16 comments on “Miss Philippines Earth 2017: The First 21 Candidates

  1. That Samantha of Bulacan is not appealing. She’s looked like the constestant of the previous Miss Universe 2016, looked so Michael Jackson shape of face plastic surgery.

  2. based on the photos, i only see 3 to 5 potential winners. they are Samantha of Bulacan, Jessica of Caloocan City, and Vanessa of Lobo Batangas… and possibly Sherlyn of CDO, or Dannielle of Quezon City… provided that they are smart!

    i also noticed the poor quality of photos for some, or is it the make up? tsk tsk.

  3. Upon checking all the candidates, the one from Quezon City is the most promising and has the real face of a beauty queen. Halatang genuine ang face at walang retoke. I hope she also has the brain to back up her beauty. Go Danielle. Go quezon city.

  4. The major, international/global competitions/pageants (Miss and Mrs.) in our planet should be viewed in terms of PROPER HIERARCHY, by the REAL DEFINITION AND EXACT MEANING OF THE WORD OR TITLE being represented, and by the REAL SCOPE that each title covers — NOT in terms of how lavish or extravagant the pageant production is, and NOT in terms of the number of participanting nations — 25 or 125 does not matter as long as ALL CONTINENTS worldwide or all over the planet are represented by the countries (of all continents).

    Thus, the PROPER HIERARCHY starts from the Universe, Galaxy, Earth, Globe, World, Intercontinental (involving continents) and International (involving nations). As such, they are all considered as the real, major, global crowns & titles.

    The root word “Grand” (an adjective) in the title Miss Grand International, and the word “Supranational” have no concrete astronomical and geographical representations or embodiments, hence, the two can be considered as REDUNDANT and SUPERFLUOUS titles, contests and pageants.

  5. there is hope for ms phil earth afterall remember girls like chanel tomas are alumni of this pageant and yes ms ara arida was snubbed by this pageant but look at her now. i like the girls from pulilan, negros, USA, lobo, olongapo etc…dami rin maganda. YUng fillers ayos lang yan this pageant has strong advocacies afterall and some of these ladies are strong on environmental protection advocacies. Lets give credit to the org for that.

    • Same thoughts. I love her beauty sa photo niya. let’s see kung okay pa rin in person. i mean sa ibang photo. haha

      btw…. matanong ko lang, ito bang mga headshots na to ay ang mga candidates ang nag provide or ang MPE ang nagshoo-shoot mismo like sa BBP? wala bang upgrade ng headshots nila? LOL

    • she should bring back her long hair,shes gorgeous in it. i saw some of her photos mostly wacky and a few fashion shoots for fun. she looks promising. i hope she talks well and taller than 5’6

  6. OMG Ubusan ng Contact Lenses sa SM Kanina, now I know bakit!

    Kaloka ang mga girls, Helping the mother earth by recycling plastic and using it on the eyes!


  7. samantha or sherlyn base sa 21 girls here. but im sure samantha will do great.
    hoping for MWP! since bago na ang may ari sana naman mag pa pageant na sila ng maaga. since may trabaho pa din naman si kat after her reign. her personal advocacies. so doing/giving her part for her advocacies is a great advantage for her and a stepping stone for bbp2018 or 2019. it adds for the qualities/reasons why she will be the next bbp universe and become a Miss Universe. I think it will be the ist time in the Philippines Pageant History na magkaroon ng bbp universe representative na nakagawa ng advocacies and always active in any related projects of her advocacies b4 to compete in bbp and i believe its Catriona Gray.

  8. Rheena Ferrer: poor styling. step up girl! You represent my city.

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