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    Besides the fact that she sounds very uninterested with the interviews, notice how she acts, how she behaves and how she projects herself. Sooner or later, she’s gonna resign. Imeldific!

    Ingrata Katarina.

  2. I just watched the interview in CNN Philippines with Peters and Katarina. The former is full of energy, her thoughts are on point and concise. A&Q should better discipline Katarina or else we might just be having another Imelda. She seems uninterested about the whole thing – pageantry, training and all the hard stuff associated with it. She may be prettier than Peters but a beautiful face can only get you so far.

  3. Ang drama ni Charice Calingo ay inalok daw siya ng scholarship sa Harvard at Colombia University pagkatapos maligwak sa top 25.

    Message from the mom of Charice Calingo:

    “Although Arienne’s BbP 2017 quest ended with her placement in the Top 25, both Harvard University and Columbia University offered her admission to graduate studies with scholarship. Soon, we will know soon whether Arienne will move to Cambridge or New York this August. ”

    Kumusta naman ang pagiging education ambassador ng US Embassy at yung Angeles Pampanga street children charity chu-chu nya kuno?

    At eto pa:

    “The over 300 members of the Calingo Crew (Arienne’s support group) for their active support, prayers and positive thoughts, and sustained presence and loud cheers at the BbP events;
    The over 5,000 fans from many countries who followed Arienne’s journey for their messages of encouragement; learning about BbP viewing parties for Arienne in Philippine regions other than Central Luzon (such as Bicol and Northern Mindanao) has been a great source of joy and encouragement to Arienne;”

    Hakot kung hakot. Ang tanong, sulit ba naman ang bayad sa kanila? Example na lang ay etong FB profile na ito ni “Heartlyn Ejercitado” na 16 lang ang friends at na-create lang ang profile nung April 21.


    Kaya mga Calingo trolls na naglipana sa FB, Twitter at maging dito sa blog ni Tito Norman, siguraduhin ninyong nakuha ninyo ang bayad sa inyo bago umuwi ng Amerika si Charice.

    Schadenfreude talaga. Mabuti naman at natalo tong si Calingo. Well-deserved. Ipinagpipilitan kasi. Napakayabang pa ng pamilya. Hindi sapat ang pagiging fluent sa iba’t ibang lenggwahe para tanghalin kang Miss Universe-worthy. Kulang sa ganda, kulang sa height, kulang sa humility, kulang sa sincerity. Kahit hakutin mo pa ang buong Pampanga at bilhin ninyo ng angkan mo ang sandamakmak na fake accounts online, hindi ninyo mabibili ang mga hurado ng BBP. Buti nga sa inyo.

    • hambog ang family ni girl, maraming pambayad sa trolls hehe


    • Dati ko pa napansin yang mga troll accounts supporting Arienne. MWP days pa niya. Saying she deserves to be Miss Universe! Based only on the fact that she graduated from Georgetown. WTF. Lol. Nagulat nga ako umabot pa mga trolls dito sa blog ni Norman. Nakakahiya si girl.

      Nilagay na niya agad sa instagram profile niya yang Harvard thingy niya. FYI, people apply for application for admission and scholarship to Harvard and Cambridge. Hindi yun inooffer. Sino ba siya? So many of my friends and schoolmates went to graduate schools in the US. Wag silang ano. Also, my friends and schoolmates never put their CV sa instagram or brandish it online. Hindi nila ipinagmamayabang na graduate sila ng Yale, Harvard, Oxford, etc. Malalaman na lang naman natanggap pala at grumaduate na sa Harvard Law School, ganyan. Kaya I was so disgusted by this Arienne making it sound like she is the best just because she graduated from Georgetown.

      • Girl, offered is the right verb of choice. She probably applied and thus was offered an acceptance letter. hihihi.

        But the bottom line is yes her family seems really arrogant and trying hard. hihihi.

  4. She should resign. We want to see candidates who are hungry to win whatever the title they placed to. All the excuses mentioned are really ridiculous. Mrs Araneta should replace her ASAP.

  5. feeling ko, she only have an idea of the Miss Universe thing. I mean, she’s fine na nanalo siya as BBP Intercon, pero wala siyang idea kung ano ang gagawin niya, ano ang preparations niya and all. hence the thought of resigning or not attending first the orientation.

    but i think okay na siya ngayon.. mukhang nag eenjoy siya ngayon.

  6. To Aces & Queens: Kaya nyo bang paliitin ang beywang ng mga baklang butanding dito na wagas maka comment. 🙂


    If Katarina did not sour grape and did not cry like a baby about the crown that she received, where will all these come from? According to some credible sources who are really close to her, she wanted to resign since that night after the crowning. Wow, what a great definition of a “winner”! That Q&A must not be a coincidence at all!

    And even from the beginning, she was already expecting to win the MUP crown. Her instagram profile says, “Salutations Universe.” Her photo captions say, “Visited Mother Earth @lourdramos for some tips about the universe,” “Good night Universe & thank you for every single one of my blessings.” Thus, SHE WAS ALREADY CLAIMING IT! And here’s what you got, cry baby Katarina, this is the result of your HIGH expectations about yourself.

    Yes, her Q&A was great, but overall, is she a Miss Universe package? Is she tall enough? Her body stature? Her catwalk? Her projection? Her smile?

    If she were to resign as BBP Intercon so she could join again, what impact would she have towards SMA, BPCI and A&Q? As far as the rules are concerned, one can re-apply IF AND ONLY IF she hasn’t won a major crown yet, which includes the 6 crowns that were given. So even if she resigns, that wouldn’t do her any good, one way or the other. More so with Jonas Gaffud, who doesn’t ask for anything in return from their beauty queen trainees, all A&Q requires is their 100% effort. I applaud Jonas Gaffud for trying to cover her up, even though we know the truth.

    PS: Did she even post a gratuity message in her instagram, unlike the other winners? Where would you see that she’s grateful for what they gave her? A true WINNER, indeed.

    • I think lahat naman sila aiming for the Universe crown. Part sa training nila to aim high and believe in themselves, and to CLAIM IT already. Law of Attraction bes. Pansin mo lahat ng hashtags nila may U. Even yung crowned queens natin, they claim the international crowns na during their interviews. They are trained that way.

    • Bravo!

      “Commitment” is a lost definition these. What a shame.
      Great analysis Pageant Expert.

      I still hope for the best but I’m afraid it is a little difficult rooting for her, with a pure heart, now.

  8. Alamin muna nila bakit nanalo c Miss Thailand sa intercon para mapag-isipan ang game plan sa dikomaintindihang pageant na to😊

  9. Ang Intercontinental title ay para lang yan sa mga walang career at kailangan ng exposure. More than a year magtitiis si Katarina bilang bridesmaid ni Rachel Peters????
    sayang ang career mo. Bigay mo yan kay Kristel Guelos.

  10. Publicity is publicy but in pageant bad publicity makes a bad! Oo, nakakatawa na nakatulog siya the whole day kaya nagka ganon. But mind you wala sa kanya ang pagiging professionalism! Saan na ang commitment natin gurl? Jonas words ounds like katarina has a childish attitude na kaylangan ng attention ang pagka diva every now and then, si jonas di mannlang kaya tumawag, o tumawag sa kasama nya sa bahay about sa sched ni kat prior, i dont think so. Plastic, ngayon alam na pinapaganda lang sa pr but hindi sa bpci noted na yan.

  11. Wag nang magdrama ate girl! Prove them wrong sa Intercon pageant mo. Kaya mong lamuyin mga shupitbalurs na yan sa gundooo ng fezlak mo. If runner-up lang masungkit, thank the gods makakasali ka pa ng ibang big four pageants. Kaya be a lady and wag nang ampalaya XD

  12. she failed to show up cuz she slept the whole day! Thus the whole chaos! hahaha funny girl 🙂

  13. Katarina will be the first Ph Miss Intercontinental. So go ra Katarina. On making more money, ask Binibini if you can have sidelines, if theyll bbpci partake a minimal percentage, go ra na din. Am willing to get you for our products.

  14. If anything, Katarina is garnering extra publicity. 😉😆

  15. Well, Intercontinental has had a history of questionable practices resulting in controversial results.

    However, Katarina signed on the dotted line to join BbP and “won” a title.

    At this point, integrity and character of Ms. Rodriguez becomes the focal issue.

    Can she resign? Yes, she has the right to. Would that decision resulting in a negative reputation follow her throughout her life? Absolutely!

    Awarding SIX titles has its plusses and minuses.
    On one hand, you have six “winners.” On the other hand, the contestants and fans alike know there are only TWO top tier crowns and four “other” titles.

    We all get it Katarina… but..

    Glad everything panned out. Hopefully, it’s early enough to exhibit damage control.

  16. IMHO, this was a wrong move for Jonas and Katarina in the first place. She should have joined Miss World Philippines. She will be a perfect successor of Catriona. 1. She is a model. 2. No swimsuit competition. Katarina is a beauty and we all know how some other beauties like Kris Janson, Mcgarry and Hammond were wasted on Intercontinental and how unprofessional everything is about this pageant. Katarina will be wasted here just like all the other beautiful girls before her. And even if she wins, there’s no clear path (unlike Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss World) for her after winning the crown.

    • So I don’t blame her for having second thoughts. In fact, she should really mull over it, and think about her own future (will 18 months with BBPCI give her the money 18 months of modeling could give her?) I just have a strong feeling this isn’t the end for this issue, yet.

  17. shes lucky she got a crown. this is still a beauty contest. while she maybe pretty with make up on , she is out of shape and not graceful at all. para ngang maton magsayaw.

  18. Kung ang talagang rason ay hinde nya ma accept na intercon lang napanalunan nya. wala namang mali kung ganyan ang rason nya. may right sya to complain and to fight for the real crown which fits her. even a lot of people know that Katarina should have won if we will base in Q&A. Binigyan nga nila ng malaking puntos ang Q&A but mi ni may ni mu pa rin ang system sa pagbibigay ng title sa mga mataas ang score sa Q&A. si sma ang nag decide kung sino ilalagay sa bawat title. So hinde pa rin nasunod ang Q&A. Alam naman nila ma te train pa ang iba kay Kat. kung last year nga nakoronahan si Maxine na kahit weak nya talaga Q&A. pero itong si kat parang minamaliit ni sma. but i dont think minamaliit nya. real reason is may close deal na between Rachel camp and bbp org. favortism talaga nagpanalo kay rachel. its very possible and very clear. alam naman natin last years pa na nilalagay ni sma sa maling pageant ang ilang bigating kandidata.
    Dameng mga makalait kay kata at jonas. well good thing is Jonas / A&Q kaya nilang pangaralan o gawing mabuting imahe o role model ang kanilang mga girls. they know what to do. Unlike yung pinagyayabang nyong camp! nagawa ba nila ito kay imelda? kung oo anyare at nagkaganun si imelda? mukhang pinabayaan lang and MJ and Janicel. naging pasaway in terms of gown. Buti pa sila Pia that time hinde naging pasaway. Kahit pinoy designer ang choice ni Pia eh nagawa nila ma convince si sma in the right way.

    • Lol. Katarina might have scored low in swimsuit. It’s wrong to base it just on QnA.

  19. Bakit ako, nakatulog ng buong araw at di nakapasok sa work. Di naman ako pinagresign ng Company ko?

    Terminated nga lang! Charot!

    So Happy Ending mge Beks!


  20. @Laila, agreed – magang-maga nga mga mata niya but Katarina seems to be in a good mood na with her Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental crown. Hope she moves forward and accepts the challenge of bringing the very first Intercontinental crown for the Philippines. Kaya niya yan!

  21. Sna if she really is half-hearted with her win,resign early to give the next girl in-line the time to prepare and to take the full responsibility of the title ASAP. Para happy lhat. Wala n qualms. 😀

  22. What I don’t get is that Maxine was promoting a lot of things during her reign. She’s a model for jewelmer etc so I don’t understand that title holders cannot accept projects on the side for a certain period of time.

    • Jewelmer is a sponsor of BPCI…
      One of their main designers, Barbara Gonzalez is a cousin of Gemma Cruz-Araneta…

  23. If I were Katarina, instead of looking at it as ‘I deserve better’, I would take it as a challenge and just focus on getting our 1st intercon title. She said it herself, it’s not the rewards of winning but about inspiring others etc etc etc. I really think she has a good chance in taking home the crown. Pero sa totoo lang big challenge talaga ang intercon ha, dami na natin pinadala na uber ganda na reps na mas magaganda pa sa mga MUP winners ligwak pa rin….. Who knows maybe it only takes a feisty girl like Katarina to finally win it. I think she should take the challenge.

    • After a tear of reign, their are still under BPCI for 6 months.

  24. I understand Kat for dilly-dallying…
    IMHO, as what I know about her is that she is living independently therefore she needs to know if she would be able to sustain herself while not accepting job offers outside BBP during her reign. Anyone would asses what they are getting into if ever specially if their bread and butter is at stake.

  25. Basta ako I’m not buying na natulog si kata buong araw. Nagulat. Wala silang alam, ngayon Lang nagusap eklavu.

    Mama J is too diplomatic. Imposibleng ngayon lang na explain Ng maayos Kay kata Yan. Hello May na. Maga mata ni Kata. Palagay ko napalo ni Jonas yan. Mabuti na rin minsan talaga tough love kailangan. Pina intindi siguro Kay Kata na wag na syang mag inarte at sure crown na yang intercon sa kanya. Hindi rin pwede ilaglag ni Mama J si Kata pagkatapos nya siguro mapagsabihan Ng bonggang bongga Kase syempre – ayaw naman din nila siguro kuyugin si Tisay.

    For now masaya na ako nag post na sa aces, nag post na si Mama j, kasama na sya na Novotel. Mukang ayos naman na. We’ll see…

    • To Aces & Queens: May posibilidad pa po ba na mapaliit ang bewang ni Katarina Rodriguez bago sya lumaban sa Miss Intercontinental 2017? Sobrang lapad na po kasi ng bewang nya na halos pumantay na sa balikat at balakang. Sana po pagtuunan nyo ng pansin ito. Salamat.

      • It’s really possible but it is up to Katarina how much hard work she wants to put it. Look at Ara
        Arida, she has a boyish figure but with hard work she topped the swimsuit category in MU 2013. Kung gusto me paraan.

      • @ BAKLITANG REPORTER : Good afternoon,/morning/evening.

        Brooke Mahailani-Lee had a similar body shape. Straight, no curves. Still, she won. But that was MU.

        So does Giselle Bundchen, frontally.

    • I don’t buy it din. Hello? May utak din tayo. But Jonas has to cover up for Katarina. In fairness, magaling siya umarte at gumawa ng kwento. Tinitingnan ko nga face niya at statements niya pero magaling siya. Job naman talaga niya to cover up for his wards. I just hope this is not a sign of an attitude problem at okay na in the future. Wag sanang tumulad kay Imelda. Umayos ka Katarina.

    • Agree. Mukhang nagdamage control mga si mama j. Nakow sana wag lako tumindi poot ni sma sa aces. Harinawa wag maulit ang 2014 sa ating queens

  26. To Aces & Queens: May posibilidad pa po ba na mapaliit ang bewang ni Katarina Rodriguez bago sya lumaban sa Miss Intercontinental 2017? Nakakawindang po kasi halos isang metro na ang lapad, kapantay na ng balikat at balakang. Pagtuunan naman po ninyo ng pansin. Salamat 🙂

    • yes I agree but Intercontinental may not be too picky with regard to swimsuit body

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