14 comments on “The Re-Surfacing of Kris Tiffany Janson

  1. MUP ko to kaso pukpukan talaga sila nila MJ at Bianca that time. Best in Swimsuit si MJ. Best in Long Gown si Bianca. Face of the Binibini naman si Kris.

  2. Mutya Datul was my ultimate bet in 2013. Russians would love her in MU, in fairness may substance ang tagalog nya!!!!

  3. Andami talagang queens na puedeng isabak ulit as MUP. Dapat isa na lang ang title sa Bb Pilipinas at lahat runners up. I-assign na lang ang International, Supra, Grand, Intercontinental, Globe. Pra naman pde uli sumali sila McGarry, Lubina, Santiago, Janson, Guidotti, Colis, etc… na prang all stars ang dating.

  4. She could’ve won MUP 2014 but let’s admit, it was MJ’s time talaga. Had she been sent to MI, she would not have clapped like Guidotti pero past is past. Maganda talaga siya and she was even awarded as Face of Binibining Pilipinas that time. Pero ok na din yun at least if runner-up binigay sa kanya, baka sasali siya sa 2015 at naging MUP, wala tayong MU ngayon. Anyways, saw her pala sa Philippine Airlines office last time (particularly sa Medical department ng PAL) and I think nag-aapply si ate maging FA.

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