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  1. If you use the word greatests , its understood thatits mispelled – a typo error and that .

    But if you still claim that the word furniture is with “s” then u are really dumbo!!!

    Haist … carrying your own chairs again!!!!

      • Pero carrying ur own chairs pa rin and ur Furnitures ! Hahahaha depensa pa more

    • Kung ako may S ikaw naman kulang sa S hahahahha
      FYI “misspelled” po hindi mispelled. Kasi naman nagmamagaling eh. Pahiya ka?

    • “it’s” and its are different from each other honey
      I hope you know the difference. So there you go don’t come to me saying stupid things hahahahaaha

  2. Well well.. here is my final prediction, well again, another well not really a prediction but more of a final wish list becaue no one as in nobody can ever predict who the real winners would be, not madam auring, not the greatests astronaut, the most gifted child in the universe and not even Norman hehehe.
    MUP – Charmaine Elima
    International – Rachel Peters
    Supranational – Sirene Sutton
    Intercontinental – Chanel Olive Thomas
    MGI – Angelique De Leon
    Globe – Jehza Huelar
    1st RU – Katarina Rodriquez
    2nd RU – Jamaica Ambal

  3. Grabe naman reaction ng iba dito abt Clenci and Lacap. Nothing wrong with that statement, Tito Norms only meant that the two Bb are not among projected winners based on most pageant followers’ picks. Wag masyado thinned skin at personalin ang mga bagay-bagay. Yung iba dyan na grabe manglait sa ibang candidates sya pa ang nangunguna magalit. Ano ba yan.

  4. “Except 16 & 39” hayyyy Norman sabagay I just reminded myself na you are a blogger not a journalist. Go ahead with your favorites and smear the others..

    • Obviously bayaran di ba? Titi lang katapat niyan si Norman, sinusupplyan siya hahaha.

      • That is foul, richmond. You’re assuming too much of what you would have done in my place if you were me. :-/

        I did not delete your comment so that I can give my two cents in public. After all, I use my real name in replying.

      • Ay nahurt si TITI Norman sa TITI comment mo Richmond! hahaha. Gusto na mag-delete ng comments. Wag kang pikon Titi Norms kalat sa pageant circles na tumatanggap ka ng suhol para I-hype ang Aces, wag magmalinis kung saksakan ng dumi.

      • ingrata, if you have clear proof of what you’re accusing me, then show it. My conscience is clear. You can never bluff me on this. You can remain hidden in your poster name but nobody will ever prove something like that. I can only laugh out loud in the end. Never pick up stories in pageant circles because they fabricate lies upon lies.

  5. “Except for your #Binibini16 and #Binibini39, the rest are all expected to do well on Coronation Night.”
    Was it really necessary to write this? Way to dampen these girls’ spirits.

    A key personnel – an ace lensman – puts his belief in them, and you just had to negate it with this statement. Hindi naman ikatataas ng mga manok mo ang pagbaba sa dalawang to. I mean, seriously.

    • Norman is just threatened kasi lensman nagsabi hehe Ayaw ni Tita na may hadlang sa Mariel nya. Pero hayaan na natin basta #16 will not do well tomorrow. Peace Norman! 🙂

  6. Of course Sirene is going to be the first pick. Bet she’s his pick for MUP too. #SireneFTW!!!!!

    • Djusko Ang mga vaks talaga eh ayaw Kay Sirene. Hihihi. Mga Mariel fans talaga kabahan na sa Linggo!!!!

  7. Clenci and Lacap? Good! It is always sweet when candidates “under the radar” comes out from the pack and surprises everyone.

    • Love surprises! Love it when Ara Arida embarassed all the so called frontrunners.

  8. Up to now i cant make up my mind kung sino MUP ko. Ang lakas ng mga front runners. Jusko.

    MUP – either Sutton, M de leon, peters, elima (isa lang mag uuwi ng MUP crown for sure, pero ayaw kong ma waste ang beauty nila sa Minor crowns so sana Runner-up lang sila para pwede pa next years.)
    MIP- Huelar
    MS, MIC, MG – darkhorses this time!
    MGI- rodriguez

    Pls dont bash me, i am entitled with my own opinion and so are you. Sorry kung di ko bet ang bet nyo. And i respect your bets din nmn.

  9. #16 actually looked so good during the parade that I had to google her name right after…she might just surprise us 🙂

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