107 comments on “The Battle of the Binibinis | My Final Predictions for Bb. Pilipinas 2017

  1. I would give Jehza a higher placement. Ms. Grand International or even Ms. International. I really liked her walk during the long gown competition even if the gown was meh, she killed it. She’s oozing with confidence and sex appeal. And she’s really stunning. And I think being a runner up last year, she really stepped up her game this year.

    • After the Q & A, I was sure that either Rachel or Mariel would bring home the MU crown but Rachel stood out because she was more articulate and she was very regal throughout the coronation night. Sutton was a real bummer, she was so nervous she answered without understanding the question. I’m pretty sure she didn’t hear the question very well the first time she was asked and I think she wasn’t able to comprehend the question the second time because she still blanked out on the last words. I think the question was: “Is it right for parents to demand support from their children?” I’m sure she could’ve answered better. Jehza was a bummer as well, she kept saying “I will use my voice” phrase which Pia used in Q&A in MU. It’s heartbreaking she wasn’t able to get a good placement this year. For the MU crown, I really wanted Mariel to win, she’s really gorgeous, with brains and with training she can have a super bod. Rachel is not a bad choice nonetheless. Congrats to the new queens.


    UNIVERSE …………………………….. MARIEL DE LEON





    GRAND……………………………………JEHZA HUELAR

    1ST RU…………………………………..CHANEL THOMAS
    2ND RU…………………………………ARIENNE CALINGO

  3. Bb 2017 1st Choice
    – [ ] Miss Universe – Sirene Sutton
    – [ ] Miss International – Maria Angelica De Leon
    – [ ] Miss Supranational – Rachel Peters
    – [ ] Miss Intercontinental – Charmaine Elima
    – [ ] Miss Grand International – Jehza Huelar
    – [ ] Miss Globe – Dindi Pajares
    – [ ] 1st Runner up – Katarina Rodriguez
    – [ ] 2nd Runner up – Ruffa Nava

    Bb 2017 2nd Choice
    – [ ] Miss Universe – Maria Angelica De Leon
    – [ ] Miss International – Charmaine Elima
    – [ ] Miss Supranational – Sirene Sutton
    – [ ] Miss Intercontinental – Rachel Peters
    – [ ] Miss Grand International – Jehza Huelar
    – [ ] Miss Globe – Dindi Pajares
    – [ ] 1st Runner up – Katarina Rodriguez
    – [ ] 2nd Runner up – Ruffa Nava


  5. Mariel de Leon > Beautiful face/ Flawless skin/ Silent killer. Definitely able to express her thoughts under pressure. Her persona comes out as regal, exclusive, private and queenly. She’s like a light bulb in a way when she is on she shines. She grows on you but not in an “in your face” way.

    Charmaine Elima> A face that can launch a titanic. Her aura speaks sweetness as a caramel and charming like a spell. Her face alone is like a magnet, so strong that you instantly be drawn to. She is elegant yet simple in her own way but definitely not ordinary.

    Sirene Sutton> Her face is like a canvass to a painter. Her moves are calculated yet natural. Soft spoken but no non-sense. Her aura speaks independence, strength and resilience.

    Rachel Peters> The girl next door type. Her flamingo like legs alone speaks volume.

    Chanel Thomas> She is a spokesperson. Expressive eyes and just beautiful.

  6. Except for Angelique and Ruffa, my list is somehow the same,

    My sidenote for the 8,

    Missing note for Dindi was the way she answer the question last year. There is a shade of politics in it when she said “sovereign dignity” at a time when we are on arbitration for the West Philippine Sea. So the only modification she need to execute is to prevent an answer that will lead to taboo topics.

    I’ll exchange Sirene for Nelda Ibe for MS. Because of Norman’s prediction, I was prompted to review Nelda’s performance at MWP. I can’t picture her strutting like a VS Angel at MS which I perfectly see on Sirene.

    I like Chanel pero “playful charm” din naman si Arienne and so as Patrick and Lalo naman si Katarina which then boils down to secondary requirement which is their background qualification.

    I like Rachel but there is only one road for commitment for me.

    Gandang ganda ako Kay Mariel! Walang duda! Granting she won at MU at mistulang anino na Niya si Esther na nagbibigay ng instruction SA kanya na kumuway, ngumiti, eto ang isagot mo atbp, will her personality accept it?

    Nevertheless, in both cases, I trust BPCI for their judgement and I will support whoever will win.

  7. We have the same top 2 but though I want Mariel to be MUP I have this nagging feeling madame will put her as BbPI because she can give a B2B and also Maine has a better life story than her. This is just my feeling.

  8. Anyare kay Dindi? Nawalan ng spark? Parang di nka catch up sa competition. Huling napag usapan sya dahil sa magulong buhok nya nung press presentation after nun wala na

  9. May I share po mga friends, ang prediction ng somewhat reliable forecaster, who accurately predicted Pia, Iris Digong and Trump’s victory. He even accurately predicted Catriona’s heartbreak last MW pageant….

    (Prediction posted February 27, 2017)

    Here is what I see for the top beauties of the 2017 Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant:

    At the top, close competition between two contestants — one will have the letter G in her name, number 11 or number 2 connected, and the other is associated to number 21 and has alphabets (S) (U) connected to her.
    There is a also a very strong contestant who will be having alphabet (A) and connected to number 1 and alphabet (N).
    A beauty with number 3 with alphabet (E) will be in silver, white or is her favourite colour.
    One practical and dominating answer will leave no choice but for her to stand as if hiding and number 4 from the left. She will say she likes nature, talk about fragrance or should be somewhere attached to a TV commercial selling things connected to beauty.
    Contestant connected to number 7 will have difficulty in walking or something that makes her uncomfortable at that moment when the time requires her to perform and she fails.
    This will be an interesting contest to watch with many funny moments also. Now, something interesting about the contestant connected to number 19 who has the capability to be the next Miss Universe!
    One contestant connected to number 15 and to alphabet (P).
    But winners look more connected to (A), (I), (G), (S) & (U).

    It is going to be a thrilling event, and my best wishes to all the contestants, may the best win and make the Philippines proud!

    Any thoughts po?

      • I was thinking, the psychic means Gail Tobes… #3, with an E, loves the color white (Gail Tobes is a Doctor, a vet)…

        But who knows, let’s see if the said psychic is right on with his predictions, again.

      • We were wrong…. he accurately predicted Elizabeth Clenci’s win…

    • SUTTON and ANGELIQUE for Top 2.

      Knowing his track record, i would say that this psychic will be correct again.

      • I know right. He’s very much on fleek. His MU 2017 predictions were downright creepy.

        Although the top 2 he’s suggesting may also imply Rachel Louise Peters and Maria Angelica De Leon, also because at the bottom, he indicated the nos. 15 and 19.

        Especially 19. Since he posted his prediction, I monitored who will be given the no.19. Weird, that in both the screening and official candidate nos. the no. 19 was assigned only to Rachel Peters.

        But who knows? Let’s see for ourselves later if this psychic does it again.

        Off topic, he has a new prediction for Catriona.. Exciting!

  10. Agree with tito Norman except for me MUP is Charmaine Elima BbP International is Mariel de Leon. But there is no problem with me if Mariel is MUP and Maine as BbP International.
    I love them both. Isama ko na si Rachel Peters.

  11. Just my one cents (because EVERYBODY went BERSERK when Mr.Tinio activated Comments) :

    1. Ms. Calingo’s handle of Thai would probably mean little to Mr. Itsaragrisil. You certainly cannot expect a Filipino to out-Thai a native Siamese. But, you do expect a Filipino to out-English a Thai.
    My point? GI is NOT the only option for Ms. Calingo. And NO, I am NOT paid to say this.

    2. For all the physical flaws pointed out, remember that there is STILL TIME. It is ONLY May 2017. The earliest competition will be in October probably, or FIVE FULL months away.

    3. Reserve for next year? What if 2018 proves even more formidable? What if the girl in question can no longer commit herself to going through this gauntlet all over again? What if she is considering other career options beyond 2017? Have we taken these into account? What if the much-vaunted “transformation” does not work out?

  12. As someone articulated it perfectly already, this is going to be an “uber competitive” year and I just want to acknowledge another lovely batch of amazing Binibinis this year. I see a lot of online bashing as always and am looking forward to the final results tomorrow. These women have been through so much again and deserve all the credit in the world for getting through.

    I’ll be there in person cheering for two of the most dynamic, genuine, articulate women I think would be awesome role models and do an excellent job representing the country – Rachel Peters and Angelique De Leon. They both have sexy political boyfriends too, perfect to match up with the queens – haha!

    As for the others, I wish them luck too. So many gorgeous women but personally I want to see us choose more queens that have the whole package rather than just a gorgeous face and body. We will see who performs best under the pressure tomorrow!

  13. Personally, my prediction:

    MUP: Maine or MDL
    International: MDL or Dindi
    MGI- Arienne
    intercon: Peters
    Supra: Sirene/Nelda
    Globe: jehza

    RU: Katarina / Sirene or Maine or MDL if wala silang makuhang title.

  14. I have a friend who works for one of the sponsors at nakaka interact niya ang mga binibinis. So I asked sino sakanila ang pinaka okay. I am just sharing this from pir conversation

    MDL – she’s pretty but ang heavy daw. Pero ang laki na daw ng na lose na weight since the first time she joined BBP. Concern lang din nila, ang tagal mong nagprepare for the pageant, bat di mi pa tinodo ang pagwo-workout. Tas sabi ko pang MUP ba si MDL, sabi niya pansin daw nila kulang sa confidence and parang reserved masyado. Unless na lang daw matransform siya ng bongga. Pang international daw ang beauty.

    Sirene – super ganda daw ni ateng… pero yun lang. ang plain at di mo daw titigan ng matagal. Pnsin din nila na okay.. ang ganda niya… so..? Next? Parang ganon daw ang dating. Mas may personality pa daw si Borja, Ambal and Arienne nilagay nila si Sirene sa Supra

    Peters – sabi niya, can be one of the MUP. She’s pretty she’s eloquent. Natawa lang ako sa “kaya lang” moment nila… KF daw siya. With 🙊 Emoticon. Haha

    Jehza – they are feeling na Runner Up uli si ateng. Di daw nila magets. Sabi ko bakit parang ready naman siya for MUP or International. Sabi nila, may kulang pa rin daw. Or if title siya, Globe daw. Same as Tito Norms’ prediction

    Borja – Joanna Eden daw talaga ang datingan ni bakla. Tsaka gandaw daw.. ng body

    Chanel – can speak very well with cute accent.

    Katarina – super pretty daw ni girl. Physique lang daw prob like MDL.

    So i asked him, sino ang angat sa lahat na worth it maging MUP. Sabi niya it’s Maine. Iba daw ang ganda niya naghahalo daw na Janine, Ariella at Maxine ang aura ni girl. Nakausap daw niya upclose, nakakabighani nga daw ang fez. Ok lang daw magsalita si Maine pero matetrain daw kasi andun na e, konting practice na lang ng public speaking and all. So she’s their MUP.

    Arienne is according to him, very Grand International ang Aura.

  15. I want Charmaine for MU but I think they will pick Mariel if she gives a half decent answer. I just think interanationally Maine’s face is the undisputedly most beautiful but she is shorter than Mariel. Sirene has a chance but not for MU, same with Peters. I don’t care about the other titles we all know this is just about MU

  16. Universe = Rachel
    International = Mariel
    Supranational = Angelique
    Globe = Sirene
    Grand International = Dindi
    Intercontinental = Maine

    But praying hard for Angelique to win the MUP crown. #angeliqueens #labangelique #binibini12

    happy happy birthday Angelique. may God bless you more.

  17. Universe – Mariel De Leon
    International – Rachel Peters
    Grand International – Arienne Calingo
    Supranational – Charmaine Elima
    Intercontinental – Katarina Rodriguez
    Globe – Dindi Pajares
    1st RU – Elizabeth Clenci
    2nd RU – Joselle Mariano

    (Why no Sirene? See one of my earlier replies in this thread.)

  18. I’ve always been taking notice of Mariel since the very start and i have been a fan. Let’s just say I probably belong to the silent minority. I know she has been receiving constant bashing up to this day. And I truly understand where they are all coming from. But one major transformation would surely silence them all. I truly believe we haven’t seen the best of her yet Just like what Sir Norman said and that she still has a lot up her sleeve. For me she possesses way more than what the rest of the candidates have to offer. Good luck Mariel and to all the Binibinis. 🤗🤗🤗

  19. For some reason Elima reminds me of a young Angela Bassett.
    A young asian version of Angela Bassett. I don’t know, perhaps it’s the jawline.
    I like Angela by the way 🙂

  20. My final revision :

    MU – Sutton
    MI – Huelar
    MGI – Peters
    MS – Nava
    Intercon – Elima
    Globe – Ibe

    Photogenic – Mariano
    Nat co – Ibe
    Jag – Sutton
    PAL -Elima
    Swimsuit – Sutton
    Evening gown

    That s just me 🙂

  21. It’s the 11th hour and Norman predicted his top 8. I personally could see 6 of them wearing the MUP crown.

    Well, don’t be surprised if Jamaica Ambal snags a title too. Just a gut feeling.

  22. Re: Sutton. You took the words right out of my mouth, Tito Norms. I love her!!! Like you, I believe she has the potential to become a great Philippine MU representative…but not this year. Her caliber is definitely an “A” now, but I totally see her going “A+” only with a little more personality, exposure and training.

    The way I see her now, she makes for a convincing Top 6 or even Top 3 finish at the Miss Universe competition. I would not want to settle to “just” that because I know she truly has in her everything that makes for a perfect Miss Universe. I would like, AND I REALLY, BADLY HOPE that she does not win any of the minor crowns on Sunday. I want her to come back next year or two much stronger, to win MUP and eventually win MU2018/2019.

    Oh Madame Stella, please do not waste a Miss U caliber like Sirene.

  23. BB Universe – Mariel Deleon
    Bb International – Sirene Sutton
    Bb Intercontinental – Charmaine Elima
    Bb Grand – Rachel Peters
    Bb Supra – Dindi Pajares
    Bb Globe – Olive Thomas
    1st runner up – Katarina Rodriguez
    2nd runner up – Arienne Calingo

    FYI Sirene will definitely get a crown

  24. I wish my sentimental favorite Charmaine Elima would get the MUP crown
    but something’s telling me that Rachel Peters is the one.

  25. I can tell that Mariel’s fans are lurking here. Every prediction with no Mariel for MUP gets lots of dislikes. hihihi char!!!

  26. I find it odd that people are forgetting that the last 7 Phil rep to MU are all 5’7″ or taller. As well, all the crown winners last year are 5’7″ or taller. What does this mean? It means that Bb Pilipinas wants a girl(at least for MU) who’s at least 5’7″. I think even Pia Wurtzbach hinted on this in an interview. If this trend continues, that effectively eliminates Elima (who is 5’6″), unfortunately, for MUP, or any other girl(Huelar, etc) for that matter who is of the same height. Since there are many girls to choose from who are taller than 5’6″, I’ll be really surprised if Bb Pilipinas chooses a girl for MU who’s only 5’6″.

    • Mary Jean Lastimosa is 5’6″.She was even listed as 5’5.5″ during the 2011 edition.

      • MJ is 5’9″ sa MU. Tapos nakahanay sya sa matatangkad during BBP 2014. Baka nagsinungaling ng height ang ate mo. Char haha

      • She actually grew in height after the 1st time she joined… from 5’6 to 5’7 1/2… They say its because of proper diet and good sleep that her bones closed late… another reason could be her RF and Body contouring treatments actually stimulated the natural production of human growth hormone… But whatever she did.. It worked… It’s hard to grow more than an inch based on her age.

      • Lastimosa’s height is given at 1.75 m = 5’8″(other news sources say 5’7.5″). She definitely is not 5’5.5″. One can see quite clearly from pics and videos that she’s a tall girl.

    • @brian yan ang dinasabi ng mga tsismosa di daw mag crown ng 5’6 below. only A.calingo ang feel ni madam

      • In their group picture right after the 2014 coronation, you can see that Parul Shah is an inch taller than MJ. Parul is 5’7″.

      • If I understood what you said, you’re saying I’m the only one who mentioned height as an important factor in choosing the Phil rep for MU? I’m glad you noticed it. No one seems to notice this, which I find strange. Whether it’s true that Bb Pilipinas wants its MUP to be at least 5’7″ we’ll never know, but the facts are right infront of us: the height of the last 7 MUP winners reveals heights of 5’7″ and taller.

      • @Brian, 2015 and 2016 5’6 and below ended up as runner up. yes all previous mup rep are 5’7 and above.
        The body can be mold and personality can be trained. all these girls are articulate enough. but nothing can be done w the vertically inclined.
        Unless it is for MGI ,I noticed Ariska is around 5’5-5’6

  27. I would like to say that its a very good educated prediction based on a lot of things that most fanatics don’t have the luxury unlike the blogger Norman does. It may not be a 100% accurate but its better than most predictions. The points made are fairly good..Like what Norman said in one of his blogs several weeks ago “picking up all signs from all places imaginable”

    I would just like to add that the top two in the prediction #15 & #32 respectively could be in for a surprise and the two ladies that would give them a run for their money would be #18 & #19. I see that Ibe & Peters fighting it out for the top two spots and worst case scenario they still end up with a minor crown. But if i were to put my money I would bet on Ibe and Peters. Lets just say its like insider trading where my basis came from.

  28. Basta eto ang crown contenders ko: Sutton, Elima, A deLeon, Peters, Huelar, and deLeon.
    Spoilers: Thomas, Ibe, Calingo, Rodriguez, Nava, Clenci

    MU: Sirene Sutton. the other girls can fight for the other crowns. 🙂

  29. I don’t think Sirene is getting a runner-up placement. I for one think she’s already at her peak year, she’s one of the best ladies in this year’s edition so she’s surely getting a crown, as to which crown is it is the real question. There are only 3 possible scenarios for her, she is either going to pull a Maxine Medina which I think is only the 2nd most probable win for her, a Janicel Lubina the least likely but still quite possible, and, the most probable, a Mutya Datul. Whichever way it goes, one thing’s for sure, she’s not going home crownless. Quite sad because she’s the only one I liked this year but still not as much as I did Pia and Kylie, I might just watch bbp2017 for MC Pia and Kylie’s final walk.

  30. M.U-Mariel De Leon
    M.I- Rachel Peters
    Grand-Sirene Sutton
    Supra- Charmaine Elima
    Intercon- Arienne Calingo
    Globe- Jehza Huelar
    1st R-up- Nelda Ibe
    2nd R-up- Camille Manalo

  31. QnA will make or break…unless, may mga babae n tlg pinagpala s lhat…pre-determined already. Well,sna nmn if tlg sumablay s QnA wag n ipilit. Ibigay ang korona s mga nararapat.

  32. My Top 16 : (In Any Order)

    MUP – #19 Peters
    BbP International – #18 Ibe
    BbP Grand – #13 Sutton
    BbP Supra – #32 Elima
    BbP Intercon – #15 Mde Leon
    BbP Globe – #21 Ambal
    1st Runner Up – #2 Calingo
    2nd Runner Up – #24 DPajares

  33. My Top 6 girls are: Mariel, Charmaine, Rachel, Sirene, Ruffa & Jehza

    Universe: MARIEL (THE most stunning face, grace & relaxed communication style). Back-up: none sorry…all or nothing for me…Mariel has the goods to win the M.U. crown.

    International: CHARMAINE (another gorgeous face – just hope the org. doesn’t unfairly omit her because the current winner is from The Philippines & I agree with Norman that they should send a safe opposite to Kylie). Back-up: Jehza or Sirene

    Grand International: RACHEL (fluid communicator & overall physical package). Back-up: Nelda or Jehza

    Supranational: SIRENE (we need to send a model here with model moves and she’s a stunning one). Back-up: Ruffa or Katarina

    Intercontinental: RUFFA (I think this girl is under-rated & Intercontinental needs someone with spunk & sex appeal…hands down had the best JAG video). Back-up: Angelique or Jamaica

    Globe: JEHZA (the girl deserves a crown and I just ran of titles due to the strength of the contestants). Back-up: Elizabeth or Dindi

    1st R.U.: Angelique (though her make-up this year is all wrong…her styling was better in previous years)

    2nd R.U.: Katarina (really unique, beautiful face but her figure and catwalk need work)

    • Majority thinks Angelique’s styling this year is by far the best as compared to her previous stints.

  34. my humble picks:

    MU: Peters
    MI: Mariel (though bet ko sya sa MW)
    SUPRA: Sutton
    MGI: Ibe
    INTERCON: Ambal
    GLOBE: Elima

    1stRU: Katarina
    2ndRU: Dindi

  35. M.U-Mariel De Leon
    M.I- Sirene Sutton
    Intercon- Rachel Peters
    Supra- Charmaine Elima
    Grand- Arienne Calingo
    Globe- Nelda Ibe
    1st R-up- Jehza Huelar
    2nd R-up- Channel Olive Thomas

  36. Universe – Maria Angelica de Leon (or Peters)
    International – Peters
    Supranational – Elima
    Grand International – Sutton (or Thomas or Rodriguez)
    Intercontinental, Globe – any of these ladies – Thomas, Calingao, Rodriguez, Dindi

  37. Tito Norms, how come you did not mention the well applauded Camile Manalo?… Could she be the dark horse?

  38. para saken si Ibe talaga yung habang tumatagal gumaganda, ang simple lang ng face pero may charm



    • Kamusta communication skills ni Peters? Gusto ko rin sya maging MUP kaso naalala ko yung qna nya nung MWP 2014. Baka ma- Mariam Habach tayo. Haha

  40. Universe – Mariel
    International – Charmaine
    Intercontinental – Dindi
    Supranational – Rachel
    Grand International – Angelique
    Globe – Jehza


  41. I am thrilled to see Mariel on top of the prediction list. However, if she does not get MUP, she should get the MI and Jamaica should get the MUP, not Charmaine. If Mariel goes to MI, we might see a back-to-back crown in Miss International history.

    I would like to see Angelique de Leon go to Miss United Continents. I also want to see Dindi get one of the crowns but I do not know who to bump off from the top 6. I agree that Sirene does not belong to the top echelons. If I bump off Nelda from the top 6 to make room for DIndi, then I want Nelda to go to Miss United Continents, but what happens to Angelique ? Miss Tourism International probably?

    • The crown is never someone’s to lose. This batch is uber competitive and there is no clear runaway winner at this point. Mariel is getting all the hype because of her pretty face but that’s all there is to her. She has yet to show any versatility in her styling. And her pose, my gawd, the same pose over and over and over again. I’d rather see Katarina win since seems to have a really bubbly personality.

  42. M.U-Rachel Peters
    M.I- Mariel De leon
    Intercon- maine Elima
    Supra- Chanel thomas
    Grand- nelda Ibe
    Globe- Sirene Sutton

    1st R-up- K. Rodriguez
    2nd R-up- vanessa Saliba

    Huelar- will do a Pia inspired comeback next year

    Thinking Out Loud!

  43. Ask ko lang, may galit ka ba kay Calingo Mommy N or kuripot lmg sya sa yo pero bongga sa iba hihihihi.
    Palaisipan lang sa akin at kay ibong charerette bakit wala sya sa Top 8 mo 🙂
    Queen Jehza for MUP2017 hihihi

  44. my prediction is based on who will likely win based on the matriach favored ones.you will take note of 2015 and 2016.. the 5’6 and below ended up as runners up. little birdie said may tinakda na along w the halfsies plus the only lady who is not that tall but impressed the matriach w her speaking skills.
    crown winners: M. De Leon, Peters, Tomas, Pajares, Sirene, MGI or globe:A. Calingo
    Ist runner up-Jehza she might get globe or don a Hannah Sison. Madam is very specific about the height.only she will give a crown favored to Ms. Calingo due to the latters charm and wits.
    2nd runner up:A .DeLeon
    dark horse:Ambal or Ortega
    the halfsies who will win are girls that were convinced and courted by Bb just to join as per se by the little birdie

    • @Kevin how I wish the little birdie is not accurate coz I want Angelique and Ambal to win. If the tsismosa is wrong matutuwa ako

      • Malalaman natin yan sa Sunday. May screenshot ako ng comment mo para mabalikan ko kung tama nga ang source mo

      • @kevin it is fine na balikan mo coz my lil birdie is just giving me her bits atm all the time yun. I just wish that a de leon, dindi ambal will win! and birdie said likely to win not surely to win .

  45. Pak na pak ang picks ni tito Norms, wala ako reklamo. Can’t wait for the finals. Mariel peaked at the right moment. Si Elima lagi naka-peak mode, consistent. Wag lang magba-buckle sa Q&A, in the bag na ang korona. Dapat lang facially stunning ang MUP and MI.

  46. MUP & MIP: toss up between de leon and Elima.
    intercontinental: Sutton
    Supra: jehza
    Grand intl: Peters/ ambal
    Globe: Chanel/Borja
    1st: rodriguez
    2nd; Angelique


  47. Gusto ko si Sutton pero nagbago ang isip ko nung napanood ko ang primer sa abscbn. MUP ko si Ambal.

  48. Universe: Mariel
    Int’l: Peters
    Intercon: Charmaine
    Supra: Dindi
    Grand: Angelique
    Globe: Jehza
    1st RU: Katarina
    2nd RU: Sirene

    Galing ako sa future. Haha. Chos!

  49. Very interesting! I like the Universe-International-Intercontinental choices. All three are all worthy of the MUP…not to mention the 1st and 2nd runners-up.

    Well, here’s to an entertaining, exciting and fruitful BbP 2017 finals night.
    Whoever the six ladies are may Philippine pageantry rock and roll to another successful season.

  50. So my top 5 stays strong (at least for me) up until now…hope that at least 3 of them gets crowned…

    Mariel, Chanel, Juliana, Katarina and Lietz

    MUP – Mariel, Chanel or Juliana
    Bb Intl – Juliana or Katarina
    Bb Grand – Mariel or Chanel
    Supranational – Juliana or Chanel
    Intercon and Globe – kahit sino na…

  51. Bb Universe – Nelda Ibe
    -Mula nung MWP 2014 pa lang nabighani ako sa ganda ng mukha nya. Kung magaling lang sana sya sa English speaking sure win na sya. Pero sya paden numero uno para saken. Di naman eto quiz bee. For me sincerity and natural beauty shall prevail.

    Bb International – Jehza Huelar
    -Type ko lang talaga si Jehza Huelar kasi mukha syang one of a kind, tipong Ariella Arida.

    Bb Intercontinental – Ruffa Nava
    – Feeling ko talaga may laban si gurl, pasimple mode sya. Mukha syang silent killer. At tingin ko bentang benta ung beauty nya sa foreigners. Exotic look at talagang fierz.

    Bb Supranational – Charmaine Elima
    – Sya ung tipong Kylie Verzosa last year na akala ng lahat ang lakas ng laban pero believe me ramdam ko di sya makakasungkit ng Universe pero actually sila lang ni Nelda Ibe o pwede narin Katarina ang gusto ko para sa Universe crown.

    Bb Grand International – Katarina Rodriguez
    – Sya ung mag aala Nicole Cordoves ng taon. Yung tipong kulang sa rampa pero daig na daig sa charisma, confidence, audience impact at kuda.

    Bb Globe – Juliana Kapeundl
    – Surprise tong babaeng to parang Joanna Eden at lang ang peg neto sa gameplan na mukhang pornstar na sobrang ganda at mabenta to sa mga straight guys na judges.

    1st Runner Up – Sirene Sutton
    – Di ko talaga bet ung feslak ni gurl eh. Pero ang galing nya sa awrahan. Lakas maka command ng attention.

    2nd Runner Up – Maria Angelica De Leon
    -Mukha lang talaga bet ko sa kanya eh. Mukha talaga syang matamlay eh saka kulang sa personality. Liza Soberano deadringer nga talaga sya kasi di ko rin kasi bet personality ni Soberano but undeniably facially beautiful talaga.

  52. I have Mariel for MUP ever since. I know dame ang dapat i improve sa kanya but the foundation is there firmly in place – regal bearing, queenly aura, good English communication skills, and height. I can just imagine her transformation and Aces and Queens molding her into yet another type of Filipina beauty for Miss Universe. The exciting part of being MUP is unleashing the final version of yourself before Miss Universe pageant starts. I see Mariel making the pageant fans scrutinize her incessantly or bash if you will and I believe this will motivate her to work doubly hard. I don’t see anyone in this batch getting the same scrutiny as Mariel nor the same transformation. What else can you improve on Maine, Rachel, Ibe or Jehza? These ladies can compete internationally anytime and they are perfect already. But they don’t excite me. Mariel does. Sirene is her biggest hurdle for MUP in my opinion. And I’m fine with either of the two winning the top crown as long as the other one ends as runnerup. so yeah #Mariel4MUP.

  53. Ow-Em-Geeee!II

    Work-related hibernation ends the moment I read your final picks, Tito Norms. And, I can’t help it but support your post since we have the same top final picks (except that I could swap two top candidates for the highly coveted crowns).

    Maria Angelica De Leon for MUP. I also thought that at the inception of the pageant, the tug-of-war was all set between Mariel and Elima. However, Mariel’s leadership in all terms (except of course the much-rallied about body figure which can easily be remedied) edges Maine’s penultimate position. There is no doubt Maine exquisitely possesses fiercest aura in her league, but Mariel’s regal beauty and communication skills are beyond reproach. I believe she is the best hand-me-down bet for the MUP crown. Thenceforth, it is Mariel for MUP and no other.

    Maine Elima for International, err, Supranational. Elima can have the best shot for the Miss Supranational crown. It’s been three years since we had the Supra crown through Mutya, and I think Maine can replicate Mutya’s record in that European-based pageant. She is gonna be a wasted beauty in Miss International for reasons, I guess, every pageant enthusiast knows. Her exotic look is too-die-for, a thing any European would love to see. I believe she can clinch the crown.

    Nelda Ibe is, therefore, a better representative for Miss International. Just like Maine, I would think that Nelda is an antithesis of Kylie. She is dusky, tall, amazingly beautiful, and her charm is undeniably noticeable. Her beauty is a delight to the Japanese people, something that we would love to showcase, especially this time that we don’t expect a possible back-to-back roll.

    Chanel Olive Thomas for MGI. I know that her goods are Nawatt’s preference. I rest my case on that.

    Rachel Peters for Miss Intercontinental. She fits the bill for this unpredictable pageant. Why? Oh, Rachel has a multi-mixture of American, European and Pacific races, but certainly is genuinely Asian (Filipina halfie) who seems to be a baroness lost in an African jungle. She can best represent us in that, again, unpredictable pageant.

    Jehza Huelar for Miss Globe. Jehza is facially arresting and outstanding. We can anticipate another victory if we send Jehza to Miss Globe. We feel her hunger in representing our country in an international pageant, and I am sure she is more than prepared to get the Miss Globe tiara, este, crown back.

    Sirene Sutton as first-runner up is fair. I believe that some of us have this in mind that she can be Miss Universe Philippines… at the right time. So, first runner up position is a good consolation for Sirene. Give her a year or two (and a beauty pageant boot camp Sirene, please) and, boy, we can have a doll-like beauty delegate in Miss Universe!

    Dindi Pajares as second-runner up? No for me. I would love Ruffa Nava getting the prize. My gut-feel says that Ruffa Nava can get a runner-up position or rock the boat.

    I missed you all. ☺

      • O nga, Lai. Ito lang talaga ang inabangan ko na post ni Tito Norms. Ano’ng mga inside story na nasagap mo na sa BbP?

    • Ana sa IG namamayagpag si Mariel sa hot picks. Nakaka surprise na hindi kase halos kuyugin sya kelan lang for being “bigger” pero ngayon sya talaga for MUP. Apparently ang Rachel ang galing daw nung closed door interview. May nabasa ako na post na may “insider” daw and yung magagaling was sila Clenci (omg nakita ko sister nya mas matangkad ang ganda nyeta sabi ko aba may reserba tapos dalawang sisters pa ha), Arienne (na akala ko pista ng Nazareno organization ng fans and supporters) ,Kata (alam mo ba na voracious reader sya? Puro books post nya) Thoreen (actually kalmado sya nu g road to bbp) , Nelda (umaariba sa tamang oras), Liezel, Angelique (expected ko kase feel ko uhaw at gutom sa korona) Sirene (kase may sense naman talaga kulang lang sa Milo) , Jehza (may hugot pero nakulangan ako sa personality nya sa totoo lang) , Benjileen (kase kung kumportable sya na host ng sabong sa TV hindi malayo na kumportable sya sa public speaking)

      Sa IG may sneak peak na ng mga gowns pero ayoko muna patulan kase gusto ko ma surprise talaga.
      Hindi ako ganun la active kase OC ako. Naiinis ako na hindi ako maka attach ng photos. Dami ko sana gusto I share. Pero inantay ko rin tong post na to para isang kudahan nalang.


      Sa dami ng maganda at maayos ngayon MUP ko Mariel, Dindi, Sirene, Rachel, Maine masaya nako kahit sino sa mga to. The rest of the titles kahit sino na rin. Hii masama loob ko sa batch na to. I’m not watching live pero we’re near Araneta so some friends and I are planning to lurk there after the coronation kung hindi magkatamaran.

      • Thanks for the tidbits, mare. Nakaka-excite ang BbP ngayon, pero just like you, I shall not watch it live. Mariel peaks lately, at talagang stunning s’ya. Hindi nakakatakot na s’ya ang manalong MUP kase she has the “IT” factor. At pag s’ya ang itinalaga, nakakatuwang abangan ang kanyang transformation from being a chubby to a slender beauty. I anticipate tremendous bashing of her, pero she can use that as motivation to win the MU crown.

        Sa mga inside info mo, Lai, feeling ko ‘yung mga underdog eh manggugulat sa finals. Baka nga ‘yung ibang frontrunner eh malaglag pa sa list. But, I have high hopes for Nelda Ibe. This girl simply is naturally stunning. Gusto ko talaga s’ya. I want Sirene Sutton for MUP, pero not this year. I have this feeling na hindi s’ya bibigyan ng placement ni madam para bumalik s’yang prepared for MUP crown. Arienne Calingo is heavily hyped, pero hindi s’ya standout. Si Ambal feeling ko will be another Apriel Smith.

  54. Universe: Elima
    International: Ibe
    Supranational: Peters
    Intercontinental: Mariel
    Grand International: Calingo
    Globe: Mae Liezel Ramos
    1st RU: Dindi Pajares
    2ndRU: Angelique de Leon

  55. Miss Universe Philippines: Rachel Peters

    Binibining Pilipinas International: Mariel De leon

    The rest… bahala na kahit sino. Daming pwede.

  56. Sad ilang polls na ang baba ng placement ni Dindi. Feeling ko kase pinilit nila styling na ganyan. MIA sya sa social media. Halos wala syang interaction sa fans nya and admins na nag pupush sa kanya. Medyo tamad din mag update ng social media accounts. Nung parade ang ganda nya ang tikas pero pareho sila ng kapatid nya nag mechanical kala mo de susi. Sayang sana maka sungkit ng korona. Possible din na di sya pala ganun ka versatile. Last year would have been her year kung na plancha sana lahat.

    Nelda was the big surprise during the parade. Ang feminine nya. I’m glad narerecognize na sya pero I am really hoping napansin si Liezel kase ang laki laki talaga ng improvement niya and ramdam mo yung effort na magmukha syang expensive and Angelique na hinog na hinog na. Lahat ng Mali nya sa previous years naitama na ngayon.

    • Maganda talaga si Liezel kahit noong una palang siyang​ sumali at nakakapagtakang hindi man lang siya napapansin.
      Sana makasama siya sa top 15. Noong napanood ko ang primer sa abscbn, nalaman kong hindi pala siya magaling sa QnA.

      • Oo dude. Ang lapit namin sa kanya nung parade. A few hours later IG puro talks on how surprising she was. Big boned lang talaga like Mariel pero kung si Mariel striking si Nelda subtle. Keri lang naman kung di mo sya feel. Just saying pati kami tumigil sa kaka kuda nung pa approach na car nya.

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