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  1. Keep your chin up Sirene. You did a great job in BBP 2017 as an independent.

    There will be much better days ahead.

    I think the best way for Sirene to redeem herself next year is joining a camp like Aces and Queens or Mercator and really make her skills much sharper.

    I also recommend attending a major pageant to have a much better feel of the competition.

    People will bring up Pia Wurtzbach’s persistence and not giving up to win Miss Universe Philippines 2015 en route to her Miss Universe title in Las Vegas that year.
    Well, Pia is a student of the game when she figured everything out when 2015 came along during her training as first runner-up in 2013 with her fellow queens and when she supported Bianca Guidotti in Miss International 2014.

    Once BB Pilipinas 2018 comes along and Sirene makes the roster for coronation night, she needs to unleash everything especially the Q and A portion where she needs to attack the question with venom, confidence, gusto and sensible wit with no hesitation.

    Sirene’s Q and A portion reminds me of a combination of Maxine Medina in BBP and MU 2016 and Jeannie Anderson in BBP 2001: nervousness which leads to changing during the portion and getting mocked in her Q and A portion despite being placed in BBP.

    I believe in redemption and hopefully with more vigorous training, Sirene Sutton will be a much better contestant and win a crown in 2018.

    • I hope that she join again. It will be awesome if we send her to the Miss Supranational pageant where she will slaybe the competition.

  2. sirene,
    this wasn’t your year because next year will be your year!

  3. Sana next time, they’ll just have the same questions. ala Miss U type, naka earphones ang iba. kebs kung 14 na headset ang kailangan.. at least fair and square. isang tanong lang sasagutin, same ang basehan. di ba? i mean, like sirene’s question.. medyo mahirap di ba. mahirap sagutin. tas yung sa iba mas madali.

  4. the question should be typed and then projected on the screen for everyone to see. that way, we can make sure the candidate understands the question well.
    i think what happened to her that night was a blessing in disguise. if she answered the question well, she could have gotten a minor crown or a runner up position. the former is a waste, the latter will just put unnecessary pressure on her when she returns next yr…. which I think she will.

    I think we will see her next yr

  5. Ok lang yan Sirene. Charge it to experience so you can do better the next time. It was just not your night. There will be a perfect time for you babe. Don’t give up. Mmmwahhh!

  6. For me, i just don’t think na hindi nya narinig ang question. Pinarepeat nya pa ang question but still to no avail. My observation is that, when she first heard the question, she was directly struck to her heart. Feeling ko iiyak siya nun at pilit nyang pinipigilan maging emotional kaya siya na mental block. Ang hirap kalabanin ng emotion. Kasi yong tanong sa kanya ay napaka personal and what a coincidence na tugma sa short clip nya na pinakita about her family, her mom, their financial struggles. Nahirapan siyang magformulate ng sagot that will please the majority and she was also thinking that it might contradict her current situation thats why she was just able to answer No, Yes, No. Sana eligible pa rin yong age niya to join again next year. Nangyari na ang nangyari Ms Sutton. Everything just happened for a reason. Kung ok ang sagot niya baka.mapunta lng din siya sa minor crown during deliberation. Spend time with your family na lng muna kasi sila talaga makakapag comfort sayo and relax relax muna. Huwag mawalan ng pag asa.

    • You nailed it! That’s what I really thought as well… Just like Janina with a simillar question… tsk tsk 😦

  7. I really don’t understand the need to keep bashing Sirene. Nadapa na nga tatadyakan pa, anong mentality yan??? Hindi nabawasan ang admiration ko kay Sirene just because she wasn’t able to answer one, just ONE, question. Yung mga hateful people dyan, kayo dapat ang mag-ayos ng character nyo. Please overhaul your personalities, pangit na nga outside lalo pang pangit inside hahaha!

    • Dapat kasi ang mga fans eh classy then just like their queens hihihi. Walang breeding ang mga vaks. Djusko pag ako ang reyna I will call out my fanbase to be nice to others. World Peace ika nga.


  8. I will forever be rooting for Sirene. Just because she had mental block doesn’t mean she’s dumb. Stage fright is different from being dumb. You can be super smart but still be overcome by nerves so people need to layoff on her. It’s unfair that you criticize her for not being able to answer the question.

    Also, the hosts should have told the rowdy fans at Araneta to refrain from cheering or talking or shouting when the question is being asked and only applause after the answer has been given. It is very rude and uncalled for. The hosts have that responsibility to restore order during a live event.

  9. The question was difficult because of its moral implications(it’s not just what someone would do or say about something, like the question that Peters got). That’s the whole point of making Q/A more difficult this time. Although one could say she was really unlucky, Sutton knows what it means to earn for a family, as she herself is a breadwinner. It’s perplexing what happened to her(she has experience with Q/A; this was not her only pageant). Was it too close to home? Is she actually conflicted about her role in her family? That we will never know, but saying yes at the beginning and then contradicting herself at the end is not an answer, and that sealed her fate, unfortunately. You can’t win anything wth a response like that.

  10. Basta ako nabother sa blush on ni mamang. Nagmukha siyabg Lottie. 😂

  11. No one can be blame except yourself for your shortcoming in any occasions. Kung baga hindi na kilangan ang kasi… ei kasi… after all this lady accept na hindi nya gaano narinig o naintindihan ang tanong… kaya yong mga taong mataas ang expectation sa kanya sila yong may problema… hindi ang dilag na ito.

  12. what ever it is. im still proud of her. ang tatag pa din nya that night. that night nakikita ko pa ring nakasmile sya. smile na hinde papilet. and hinde nya sinisi literally ang mga nag totorotot na khit totoo namang sila ang dahilan. its also BPCI faults a little. hinde nila sinabihan ang audiences about sa do’s and dont. para naman hinde mapakita o marinig ang kawalang respeto ng ilang pinoy don. pero ayun! yeah sumali sya sa pageant and DAPAT ready syang ibash. eh ang tanong! DAPAT ba syang ibash? DAPAT bang maging ganong kabastos ang mga Pilipino? DAPAT bang ugaliin ang pangbabash??? mga mema lang! pag sila naman ang pagsalitain mo sa hapap ng libo libong manonood eh wala din namang isasagot. kung may maisagot man wala naman sa tamang paraan ng pagsagot. sasagutin in way na pagmamayabang

  13. Tito Norms, do you know why Dindi did not make it to the Top 25? What was the basis of selecting the Top 25?

    • Ayaw lang talaga sa kanya Nina Madam. Had she made it to top 25, she would’ve aced the evening gown and swimsuit as she’s one of the , if not the best walker. Same goes with Angelique.

      • very true, kung totoo yung mga inside chika sa misso na mahilig sa cooking show si madam stellang bruha then the presence of dindi or angelique sa top 25 may affect the outome for her chosen ones. I can name so many girls sa top 25 na kayang ilampaso nina dindi and angelique , being shut out from the top 25 effectively puts them out of the game, sort of ensures the desitny of madam’s favorites.

  14. We all know that sirene really did her best.. I am very proud of sirene for a first timer that she made it to the top 15 and one of the faves.

    She admitted naman na she was so nervous and so pressured and na blanck out sya.. Sympre us behind the stage, we dont know really Know yung feeling talaga pag tutok ng stage and thousand millions of people rather watching..

    I know that she can answer the question given to her but nablank out sya and the time was finished..

    Well sya na nga may sabi, who knows diba? I know she wont give up sa ngyari sakanya.
    #BbPilipinas2018 #SireneSuttonMUP2018

  15. I guess it’s part of the territory. You enter Binibini, you expect to be bashed whether you did good, moreso a bad job. Mapanglait Ng sobra Ang mga Pinoy fans. Walang kasing perfect. Lol

  16. It would not make her a less person thus many of us are now rooting for her in the next league of her… Team sirene to the universe!

  17. Just cry for now. Be sad. But after Wed, be alive and be amazed that despite the wrongness of what happened, a substantial group of people still believe and have faith on you. There is always a 2018 and focus to be the most beautiful girl in the Philippines. Keep up and cheers, Sirene!

  18. you are beautiful, sirene, and i was actually hoping you’ll win the top crown.. move on, train again, join again.. you are too beautiful to be missed… here’s hoping this episode will give you the goods to fight again..

  19. Ugh. There were many past winners who ended up winning Bb Pilipinas anyway despite a horrible Q&A because they were stunning enough. They should’ve done the same with Sirene.

    • Yon pa po ang panahon ng basta may face value ka pwede na kaso… tumaas na ang standard ngayon… Sorry wag ma offend hindi naman siya gaano appealing kasi kung talagang dyosa yan face palang tulala kana malamang nanalo yan kaso hindi rin siguro…

    • Because physical beauty was given much weight then (I think 80%). So even if they screw up their Q&A they still end up with the crown (Ex. Maxine, Janina, Venus, Melanie, Dindi)

  20. Hmmm….mgandang Laban 2018! Sirene Sutton and Catriona Gray

  21. She was perfect until the Q and A. What happened during her Q and A was not really a terrible one. As you can see, she might not have answered the question or maybe the nerves got into her, but her grace and composure still shows at that moment. Still a class act, Sirene!

  22. Cry . Cry like a baby Sirene . It will pass .

    Pick up the pieces . Learn from it . Ignore the ugly bashers . Start where you fall. Practice practice practice .

    Heads up . Keep going , going and going . Soon you will just laugh on what has happened . 🙂

    Good luck !

  23. Ito lang masasabi ko.
    Ang Ganda mo teh, ang papangit nila hahaha kaya, move on na tayo hihihi😊

    • Grabe mga aso, santolan at mga latino pages pinagfifiestahan si Sirene… Halatang alam nilang si Sirene ang malaking threat before the pageant! Grabe mga commenters.

  24. Skn lng wlang discipline ang audience. Hiyaw ng hiyaw habang nagtatanong ang judge ky sirene ang habang nagsasagot ibang Bb hiyaw ng hiyaw. Kelangan p bang sabihan cla or e memorize yan? Dapat my etiquette din mga audience, learn to listen and respect. Hiyaw kayo hanggat gusto nyo if tapos Na sumagot ang Bb or tapos n ang time. Tapos bilis nila mag judge! Mag bash! Kalorke!


  25. Mag Aces na kasi sya! E anu naman kung maghabol ang KF?! Sana prinioritize nya sya to begin with nung Miss Globalph at least manlang for the trainning. I hope Aces would welcome her and give her the same opportunity as their other girls.

    Sirene, don’t worry most of us who were there at the pageant understands your situation. A lot of the supporters of the other top contenders were cheering for you so loudly during your turn. I just find it weird that the question given to you was delivered by a journalist and yet she did not even enunciate the words correctly or pause at the right moment for emphasis. Everyone was asking what her question was because majority also did not hear it correctly the 1st time.

    PS. I know BPCI should quit rigging the questions but I blame the judge’s obvious intentional vague delivery. Sya ang gusto ko ibash! Joke! LOL 😀

  26. Same here Tito Norms. sabi ko, if she gives a decent answer or at pasabog na sagot, she can confirm her favouritism. I mean she’s not my MUP bet but i am open on Sirene winning the top title. I would’t mind. But.. sht happens.

    Kinabahan si girl. and besides.. the question is quite confusing. medyo di ko rin na gets sa umpisa. at least sinabi niya talaga sa interview with ABS na na mental block siya, di niya naintindihan… wala nang pakyeme kyeme pa. to Sirene, i-iyak mo yan overnight then kinabukasan bangon uli. marami ka namang supporters..

    sa akin lang ha. iba pa rin talaga pag may nagtrain sayo about q&a. how to handle pressure.. anong dapat gawin mo pag na mental block ka, di mo naintindihan masyado ang sagot. generic answers.. diyan papasok ang training camps. Just my two cents.

      • no i don’t read GB. but it’s quite obvious na pinapaburan siya ng BPCI/ABS-CBN. alam ng karamihan yon. but sadly, hindi siya nakapag deliver kaya no choice… no crown for her.

  27. Huhuhu! I feel you Sirene…

    Grabe mga tao kay Sirene!..ang harsh sobra!.. pati kickerdaily pinost tong topic.. Gusto ko patulan lahat ng mga bashers… Sila kaya sumali ng pageant!

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