confident, but really that’s all that she had.

  2. Just move on….I know that she looks pretty but I really did not see anything special about Dindi. Yes she’s not ugly and yes she’s quite tall, but maybe the other girls who made the cut have something more to offer to the pageant and that’s why they were on top 25!!!!

  3. Angelique, Dindi and Liezl could have rocked MU during the Trump era. I believe bb think their not right anymore for IMG standards. Dindi still havent aged out tho. Im sad for the other two since it was their last time.

    • Hindi rin. Sa quality ng candidates sa BBP, hindi talaga sila mananalo. Kahit mapadala man sila sa international pageant, hindi pa rin sila mananalo. They should have tried other less competitive pageants.

  4. In terms of facial beauty with or without make up, i prefer Dindi over Rachel. Im not bitter about the win of RP or bashing her but her face is not symmetrical.

  5. Move on na Dindi. How about joining Miss Earth Ph? At tsaka sa totoo, its Rachel Peters who best performed in Bb2017 followed by Chanel Thomas Katerina and Maine Elima. Mariel was good but medio kulang. Tama na yang mga hanash.

    • I like your asstment so true. If I were them by looks, body and performance, I would put Chanel as MI and Mariel as 1st runner up.

  6. Sacrifical lamb si Dindi. Sorry Jonas I think you are the reason for Dindi’s demise this year. hihihi. Magpakabait ka na kasi at magsorry kay Madame. Look at what happened to Mommy Leo.

    • Pano naging sacrificial lamb? Ikompara mo nga si Dindi sa mga top 6 kitang kita mo ang mga mukha.. Dapat magsama sila ni Calingo mga chaka

      • Mas maganda naman si Dindi kesa kay woman of substance Calingo.

    • She is top 25 material so she didn’t deserve the non placement.

  7. I make over nyo na si Tiya Rachel, napag iiwanan sa ganda ng ibang queens.. Sa kanya po kayo mag focus.

  8. Mga beh, ang mga fans ni Dindi naglilitanya lang kami dito in silence hehehe. Despite of what happened, although broken-hearted kami, we are praying na hindi siya susuko. Deserve niya ang koronang walang bahid ng politika kung meron man. Lolz!

  9. It was mentioned during the screening that it will be a different BbP this year. It was mentioned that they’ll test the ladies and that the winners will be the total package. I cant remember lang who said it, pero it was during the screening. Last Sunday, we’ve seen the products and I must say – BbP did a good job!

    No offense to the three heavy favorites who didnt make it sa first cut (Angelique, Dindi and Liezl), but if I were to replace 3 of the actual top 25, I’d rather pick Gail Tobes, Lietz Ang and Jessica Ramirez…So maybe OK na din…move on na lang siguro and join again if you really want it…

    Overall, I’m happy with the result! I wasn’t a fan of Rachel simply because I’m a big fan of charming, fresh and witty girls. But now, I am…after all, she’s our Ms. Philippines na…so ayun..

    • I kinda get why Gail didn’t make it to the Top 25. She’s facially beautiful until she starts talking. Not to say that she’s not intelligent. Medyo pangit lang siya pakinggan. Maybe she needs to train on how to speak well, be clear, and have confidence while doing it.

    • Gail Tobes is my top favorites. b4 i placed her in my MUP list. actualy she never disappointed me. i knew that she will not make it but i know that she has potentials to be a beauty queen. its just. its not her time. nagsisimula pa lang so i hope that she will come back soon in the right time.
      For Dindi. what ever the reasons why she didnt place even in the semis. Think positive lang. maybe its not her time. so come back soon!!!

  10. Sometimes if you push the styling too far… like really transforming the look of a candidate way than what she is and what her personality can give.. the transformation is not justified. What works well for others… is not a an assurance that it will work for the other girl. Just an observation of how candidates were styled…. as for Dindi… it was pushed too far that she lost the elegance that she had with straight hair look and a clean up do in the long gown in 2016…. the heavily layered hair didnt work well with her features ( and i guess with her personality as well) that it end up looking messy at times…( if not most of the time)

    It is just unfortunate that they didnt make the top 25 cut… but when joining again next year…. i wish her all the best!๐Ÿ™

  11. She was never in my list and I even said that she will do worse this year. I never get the reason of all the hypes about her. Her face is not beautiful by any standard IMO
    Only Fabian had considered her as MUP contender. Hi Fabian where are you? Tse hihihihi

    • And I even commented “NEXT….” on that article by Norman featuring her andher sister… just sayin’

  12. Karma kay Dindi yan . Primadonna kasi .

    Last year may issue yan sa kanyang pagkademanding .

    A very reliable source !

  13. Basta ako nakahula ng 9/15. Thomas, Clenci, Lacap, Borja, Ortega, & Manalo is out of my top 15 radar.

    PAJARES, AC DE LEON, & RAMOS, nagkatotoo talaga hula ko na out of top15 sila. But I was totally amazed that even Top25 di nila kinaya. Medyo hindi kasi patok ang awrahan nila pero I would say that angelique’s transformation is for the best pero di paren nakaya. Iba talaga ang effort ng KF this year. Pinaghandaan at ginalingan, sayang sina Angelique at Ruffa ng KF kasi mukhang nag effort ang KF sa kanila.

    • Si Dindi kasi wala talaga sa radar this year. Would you believe na last 2016, sya ang nasa Miss Universe Philippines final choice ko? Pero ngaun taon kahit Top 15 di ko sya kinayang isama sa prediction list ko. Di ko alam kung ano ang kulang sa kanya. Its just that hindi ko na sya bet at may mas magaling sa kanya na more than a dozen. Pero bongga si SMA kasi more than 2dozen pala ang mas nakaangat kay Dindi.

    • Baka nga na Mariam Habach itong si Dindi. Baka attendance ang cooperation sya bumagsak. Bueno about sa last paragraph po,

      “Watch the opening number and introduction of Bb. Pilipinas 2017 now โ€“ the first and last part where Dindi got her share of the spotlight during Sunday nightโ€™s TV telecast.”

      Wala po ako makitang kahit anong video sa Youtube mula kahapon. Lahat pinagboblocked na ng ABSCBN.

  14. I’m also sad for Dindi. I hope she’s just fine. But dnt give up. Laban lng bes!

  15. Lolz natakam naman ako sa article akala ko may kasagutan na pero hindi pa rin pala pwede I disclose. Pero kung bubusisiin natin parang lumalabas na may nawalang pogi points si Dindi na not necessarily based like sa closed door Q and A kase si Dindi sa pagkaka intindi ko, hindi man super gandang pakinggan diction – kaya sumagot. Malamang mas lamang lang ng onting laman kay Elima. So I’m thinking little things na nag add upnna hindi sakto sa panlasa ng mga galamay ng BPCI.

    Chichismis nalang ako walang proof to pero di kaya tinuturuan ng leksyon bpci aces? Kay dindi gumanti? Lalo pang gumulo sa hanash ni katarina na mukang kahapon ayos na ngayon may one liner rant na naman si mama RU. Sa CNN stint nila today wala na naman si kata so parang umeepekto parusa ng bpci. Wala lang.

    P.S. sobrang sama ng loob ko pa rin kay dindi. Akala nyo lang hindi PERO oo! Oo!

    • ang dami talaga arte ng bpci! bakit gumaganti? kung sila nga may mga nakakainis na ginagawa din sa kandidata. they maybe owned the bbp but not all the time aasta silang sila ang laging masusunod at sila ang tama. they should act as human to human and not as kala mo kung sino… masyado sila!! if true na its bcoz hinde sa araneta ginanap ang MU kaya ganyan si sma kay jonas. sma is wrong and very very bad. nothing to be mad with that. aba gusto sya talaga masusunod.

    • I saw katarina with them sa isang video sa ig. I think hindi na nga lang siya (siguro) umabot sa CNN guesting.. or may inayos or something.. but yeah, saw her with the binibini winners wearing the bbp intercon sash.

    • Been hearing that rift between Jonas and Madame! I think Dindi became the sacrificial lamb of Madame’s wrath towards Jonas. hihihi. Wag kasing masyadong papampam si Jonas sometimes. Akala nya big time na sya. Tapos lahat ata ng talent nya eh sa Miss U nagperform. So all in all overall winner si Jonas kasi may cut ang vaks sa mga TF ng kanyang mga boylets.

      Ngayon naman si Pia na. Next would be Maxine and Kylie. What did I say last year. This “FREE” Aces and Queens training isn’t free at all! Jonas is reaping the rewards but I hope he is spreading the reward to MaRuffa, Sigulanon and team A&Q kasi parang greedy ang vaks.

  16. shes a threat. and we all know that kahit hinde gaano kaganda ang performance ni rachel eh still sya pa rin ang ipapanalo nya. not being a bitter. coz its true. favoritism still exists. pero ok na din. the battle in MU2017 is very tough and its good that we will send someone like rachel. pahabaan ng bias ito sa MU! But i have a feeling no top 5 placement for us sa MU. even if she performs well. the judges will not include her in top 5. iisipin nila sobra na ang lagi nating pag place sa MU kahit pa deserving. so they will give the spot to other candidate. its possible and the re branded MUO nag rerely sila sa result and not sa favoristism. so its a good advantage for 2018 rep that we will not place in MU this year.
    hinde kesyo ang ipapadala natin eh mala latina at ganda ng katawan eh its a sure win na for us to MU. Madali manalo ang ganyang katawan sa pilipinas pero universally, 50/50.


    • Baklang feeling korean, ano naman masama sa mga Vietnamese? Sa buong kalupaan ng Southeast Asia, Pilipinas ang pinaka-diverse pag dating sa lahi. Bakit pagka filipino dapat kayumanggi or aeta lang? O kaya generic na ninuno face? Kasuka lang mga pinoy na nag-dedegrade indirectly or directly sa ibang southeast asian na lahi. Kaya mababa parin ang tingin ng mga foreigner sa aten, kase tayo mismo mababa ang tingin sa sarili nating lahi or mga close na kapitbahay.

      • Dami mo nmang sinabi. Hindi nman nya pinulaan ang mga Vietnamese. She just implies that Dindi looks Vietnamese. At worst that’s stereotyping but not necessarily degrading. Well unless you yourself look down on them.

      • Ansaveeehhh?!?! Gaga, lagi ka kaya nagcocomment ng ganiyan simula pa lang nuong February. Short version lang ng panlalait niya yan na kesiyo byetkong chaka kuno. Ngayon passive-agressive ang bakla sa one-line panlalait niya. Tigilan mo ako sa kakanega mo sa akin at baka ipasunog kita g bakla ka. Cheret! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚

      • Sige ipasunog mo ako. Kumakain at bumubuga lng naman ako ng apoy. Lol

  18. Threat sya to the anointed Rachel Peters whose family owns Midas Productions which produces shows in Araneta Coliseum. Yun lang Yun. Nadamay din sya sa galit Ni Madam sa A&Q dahil di ginanap Ang Miss Universe sa Araneta instead sa MOA Arena. Laki Kasi Ng binaba Ng revenue nung nag open Yung huli.

    • Ay! May point ka at I wanna belive this theory. Kaya pala, pansin ko nung inannounce ang mga special awards kay reechel parang, wala lang. expedted niya na talaga. Yung question and answer, let’s be real lang ha, binigay sakaniya yun beforehand, kahit sobrang ganda ng answer you can tell na rehearsed. At isa pa!!! Oh my gosh, rewatch niyo nung ina-announce yung Miss International, yung camera tumapat sakaniya, pero pagmasdan yung facial reactions niya! You will see what I mean.

      At huling chila, check the IG of her boyfriend, latest photo caption ay “finally crowned” sabi. Read niyo at analyze. “Finally” meaning they know na kokoronahan talaga siya at you don’t say “finally” kung hindi expected ang results. Yun lang.

      Siguro bitter parin ako kay bebe Mariel, pero after ko mabasa ang comment mo, napatunayan din ang hinala ako, at it doesn’t take a rocket scientist para ma-piece ang mga clues at puzzles together.

      Aynako reechel, bet at tanggap ko na pa naman pero nag-iiba ang tingin at opinyon ko as days go by. Well, may karma ang mga kademonyohan na ginagawa kaya, let’s just see…

      • Guess who ang bet Ng mga Araneta staff? Hihi! Kilalang Kilala nila Ang family Ni Rachel including the brother. Ang dami niyang pala and family members sa VIP area nung coronation night. Yung ibang candidates nasa Patron lang. Oh Di ba? Cutthroat Ang labanan with MOA. Palakasan sa mga producers. I kinda understand why Rachel has to win for business reasons. Ganun Naman ata talaga kahit MUO.


      • Si Angelique na mas elouent pa Kay Ibe and sa ibang nanalo bagsak din ganun? Palakasan lang talaga Yan.

  19. Lesson to future binbinis: one year before sumabak sa pageant, makipag-connect na sa mga sponsors at mga powerful people ng BPCI. HINDI, nagsisimula sa pagpili ng winners at kokoronahan after ng announcement ng official candidates, take a lesson from the past MUP winners, talagang humahalik sa paa ang mga bilat at nilalandi na ang mga sponsors months before the pageant talaga.

    Isa pa, magpa-interview kay tito norman, nako yang bilat na dindi na yan, di man lang winelcome ang alok na magsubmit ng interview reply kay Norman. Lolz. Remember na may kapit parin si Tito N. sa mga the powers that be. Yan tuloy nagalit siya sayo lols. No top 25 tuloy. Hahaha. Siya lang ata ang di nagpa-interview sa blog na to if I remember.

  20. Im really shocked na hinde tinawag si dindi sa top 25. whats wrong? i am pretty sure kaartihan na naman ng bpci ang dahilan. kilala natin sila. if ever ayaw na nya sumali sa bbp. she should try mutya ng Pilipinas. baka dun sya swertehin. but for angelic im not surprised. pero parang nanghihinayang ako since her pasarela is really good na i like ung paghampas nya ng balakang. shes so really sexy pero hinde ko talaga sya na fe feel in terms of her beauty.parang ang lalim pa ng spark from her face and eyes kulang na kulang.

  21. Feel ko lang, gusto lang gumawa ng statement ng mga humahawak ng show sa Binibining Pilipinas. I mean, ginaya nila yung theme ng MU2017, halos lahat copycat, kulang na lang pati stage kung di kulang sa budget, lolz. Eyniways, gusto nila gayahin din yung kay Mariam Habach snub kuno, siguro napansin nila na marami supporters si Dindiyakin na kala nila magkakaroon ng major buzz, pero fail! Lolz. Hindi nila inexpect na di pala ganun kasikat si Dindi at madaming fans para mag-cause ng ingay sa pagka-exclude niya sa top 25. Feel ko lang rin na may mga pageant bloggers at beki powers na bumulong sa BPCI na wag isali sa Dindi para may ingay na maganap. Sa huli, show parin ang Binibini at never na fair ang mga resulta, yung mga tunay na judges ay nakatago sa likod at sila ang tunay na pumipili. That is the truth pero masaya parin manuod at sumuporta kahit fake gaya ng wrestling. Lolz.

    Yun lang. maganda naman kinalabasan ng show, bobo lang talaga yung naghahandle ng publicity department ng bpci. Very early 2000s parin ang utak nila. Di pa sila nakaka-adapt or parang di nila kaya mag-adapt sa new age ng social media and all. Lolz. Yun lang ul8.

    At nako, kung magpatiwakal yung dindi, konsensiya na nila yun lolz. Bali-balita na halos mapraning sa rejection ata yung girl. Nag-expect siguro, kaya ayan ang lesson to future binbinis. Tanggapin na ang fate from day one, wag ilusyonada at alamin kung sino ang may mga kapit na papanalunin.

    Yun lang ang masasabi ko dito, pero dahil bet ko ang pagiging mabait nung dindiyakin, I’m sending her my condolensh and good vaybs. Di pa end of the world ateng. Always welcome with open arms si SMA. Lelz.

    • Beh, ang mga fans ni Dindi naglilitanya lang kami dito in silence hehehe. Despite of what happened, although broken-hearted kami, we are praying na hindi siya susuko. Deserve niya ang koronang walang bahid ng politika kung meron man. Lolz!

  22. You should have been there Dindi! Good luck in your future endeavors :-*

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