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  1. Malaking improvement na ang production ng Coronation Night ng BBP 2016 last year, bakit bumalik ulit sa “pang tanghali show” ang production?

  2. Well I’m absolutely disgusted with this pageant and I will never waste time, money or effort on it again.

    Someone on the inside obviously has it out for Angelique for some reason none of us could understand. For her not to make the top 25 is absolutely ludicrous, but I think whoever is responsible realized that if she made the top 25, she would then make it into the top 15 with the fan vote regardless of what the “judging” concluded. And once she was in the finals with a different panel of judges, anything could have happened. For her not to make the top 15 last year was suspect, but to not make the top 25 this year makes it 100% obvious that there was more at play here.

    I recognize Charmaine failing to win a crown along with Sirene’s meltdown are going to overshadow many other stories, but for those of us who have supported Angelique and believed the judging still had some integrity left, it’s extremely disheartening and frustrating.

    Anyhow, me and my crew are done with this pageant because it’s lost all credibility. And I just finished reading that Katarina is going to resign her crown. Maybe next time the people on the inside should focus on who is truly involved for the fans and the country rather than catering to those who come back to the Philippines for some quick fame and opportunities. This pageant has become a total disgrace.

    • Just accept it…..she pulled the Ria……it’s like fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. However on her case, it’s being fooled for the third times so it’s basically shame on the rest of us…..LOL! She just need to retire and move on to the next chapter of her life.

  3. Sir norman, tanong lang po. Sa latest development ng BBP on identifying the semi-finalists, informed po ba ang candidates about this right from the start? Aside sa close door interview, ano pa po ang ibang road to crown activities ang may points system? Base sa sinabi ng host, binigyan sila ng points sa activities nila. Kasama po ba ang talent show? marami – rami din pong participant dun ang nakapasok. Ang national costume po ba may bearing na din? Before special award lang yun. Sana sa umpisa pa lang klaro na ang mechanics at hindi mukhang last minute decision especially sa mga candidates para alam nila ang dapat nilang gawin. Base kasi sa previous post nyo parang last minute na lang ginawa yung mechanics at hindi pa kayo allowed i-post at hindi kayo allowed mag real time update. If yung close door interview ang basis mukhang mali ang top 25.

  4. sa q and a nagkatalo…si elima at sutton obvious na kabado . sa start palang halata na favorite si Peters. Ang dami nyang special awards tapos ginalingan pa sa performance eh di panalo na! sana lang ayusin styling nya kc mukha syang matanda. Bka matulad sya kay lastimosa o worst pa…i think yung pag cut sa top 25 from 40 is para masigurado ng bpci na pumwesto yung mga bet nila at maligwak agad yung ibang di nila maxado type pero bka swertehin manalo like pajares ang angelique

  5. I am happy that Mariel was crowned Bb. Pilipinas International kahit si Eliman happy na rin ako kasi sa Q n A na talaga nagkatalo . Honestly, na sad ako kay Sirene sayang talaga kung nerves na ang kalaban eh ( No , Yes at No ang nasagot nya) dagdag mo pa yung torotot at hiyawan ng mga supporters and especially yung judge na nagtanong diko nga rin naintindihan nung unang beses na tinanong siya kaya paulit ulit ko analang ni replay yung video na na upload ganun pa din di ko na gets pero nung inulit na ang tanong don ko na po na gets. Kala ko pa naman makuda siya kasi maganda ang promotion nya sa media sa ganda ng mukha at katawan panalo din sana yung gown lang na masyado dark parang wrong choice of color. Pero move on na, ginalingan na nila kaya may nanalo na. Susuporta ako sa mga queens natin kahit ang iba sa kanila di ko best but I must say lahat sila deserving kasi ang tatalino nila. Kudos and good luck!

  6. >More personality workshop for Peters please. We need a fierce candidate who will slay the Latinas.
    > I really like Nelda Ibe. Her face is so endearing.
    > Elima was a slight disappointment. I guess iba talaga kapag from the start eloquent kasi kahit anong training, kapag kinabahan na, either magdedeliver or back to square one and performance. In her case nagback to square one.
    >Clenci was a pleasant surprise! Whoever picked that gown for her contributed a lot to her chances of winning. She carried it soooo well grabe!
    >Mariel was consistent pero pabebe pa din when talking.
    >Katarina is still NOT beauty queen material in my eyes. She needs to be refined! Hindi queenly at all. Magaling lang magpose. And obvi it’s a given that she will deliver during the Q&A pero she needs to be more concise when delivering. She has to learn Pia’s strategy of using less words with greater impact like that “Think before you click” tagline.
    >Thomas is..well…let’s just say alam ko na magiging kamukha ni Kendra Kramer when she grows up. Hahaha!

  7. Last night was the triumph of wit, quick thinking, presence of mind, natural communication skills, beauty and performance all rolled into one. It was the best edition of the BP coronation night from these standpoints. All the winners had these qualities. Congrats to all of them.

    Rachel had the best performance of the night. Easily slayed the SS, Swimsuit, and Q n A portions. She came prepared, moved fluidly, spoke flawlessly with depth and wisdom (even if the answer was a bit dated and not one of the burning issues for the ASEAN) and had a great body to boot. She can definitely give the Latinas a run for their money. Now for a fresher styling and more youthful glow at the MUP, KF please level up. It think it was Rachel mostly that won, not really your training. Not yet.

    Mariel came a very close second. Very pretty and fresh face and looked great in the gown. But her movements were not as fluid and beautiful as Rachel. A bit underwhelming. But she, together with Chanel gave the most “cutting edge” answers. The questions to them were both about gender and were tricky, and their answers reflected the direction of world thinking nowadays. Gender sensitivity is a big international issue, and both Mariel and Chanel showed that they were up to it. Mariel was my MUP choice, but after Rachel’s performance, I’m ok with MI for her. She will do great there.

    Chanel came through with her with and personality.

    Elizabeth, you rock. I knew fromt he very start that you were a dark horse. You moved very well in both SS and Evening Gown and spoke very comfortably and sincerely. And that voice commands attention. You were at ease and a delight to behold. The question you were given was shallow though and did not give much room for you to showcase your intelligence.

    Katarina, you are very witty, eloquent and quick. You answered very well, but in a motherhood sort of way. Because the question was a motherhood question. And, your SS and EG movements were not on point. Kulang pa.

    Nelda, your placement was just right. You played well but not at the level of the top 3.

    Chairmaine. Too bad you were ElIMAnated from the crowns. You were the first casualty of the Maxine Medina Effect – long on projection, short on communication skills. You are another argument why Tagalog should be a choice in answering. With your flawed English, 1 year is not enough to train you to be at the level of Rachel, Katarina, Mariel, Chanel, Kylie, or a Pia Wurtzbach, who by the way is not flawless in her English but is way better rehearsed and trained through the years. It dates back to your Kindergarten days Maine, you see. So you got to practice, practice, practice to make up for lost time. Or better yet, SPEAK IN YOUR NATIVE TOUNGE, and your native intelligence will show up! Ditto for Huelar, and all the wannabes who want a crown but could not get it by speaking English! Give yourselves a real chance. Practice really hard for years, with people who speak English. If you can’t do that, speak in your native language, which would be very pleasing to the listeners.

    NORMAN, YOUR EARLY HYPE ON CHARMAINE PROVED A DUD. I don’t think she can be MUP next year. Next time, hype up on speaking Tagalog or Bisaya or Ilocano, etc. please. It will help a lot.

    Congrats again to all and World Peace.

    • @roi.. Fr my personal experience me coming fr a fil chi family who speaks fookien at home. It is better for Ms. Elima to be 24/7 w a close friend who speaks English fluently and w fluid thoughts.
      but as I can see Madam Stella doesnt see her as a favored one, joining mwp or ms earth is a much better idea

  8. Pia looked absolutely gorgeous last night especialy in her final gown. Fairy princess ang peg grabe. Waley mga jokes ni Xian… Pwede bang si Pia and Tony Gonzaga nalang maghost next year para masaya?

    I always knew Dindi would be the sacrificial lamb along with the 2 3rd timer, A.C. DeLeon and M.L. Ramos. I felt bad for Calingo and Nava who did not make the TOP 15… Rumor has it that Calingo will do a costume change even if she did make the cut.

    I already expected that Elima and Huelar would stumble… Rumor has it that Elima was always not favored by BPCI for her lack of height and good comskills but the exclusion of all the other Flight attendants (Dindi, Kimberly, Jamaica, etc) in the TOP 25 says different. Huelar came off as weak to win a crown just based on this year’s line-up.

    Katarina may have an unconventional body proportion but her face was definitely one of the prettiest of this year’s batch. Her personality and comskills really shined through out the night. She really proved that she desserved her title. Sorry for all the tough love this year, I will always be one of your biggest fans and I am confident that you would also charm the people behind your international pageant assignment.

    I felt worst for Sutton who was intentionaly given a confusingly phrased question to prevent her from winning the top crowns. She choked. I recorded her stint and I myself did not understand the judge’s delivery of the question even after I rewinded it several times. I wish she was given a fair advantage by the judge by at least clarifying the delivery of the question. Nelda or maybe even Elizabeth wouldn’t be crowned if not for Sirene’s unfortunate misshap.

    Mariel will face the greatest challenge after getting the crown with the biggest burden. I hope she continues to work her butt off to achieve that sexy booty. She could still join Miss World Ph next year.

    Rachel definitely had the body, the comskills and one of the best performances last night. But face-wise, she’s the weakest among the girls in the winner’s circle… Good thing her family business (events production) and BF’s “generosity” (1K tickets ang bala plus donation sa BPCI) well-compensated for her tiny weakness.

    PS. Tangkad ni Rachel beside Migs Villafuerte in person.. Medyo humagard looks ni Gov compaired to his cosmo bachelor days ha.. pero gwapings parin and medyo pumuti… Designer clothes from head to toe grabe. Very supportive as a BF as in 4:00AM na picture taking parin sa harap ng Nuvotel w/ fans.


    Ikaw din ba yung 6’4 na stocky guy?.. Ikaw din ba si “Benjie” na commenter dito years ago?

    • same tayo kay elima and huelar. no winning awra. bad choice sa gown and styling kay Jehza. napakamot tuloy ako and wala ni isang korona ang naisip kong ibigay sa kanila. its a runner up or nothing especialy kay jehza kahit runner up. ibinaba ko sya. but i put maine as a runner up. swrte pa rin nya at ist runner up sya so alam na! i think its just a rumored about kay elima kung bat hinde binigyan ng korona. if its bcoz of height and com skills and d type ng bpci so dapat they gave her the 2nd runner up instead or nothing since sya ang sasalo ng MUP if ever. so this rumored may not be true. hinde lang talga umeffect even into enough level yung mga ginawa nya.
      I like katarina, so witty ang bilis nya magsalita and may sense naman. un nga lang masyado nagmamadali sa paglalakad medyo awkward but it can be trained and i will expect that. among them sya ang pinaka maganda. the gown is just okay pero same details yata ng pink gown ni pia nung una. pwede din sya sa MGI. pero ok na din intercon. swerte nya kapag hinde asia ang venue. kung asia ulit. nakow!! alam na!
      agree that channel thomas will have a great chance of winning in supranational base sa mga pinakita nya. next is katarina, clenci, ibe, mariel and rachel is the lowest in terms of chances in winning the crown. she really fits in supra. kikay na kikay. tamang landi. mutya na mutya. but the question is they will crown a mutya 2.0? the possibility is high. since halos magkapareho lang naman ng awra ang dalawang india na nanalo sa supra. so possible na pansinin din nila si chanel.

  9. The common denominator of all the crowned bbs is their confidence and clarity in answering theor q&a’s.

    Rachel and Mariel had tricky questions that potentially could have been disastrous, however both answered their respective questions with clarity, cohesiveness and within the topic.

    Rachel and Mariel are well deserving of BPCI’s two top-tier titles. Rachel has the goods to again make the Philippines a strong contender at MU. Mariel has the extremely challenging task of not becoming Bianca Guidotti part 2 at MI and I believe will not be.

  10. The drought prior to 2010 has come to reincarnation. Please prove me wrong.

    • Asus! Galing galingan ka naman bakla! Shut up and support. Dont be bitter kung ang bet mo di nanalo.

    • Time will tell Mr. Iloboy, time will tell. In the meantime let’s fully support the BbP Classs of 2017.

    • Of course you cannot say that at this point, Iloboy. If you ask me, this is a very strong batch. Stronger than last year. Relax, and get over the disappointment. We all have favorites, and not all of them won. If you care to, please read my post above, as to why I think the winners won.


    • Gagalingan nila para sayo at para lang mai-prove sa’yo, kasi nakakahiya naman sayo kung matatalo sila.

  11. Wow, what a turn of an event this is. I still need to watch the entire coronation. I am quite glad that ELIMA improved her placement but i truly believed that she could have gotten a crown. She did answer the question properly however she did not DELIVERED confidently. It was lengthy but it went around the circle. She looks very stunning and very PINAY beauty in my opinion and i’m hoping that she sticks around like PIA and do the three charms try just as PIA did. And i am RIGHT ABOUT that Angelique girl’s fate. She did the RIA Rubajante……..and i think she just need to move on and perhaps try Ms Philippine Earth edition or hmmmmm, MPW????

  12. i had three wishes that night…that angeliqe, dindi pajares and rachel get crowns. well only one got granted. SMA hates angelique and pajares, they shouldnt even try again….huelar deserved her placement she looked dead during d swimsuit round. im happy for clenci, and the 2nd runnerup girl. this is a strong group of queens, happy ending.

    • They were threats to the anointed ones kaya kahit top 25 alis agad. Grabe din tong si Madam. Pag ayaw ka talaga.

  13. Sana di matulad sa Batch 2014 ang fate ng batch na to (though most likely)


    • Hello?? Are you serious? PangPreschool yung tanong kay Elima. Napakadali sagutin pero di man lang nasagot ng maayos. It was pretty obvious that ABSCBN set her up for success with a question like that pero waleyy. Bobita talaga wag na pilitin. And her fans are obviously as smart as her if they think that her question was difficult to answer. Im glad they learned their lesson with Maxine, that a pretty face can only take you so far in Miss Universe.

    • Bakit nga ba kasi natatapat si Maine sa mga weird questions? Ang hirap paghandaan yung mga questions sa kanya.

  15. congratulations to the winners

    oh, dindi

    you are still a winner in my book!!!

  16. Sana di ma-mariam habach o jessica duarte, goodluck to all the girls!
    May napansin lang ako parang palaging wala sa mood si Joanna Eden haha

      • Na-notice ko din. Para siyang Sinigang Queen, ang asim-asim hanggang ngayon, kaya TALUNAN EH!

      • Mukha naman siyang happy person sa personal and yung comments niya sa IG. Pero mga momsh, hindi maipinta mukha niya kagabi.

    • Kahit nga sa Ms Supranational 2016 wala rin cya sa mood kaya ayun Top 25 lang hehehe. Sinayang lang ang katawan at ganda. Walang energy si gurl.

  17. And we just saw the conclusion to the 2017 Binibining Pilipinas pageant.
    The shockers: the exclusion of Dindi ( what the hell happened? ) , the stunned Miss Sutton ( uh oh, the bashers won’t cut her some slack), Rachel Peters bagging the top title ( besting the major front runner, Mariel de Leon ).
    The evening gown : in my opinion, Mariel’s is the most memorable. She looked hot & goddess – like. I’m sorry, I did not like Jehzas’ gown. I don’t know, it reminds me of a poodle.
    Q & A : The stand outs are Mariel, Katarina, Rachel, E. Clenci & Chanel. Maine & Jehza fell short, despite their lengthy answer. The nerves did the talking for them. Sirene was just overwhelmed she did not recover.
    Mariel’s placement makes me nervous. Kylie is a tough act to follow. But still crossing my fingers she don’t end up like Bianca Guidotti or Venezuela’s Jessica Duarte last year.
    Rachel Peters redeemed herself, from a 4th Princess placement in MWP to the major league of Miss Universe. Chanel too, from Miss Earth 1st Runner Up to Miss Supranational. The crossover beauties are killing it, having success stories in BbP.
    Which, could provide a positive prospect for a certain Miss Catriona Gray . should she decide to join next year ( I really, really, really hope she considers ). : )
    Katarina could bring home the bacon this year, but not expecting much, after what happened to Kris Tiffany Janson.
    Congratulations to our new queens!!!! May you do our country proud this year.
    Next stop : Miss Earth Philippines & Miss World Philippines.

  18. For Peter’s handlers:

    – Don’t tan her too much (it may age her) Maxine’s tan during the MU pageant is perfect which gives a glow to the skin. Maxine was glowing all throughout the competition!

    – Personality and confidence development ang kailangan na parang manlalamon. Paulina Vega vibes!! She can drown from the Latinas’ confidence. Pia is a good example of very palaban also maxine. they fought hard and we filipinos saw it.

    – Please provide her a great wardrobe that will compliment her body curves.
    – Please release a number of great photoshoots of her since she has only a few of them online. Just to tease and build international supporters!

    – No to styling her like our previous queens! I can picture her being a goddess! MAKE HER ONE!
    – Strategic exposure of Rachel’s progress will also help build that thrill 😉

    Lastly, her teeth is perfect during coronation night. No more extra length of veneers PLS!

    • one last, please do everything you can to make her skin glow. she looks pretty much dry.

  19. After all the disappointments, i think its time to criticize “positive note” them, yes i think it will help them improve kapag nalalaman nila yung tingin ng tao outside their circle. Pero sana honest criticism tayo, wag yung kung ano ano lang pinagsasabi. Its time we help our candidates to realize what they need to keep up, improved and disregard. After all they will wear the Philippine Sash!

    Congrats winners!
    Gandang Filipina, Gandang World-class!

  20. Last night was a revelation for both Rachel and Mariel. Rachel Peters was unquestionably strong last night! she looked like was already competing for the miss universe crown! I noticed she has the same body type as Paulina Vega so she had it as an advanatage. She was styled perfectly but her answer to the Q and A was NOT very innovative. Im sure everyone agrees that we’ve all heard that answer even at the barangay level beauty pageant hahaha So I was kinda expecting more from her in that aspect. Mariel is just a darling. its hard not to like her but last night the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Her personality is more suited for miss international. With her answer to the Q ans A, we were swayed by her sincerity, humor and wit that never went outside the borders of class and elegance. Im confident that she will get a back to back. The japanese people will love her. Back then I already knew that the title of MU and MI will just be a toss between rachel and mariel. I was hoping mariel to get the MU but I’ll put my trust to KF for Rachel so they can also redeem themselves after MJ which was not entirely their fault cuz back then, Madam stella still called the shots with regards to the wardrobe. Im excited how both camps are assigned different missions. One to conquer another most coveted title, while the other is tasked to defend a very important title. wow. this year is going to be exciting 🙂

  21. Congratulations to the new set of winners. Ang ganda ng labanan. Post pageant critic:

    Peters- please dont style her as MJ 2.0, im feeling the MJ big curls in her, and i dont like it. Tama na ang veneers nya, wag na i palakihin. She has the face of an exquisite filipina beauty so stay fresh. Madam wants a tall MUP this yr and she has Legs for days si mamang tsaka vavavoom din ang katawan. Ano pa kaya ang transformation nya in these coming months. Exciting! Go rachel.

    Mariel- malay natin bet ng MI this year ang big boned na dilag. Super sexy ni mariel in her red cary santiago number. For sure she will be pressured to loose weight to please the japanese who loves lean and toned ladies. She has those delicate features and demure disposition that the japanese would love.

    Chanel- an upgrade from joana in terms of personality. feeling the mutya vibe in her, her energy, positivity and bubbliness shines through. Ganda ng styling nya and may iimprove pa. Gamda ng accent mo teh.

    Clenci- the darkhorse awakens! Nagulat ako sa kanya, bumulaga talaga siya finals night. Makuda din which nawat will love her. She has an exotic filipina beauty ala parul shah.

    Katarina- girl loose those excess weight to make you look like a tall lady. You have the face pero sa past winners ng Icon, matatangkad ang nananalo, modelesque ang dating. With your background sa modelling you will do well.

    Ibe- i dont know kung ano iccritic sayo kase di ko alam ang basehan sa mga nananalo sa mglobe. Ann colis during her time, her tan and beauty imposes a very warm disposition in a very cold country like canada kaya kung san man gaganapin ang pageant, dun ka cguro magsimula ng gameplan.

    To the rest of the girls, keep trying. You can win one of those crowns in the future! Learn from pia. And to all pinoy pageant fanatics, lets support all our queens! One thing lang ang wish ko this year, sana makapasok lahat ng queens natin based on their merits, ayaw ko na ng peoples choice award or fan vote award ang matanggap nila unless very rigid ang pageant ang sasalihan nila. Haha. Cahret.


    • Post prod comments.

      Maganda ang format this yr. Akala ko may pasabog like top2 question or 7th crown or new set of crowns pero wala pa din.

      Prod number was good. Pero super patay ng kulay ng damit nila, ang boring pa ng background. Yung red dress lng nila ang okay.

      Ang patay din ng kulay ng SS. Yes, red and black looks good pero wrong shade ng pula ang ginamit. Matte black na SS ang ginamit which is good. The combination of neon orange and black was actually very nice. Ang ganda ng contrast. Pero mygahhhd ang tapis na ginamit. Zebra prints plus green na tela? It was a disaster.

      Yey! No more cumbia gowns sa candidates. Yun lang. Lol.

  22. Another Bicolana halfie. The likes of Venus Raj, the late Melody Gersbach, Valerie Weigmann, Christy Lynn McGarry and Catriona Gray. And Catriona is being prodded by fans to join the 2018 edition.

    • Agree Catriona should make a comeback!!!! I soooo happy that she continue her charities, so proud of her

    • Yes, at MJ 2.0 din ang result sa MU17 or baka clapper pa. No to KF!

  23. Rachel congrats. You’re not really my bet, but goodluck! YOu rock that night. Ate Sirene please join a camp it will help you. To Angelique Lia and Dindi please try MWP or ME I think you deserve a crown still. I am happy with Elizabeth Clenci performance she’s the joanna Eden that night.

    • Ruffa Nava am glad you did move on the top 15, I am really reserving you for next year or a year after. I hope that KF will take good care of you, I am seeing a gem in you. Improve your communication skills, get more exprerience in life, join PAL or QATAR, study, develop your personality….and the Universe is ready for you! Looking forward to your return teh.

  24. I’m curious to see Rachel’s transformation from a crowned MUP winner to a MU contender..

  25. Tumama naman ako sa prediction:
    MUP – Rachel Peters
    BbP International – Mariel de Leon

    Although I am a big fan of Charmaine Elima, I can see that Rachel Peters and Mariel de Leon are more deserving. At least a 1st Runner up is not bad at all, she can join again next year.

    • She will never get a break. Obviously her type of gorgeous beauty is not appreciated in the Philippines. Where mixed race rules! Charmaine should just move on. She better than BBCI. It’s huge sacrifice to keep girls hoping and waiting. Like how can you earn a living as a runner up? BBCI takes all your endorsement money and will not allow you to do side contracts. If I were Charmaine I would resign and just model on her own. She will make more money that way.

      • I was hoping for crowns to Charmaine and to Jamaica Ambal. Not meant to be Venus. It’s sad really. 🙁😕😒

      • She flunked her Q&A. The question she got was by far the easiest one. It was pretty damn obvious that ABS was trying to help her win. She is beautiful, that’s undeniable, but so was Maxine. Had Elima been this beautiful last year, (not sure if she joined) she probably wouldve won. Bbp learned their lesson from choosing Maxine as MU that you can only go so far with a pretty face. Atleast she got 1st RU.

  26. Peters looks like tippy dos santos..

    Sana more more anti oxidants and anti aging, looks tita-ish to me..

    Naku yung scenario ni Mj naaalala ko kpag Kf ang may hawak sa Universe.

    Binigay talaga kay Jonas ang Intl,..

    Wag naman po sana tayo bumalik sa Mj year.

    Please style her best!

  27. Yeheey tama ako. Rachel Peters is MUP 2017. She will rock the Universe soon, lol


  29. Who will go to the United Continents ? Who should come back with a vengeance ?

    send either Angelique de Leon, Larah Lacap or Mae Ramos to United Continents

    return next year for Charmaine Elima, Dindi Pajares, Jezha Huelar

    Camille Manalo should go for Miss World Philippines or Miss Earth Philippines

  30. Yan na yan na maglalabas na ang mga ampalaya. Hahaha. I’m so happy for my queen Rachel talaga, promise, hahaha, congrats girl. I knew it from the start na siya talaga ang natatangi for miss universe. I can smell our 4 miss universe crown already. Wala Lang I’m so happy talaga, promise, hahaha, walang basagan ng trip. Hahaha. Sarap matulog knowing panalo ang bet mo. Goodnight people 🙂

  31. Just like what I have been saying Rachel Peters is MUP. I felt it since the beginning of the pageant and she deserves it. My other favorite Elima is reserved for next year

    • Jeremi- same here friend, congrats to us and off course our girl Rachel, 4th miss universe? Very possible, high five

  32. Congratulations to all crown queen, let just hope for the best and support their journey…

  33. Angelica de Leon could have been the first full-figured Ms Universe.
    I wanted her to be the Philippines’ bet sa Miss U.
    Best wishes and luck to all of our queens!

  34. Too bad Mariel didn’t end up MUP but good luck to Peters. Not a fan of her beauty but she has no problem speaking her mind. Very straightforward and has good command of English. She can think on her feet and she doesn’t stumble in her train of thoughts. Work on her styling to make her look fresh and young. Iwasan muna ang araw it can age her faster. As for Mariel, sculpt that body to bring out your curves. She has the biggest challenge among the queens and I hope the pressures won’t get to her. Sad for Sirene and Dindi. Maine needs another year to hone her communication skillls, medyo kabado pa. Smart and witty talaga si Katarina. She should host a TV show after her reign. Chanel should let her hair down she looks fresher and younger with loose curls or straight hair. I’m ok with the top 8 I just don’t agree with the placements. I have a feeling Peters got the MUP crown only because she is overaged for MI. Best of luck to your international mission ladies! And thanks Tito Norms for the updates

    • I am sorry Dawn but I don’t see any traces of MI in Rachel as I don’t see MU traces in Mariel. The placement of the top 2 is just right. I never heard of Rachel Peters until this year’s BInibini but when I youtubed her performance in MWP, I knew that she joined the wrong pageant. She is the only one who can sit and walk side by side with the latinas IMO

      • I agree. Mariel’s quiet elegance is suited for Ms International. Rachel’s fierceness is more suited for Ms Universe.

  35. I just noticed Dindi in the background. Sayang siya. Ang ganda sana ng gown niya this time. 😦 Last year, I think it was bad styling that cost her a crown. Ngayon namang okay na gown niya at hair, hindi man lang niya nairampa at di natin siya nasilayan. Ano ba basis sa pagpili ng Top 25? Where could dindi have gone wrong?

    • Her FACE! Please wake up ! She is not beauty queen potential. Just because she is light skinned dies not make someone beautiful!

    • Di sya sayang I stand to what I have been saying that she is not pretty. Parang may pagka TIngting Cojuangco ang beauty. Ikaw at si Fabian lang ang ngagandahan sa kanya hahaha sorry po

      • She’s pretty naman, but not queenly. She’s more of a character actress, or a sexy comedienne type of beauty. Hindi talaga pang Binibini, that’s whu I don’t really get the hype on her. ADL naman is smart but her over-all aura to me is like an 80’s bold star like Sarsi Emmanuel, not really meant for Binibini. As for Sutton, wala siya talaga sa TOP 8 ko, her looks can be deceiving. She’s fit for a Supermodel contest than a beauty contest, she reminds me of Gerone Olorocisimo.

  36. My favorite was Chanel Thomas. Ang charming ng aura. I think she really shone.

    Not a fan of Peters, because I still think facial beauty is not that strong. Also, while her answer had substance, she doesn’t answer with conviction.

    Wish they had not given Katarina a crown na lang so she could join next year. Sayang.

  37. Worst outcome possible. Peters couldn’t even crack top 3 sa MW then wins here. She doesn’t look fresh and has nothing to make her stand out at MU. Well we can only hope she may not fulfill her duties and Maine maybe MU still. Mariel is wasted sa MI. Only positive is that Dindi did not place at all. Stop encouraging girls with no potential internationally.
    Hope I’m wrong but it will be a bad year for this batch internationally. The backlash against Philippines has begun. Remember India in the 90s? These girls will be lucky to crack the top 10. For now my bet is Miss Indonesia. She is representative of what her county looks like. Most of our winners look nothing like regular Filipinos . I want to hear Tito Norms unbiased opinion of the results.

    • Agree!!!! Napolitika ang results. Mariel has more potentials in MUP. Not a fan of KF. But Rachel is so made last night and I wish her well.

      Sutton should join again and so as Maine. @ Bong, Jehza deserves a crown next time but not MUP.

      I have a feeling na goodbye na sa winning streak ang Piñas sa MU. Anubesh, HINDI na tayo natutto. Aces and Queens lang ang kayang magpapanalo sa MU. Sana mali ako and Peters will prove me wrong.

      Gising gising naman. Ok ang KF, magaling sila pero hindi for Miss Universe.

      I can’t wait for 2018.

    • Ambal and Nava should join again next time!

    • Ikaw nang GAGA KA! Bitter kang hinayupak ka! Mukhang katulong sasabihin mong mananlo! Alangan namang ita ang ipapadala mo sa int’l contest eh ang Pinay nag evolve na! Bobaaaa

      • I’m sure she’s prettier than your mother and sisters who are sluts . Sluts na walang customer oasi chaka.

  38. Ngayon mo sabihing di ka bias at divka bayaran ng Aces Norman!!! Nilagay mo pa talaga yang si Baboy de Leon? At inuna mo pa?!!! Si Rachel kasi ang winner lotlot yang si baboy de Leon wag mo ipgpilitan! Hindi pantay ang crowns so pwede wag ipilit!

  39. I need to watch the entire coronation. I was rooting for Elima to get a crown but she ended up being 1st Runner up which is a great improvement from her previous attempt. I hope that she tries again next year or in two years. She’s turning 26 correct? I HOPE THAT CATRIONA GRAY joins NEXT YEAR. Labanan na!!!!

  40. We should not make a fuss over the camp affiliations because the chosen ones will now be carrying our flag. Let the winners’s performances speak for themselves. As pointed out, Q and A played a very vital role in the pageant’s final stretch.
    I am quite happy with the results.
    The winners are all deserving. They are stragetically assigned to their respective pageants and in need now of our continuous support.😄

    Dindi, Angelique and Ambal should have atleast made it to the top 25. Just my two cents.

    Sirene’s case shows that beauty alone cannot win a crown. Ironic that in short clip, she relates something about “giving back to her mom.” Too bad that her nerves got the best of her.

    Elima and Huelar could have done better.

    Sometimes, things do not work out the way we want them to be.
    There will be disappointments. That is inevitable. (how will they respond is what matters)

    They should absorb all the lessons learned to assess and address their flaws.
    Should they plan to join again, they must muster up all the courage, prepare as if they never prepared before, and come back stronger… and “WISER” than ever. 😊

  41. first of all Im shocked No Dindi!!! so move on!
    Sirene, sobrang shocked ako, napakamot ng ulo! hard to move on sa ngayon. The Question was so easy. i guess. kinabahan sya or na mental block. i know she can answer that question. sayang lang ang galing ng performance nya. nagawa nya to kahit independent sya. but iba pa rin talaga pag may camp. you can learn everything and more.not only in performance.
    Disappoint ako sa styling at gown ni jehza kahit nakapasok sya sa top 15. inalis ko sya sa sa MI list ko and expect that she will get the 2nd runner up this time. but she ended up nothing.
    Arriene, yeah shes not a beauty queen material pero sana naman inayos ayos pa ung buhok nya ang dami pwede i style bat ganun? hinde tuloy nakahawak ng mic.
    Elima, d ko sya masyado na feel. i droped her in any minor crown but she ended 1st runner up. its okay na rin since if rachel cannot fulfill her duties Maine will be MUP2017.
    na surprise ako kay 40 hinde masyado kagandahan pero ayun nakasungkit ng runner up.
    Nelda ibe, nasa list ko na sya after her performances and Q&A. she got the Globe. not bad! she can fly across the globe using her chosen plane.
    Katarina, happy that she never did anything unnecessary moves lalo na sa SS. nasa tamang landi at confidence sya. she has the best answer. and she got intercontinental. so hinde nasunod 100% ang Q&A. MUP dapat kung Q&A 100% final basis. pero ok na din. since its her first and last join sa pageant so better than nothing.
    Chanel, the gown is not good on her. simple. but she did her best from Performance to Q&A. laging naka smile. ganyan si mutya nung supra 2013. buti naman tumama ako at supra ang naibigay sa kanya. not bad. good choice.
    Clensi, ang ganda nya. ganda ng gown. galing ng performance nya. nasa list ko na din sya after her performance and Q&A. MGI nakuha nya. pwede!!! parang nakikita kong mix of parul and slight nicole C in terms of awra, yung dating and looks nya. not bad din. pwede!!!
    Mariel, after her performance, parang hinde nya makukuha ang MUP. pero pumapasok sa isip ko na since shes a showbiz girl so baka sa kanya ibigay ni sma ang mup. but she did well din naman sa performance kaya lang hind pang MU so MI ang possible title for her. so after calling the supra. 3 front runners ang natira kasama ng iba pang semis. jehza, mariel and rachel. so mas ma lakas ang kutob ko na si mariel ang MIP. so ayun tama nga. not bad. good choice din. since no sirene and jehza doesnt look like a winner that night.
    Rachel! Okay tomorrow nalang! sleep na muna ako 3 nights akong walang tulong. Good Night!

  42. Congrats Rachel and to all the winners.

    Maine, I thibk should do a Pia Wurtzbach – be a very active runner up. Be the “understudy” and join again.

    Mabuhay ang Ganda ng Filipina!

    Sabi nga, let’s move on and let’s stop the divisiveness. Magagalit si Ms. Peters niyan. Hehehe! Peace Out!

    Let’s support our new queens in their respective international competitions.

  43. Congratulations to the BbP Class of 2017!

    The most stunning omission was that Dindi! She did not even make the top 25 given there are only 40 hopefuls.

    Jezha must feel very disappointed after not making the winners circle this year. That is a hard pill to swallow. Take heart, in Pia’s second try the 2015 MU did not either.


  44. Mariel de Leon , we may have a back to back MI crown, first in history I think. For Peters, good job but I won’t be holding my breath for MU yet she will definitely be in the mix I predict.

    • we may have the first Miss Intercontinental crown in the bag , Katarina ! but Miss GI crown, I think we may have to wait another year

    • I believe our streak at MU will end. 😦 I hope I am wrong.

      • Rachel may not win MU but top 13 or 15 , is quite probable. If she does not win, I hope she lands 2nd ru

      • if that happens, which is very unlikely, catriona to the rescue next year 🙂

  45. Baka may nagngingitngit ng galit now dahil KF ang MU at MI naman ang A&Q😊
    Relax lng mare kasi hindi lahat ay para sa yo hi hi hi aminin huwag magpakaplastik bwijihihi charerette ☺

  46. Congratulations to the new queens ! For me, Mariel, Chanel, Rachel & Katarina gave the best answers during the Q&A. They didn’t fumble at all and they were all on point. Great job, ladies 😇🤗😇

  47. Hahaha 😊😁😀😃😄😆
    Congratulations to all the Winners 👍
    I congratulate my Queen Jehza for using her voice to join again next year ☺
    It’s more fun to join pageants not only for the 2nd time but for the 3Rd time too 😂
    Bongga c Rachel at lalabas ang hidden wealth during MU2017 competition hi hi hi.
    Kung saang political party man nabelong ang jowa ni Rachel ay wiz ko paki dahil deserving naman c Rachel sa MU crown😄
    Para sa aking Queen Jehza, may 4 yrs ka pa to join again and good luck☺
    I love the winners and my 100% support for the Philippines 😉

  48. I conform with the results except for Grand which I believe should have been awarded to Katarina. She’s well spoken like Nicole Cordoves na nanglalamon ng mic once she speaks. Darkhorse si Clenci. And oops Jehza! I wasn’t a fan of her answer in the Q&A which I guess led her non-inclusion in the Queens. Follow mo na lang si MJ. 2RU din siya then Top 15 then nagpahinga ng 1 yr then MUP.

    Anyways, I am so happy with Mariel and Dindi. After the Q&A talaga, I thought to myself na either sa kanila MU or MI, happy ako. Pero, di pa rin ako makaget-over kay Angelique at Dindi hanggang ngayon. The former hasn’t even gotten the chance to be in Top 15 for once, sayang yung speech prowess nya.

  49. Wow congrats Rachel and KF! The best talaga mg train ang KF!! Nelda pa wow na wow

  50. Btw, what happened to the styling of A&Q girls? Parang mas maraming miss kesa hits.


  52. Congrats Rachel Peters (hello daw kay Valerie Weigmann)

    Taray ni Peters, may korona na, may mayaman pang jowa. At ang katawan, sexy talaga. Ikaw na teh. Congrats kahit bukas ang MU, pwede na

  53. In fairness, , all of the winners are wel-spoken. Of the six queens, three are halfies, and Katarina grew up abroad. Lamang talaga sila in the communications department. I loved the accent of Chanel btw.

    • Sayang nga lang at wala q&a sa supra. But she deserves a crown din talaga

      • Yeah but her modelling expeeience plus her great personality will make her shine in Poland. Di ba yun yung hanash ng iba, na kelangan great personality sa Supra like Mutya.

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