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  1. she lacks facial beauty? she lacks spark? says the fans of the other contenders most likely! shes gorgeous and even better in motion. i have no problem with this girl if she wins a crown. its well deserved

  2. Screaming for Miss Universe! The GODfidence walk of her will surely hit the MUP crown! She’s one of the most prepared Binibini this year! High hopes for her! Sobrang solid at daming supporters niya this year!

  3. A woman who is really committed and determined to win! Wala man siyang gaanong malalaking connection sa social medias just to include into HOTPICKS, marami naman ang totoong sumusuporta at naniniwala sa kanya!💛 💛 💛

  4. One of the reason kung bakit nya ayaw maexpose maxado sa social media is she wants to stay low key muna then only peak when it necessary dahil baka maoverexposed. She already learned lessons about what happen last year, most of us were expecting her to win one of the Bb. Pilipinas crown. Aminin natin sa mga HOTPICKS kuno last year ang tataas ng rank nya even the MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES rank but at the end of the night wala siyang nakuha kahit isa last year.I know that she has a gameplan. At isa pa when it comes to her styling karamihan gusto ibalik yung dati, e hindi nga nagwork last year diba? so she really needs to change her styling. Let’s just continue to support her! And I believe that most of our beauty queens really wants her to win! 🙂

  5. Dindi is my sentimental fave. I believe she will be crowned. Any title will be okay for me.

  6. I hope Dindi wins one of the crowns. All of them are deserving actually.

  7. I don’t think Dindi would win BBP -Universe because she doesn’t have the pedigree for it… Just like Isabel Lopez and all those top favorites who ended up as clappers here and abroad… Her highest possible placement IMO is BBP- Supra… Worst case is that she won’t even make the winner’s circle. I know she would slay during her performance on the prelims and pageant night… So her fate would all boil down on how she performs during the Q&A. Giving the best answer among all the girls would bag her the highest possible title politicaly intended for her.. Only if some divine intervention would align her stars could she win BBP- Universe.

  8. I think the reason why there was a comparison of her to a Vietnamese was because of her striking similarity with Pham Thi Huong who Miss Vietnam 2015 who was Natalie’s bet to become MU15.

    Could Pham Thi wasn’t been a beauty queen, there wouldn’t be any reference at all. After all, without a sash, in the eyes of the Western world, it’s indistinguishable which one is a Filipino or an Indonesian or a Vietnamese. We all look the same thus disliking them or disliking us is like an autodestroy of our race.

    Pham Thi was being nominated either as Vietnam’s next rep either to ME or MGI.

    • I thought Pham was overaged for all those pageants… Isn’t that the reason why she didn’t make the Top 15 in MU?

    • Sorry, I don’t think Dindi would win BBP -Universe because she doesn’t have the pedigree for it… Just like Isabel Lopez and all those top favorites who ended up as clappers here and abroad… Her highest possible placement IMO is BBP- Supra… Worst case is that she won’t even make the winner’s circle. I know she would slay during her performance on the prelims and pageant night… So her fate would all boil down on how she performs during the Q&A. Giving the best answer among all the girls would bag her the highest possible title politicaly intended for her.. Only if some divine intervention would align her stars could she win BBP- Universe.

  9. Kung pumuti lang talaga sya mala porcelana na kutis, ang lakas sana ng laban nya. Magmumukha siyang Miss Vietnam with red lips and porcelain skin, bet ko na siya if ganun lang sana. Pero ngaun pang Top 15 lang sya saken.

  10. She is ultrafeminine with a very clean and pleasant face . Her body proportion is great. She may not have the Poveda English but she can really talk.And her drive ….. simply admirable.
    MUP or a runner up position for me.

  11. She’s beautiful. ang lakas ng dating niya. she can be a contender for the MUP. i wouldn’t mind if she wins. I hope her handlers find the perfect styling for her. during the start of the competition, medyo may sablay ng slight and may miss and so so look siya. ngayon mas relax and natural na ang dating niya.

    Just enjoy the coronation night at kusang lalabas ang tamang lumabas. hindi dapat gigil. It will all depends on the coronation night itself, she will deliver but the point is, may 39 other girls na lalaban.. makakatalo lang talaga kung 1. para sayo ba talaga or destiny mo ba talaga. or 2, you did your best but not yet your time.

    Good luck dinds. DINDS? lol

  12. im a fan of this girl. i like her confidence and awra. Maganda din naman sya people here used to unlike her because of her very asian looks. im sure kung sa miss vietnam sya sumali eh panalo din lola nyo. Pero Pinay yan at kahit hinde sya maganda sa paningin nyo just respect her. its not about facial beauty all the time. its about confidence, presence of heart and mind and other things. but medyo naguguluhan ako ng konti kung saang title ko sya ilalagay. supra is my ist title for her. the next options is depend on her performance on coronation night. but still im sure pakakainin kayo ni dindi ng alikabok sa finals especially yung mga bashers nya.

  13. I think she needs to tone down her stage presentation and interview and she may just get a title.

    Agreed her beauty is middle of the pack and her tendency to be OA seems like a (desperate) attempt to compensate. It’s offputting to me as a pageant fan, wonder what a nonpageant person might think.

    If she overdoes it she may need the extra energy for a third attempt. But hey, it worked for MJ and Pia so all is not lost.

  14. Para syang paper doll, iba-ibahin mo man damit same pa rin ang face. Di ko alam kung advantage pagiging consistent nya or medyo boring na. Maganda sya in motion.

    • @ Migo : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      I agree. Her look is one-dimensional, thus far. I hope she could still pull off a surprise on Sunday and get herself out of the rut (of a predictable look) she currently is in.

      And didn’t one of us say in an earlier post (I think it was at that makeover event) that she is diffident to bloggers (but warm to fans)? Perhaps she is just being cautious of overexposure, premature self-aggrandizement, or being too closely associated to any specific party or faction (as per the blogger’s chosen alliances or loyalties)? If so, then I commend her. It shows PROFESSIONALISM.

  15. Maybe a Miss Globe crown for her sila ni Jehza Juelar o kung may bagong crown sa kanila na un.

  16. Kaloka ang “demolition job” ng team aces and queensh oh! Hahaha eyniways, it’s fun to ignite the spark now scrolling through commentz while eating my boy bawang with sukang sing asim ng kili-kili ni bonggie. Hihihi charette lang. I’m so hyper today kasi narealize ko na 3 dayz nalang pala mga beauties at kokoronahan na naman ang 6 na bilats. Eyniways, 3 dayz na lang din at goodbye na ako sa blog ni Tito Norman. Hihihi charette lang. You’re welcome sa pagpromote ko sa ever growing pageant readers mo Tito. Lolz kapal ng apog ko lolz. Eyniways, I had fun here at I will continue to support Tito Norman on his way to be BBP President kapag namaalam na si Madam. It was so fun adapting this persona for 2 months here sa commentz section. Yun lamang po. Love you with all mah jeje heartz. Lolz.

    p.s.s.s. send niyo naman link ng iskandal ni papa M. biggie daw si koya kaya naman winner si my peyborit gurl. Yun lang. kiss me hard before I go beh. Mmmm pak yes! 💋

    Babush. Vaklush. Meooww. Bounce. Prance Ladies.

  17. i like her i hope she wins she would be a very interesting rep from PH if ever shes sent abroad. shes fighter so it can only be good. her english is OK so i dont see the fuzz about it.

  18. Part 2.

    Dindi at best is top 15 in a fair competition for a beauty pageant and that is being very generous. As even comments from her supporter here can only talk about kesyo may matinong disposiyon, mabait sa Nanay, masipag, may will to win daw etc. however all the other candidates are also like this. In other words anything and everything except for pertinent qualities required for a beauty queen. Lol.

    What I won’t let pass though is yung tahasang and lantarang promotion ng mga intsik dito of oriental looks over Filipino looks in a Filipino site for Filipinos. Specially since these people are also the ones who RACIST and BIGOTED comments towards Indian, middle eastern and African looks as not being fit to be representing Philippines like comments towards April, MJ and the Mutya ng Pilipinas half Indian girl. Also comments towards mestizas and pure Filipinos like Ariella and Kimverlyn along the same lines. The nerve, gall and shameless audacity of these people. These are the same commenters who lambast stereotypical Pinay beauties like Janicel. Hence the targeting of Ms Elima.

    I’m all for supporting a wide variety of looks to represent Philippines and have no problem with an oriental looking girl provided she is beautiful and sans surgery like Taiwanese actress Shu Qi. What I won’t let pass anymore is the blatant promotion of Oriental looks as the only and paramount standard for Filipinos through online bullying, flooding comments using multiple different usernames whilst pretending to be a Filipino. To top it off, degrading Filipino looks and making bigoted comments over other minority groups such as blacks, Indians, Arabs, etc.at the same time.

    No Filipino would ever promote other type of beauties over our own. Not even with mestizas in colonial times was this done. This is not ever a done thing in Philippines and Southeast Asia. Philippines is over 96% native malay and to promote any other looks as the idealised to strive for is wrong. We did not do this with western/mestiza looks even though they set the standards currently for beauty the world over. We definitely will not do so for orientals, the very opposite and object of ridicule for their looks the world over.

    Palibhasa kase they can’t win on their own and want to use Philippines reputation to win a beauty pageant so they can feel beautiful. From the same commenters who trashed Janine and Ariella. Who kuno sinusuportahan si Pia pero nun nanalo todo tira sa voy forum United States of Beauty as ugly, too white/mestizos for Filipinos, Filinos accused of having self hatred if represented by mixed blood. Ngayon kesyo sinusuportahan si Dindi by the same person who called her cross eyed last year para lang maihide ang pag tira Kay Ms Elima at Filipino looks by pretending to support another candidate same tactic used against Janicel.

    • Ay! Isa ba ako sa pinaparinggan mo? Kaloka siya oh, tinalo ang 3 and a half paragraph ko with her novella. Grabeh ganon ka ba ka-threatened kay Dinderz? Lolz. Eyniways, Stalker ako ng top contenders ng binibini kaya alam ko buhay-buhay nila and I post what I feel about them. Yun lang. Walang halong adyenda gaya ng utak mong praningz. Lolz. It’s okay to say what you feel, kung ayaw mo, go vhaks vashh!!! Pero wag mo masyado personalin, kaloka baka matigok ka sa galit mo diyan. Lolz.

      Eyniways, yung sa sinasabi mo na hateful, racist filipinos na ayaw sa oriental or kayumanggi chorba dahil sa self-hate kuno, post mo ang screenshot ng proof mo total alam mo pala yung commentz nila eh. Kung walang screenshot, imbento ka bakla! Reverse psychology ba naman? May time ka talaga, harhar! Wag masyado pastress sa mga contestants. Kung sino manalo okay lang basta di sing chaka at pangit mo. Lol Ulolz! 😘

      Post ko picture mo dito at nang macompare naten sa mga top contender girlz, you like? Wag mang-akusa ng panget kung mas panget ka sa inaakusahan mo. Lesson mo yan ngayon. Chill bakla 3 dayzzz nalang!!!! 😜😍😜😛 yun lang, bye pelisya forever and nobody will read na your ugly novella. Hihihi charette lang 😂💋

    • Mazza, your entry is full of hypocrisy and narrow_mindedness. Trying to rev up support by playing the race factor? So if some us are ‘filipino- phobic because we like Dindi, are u China-phobic because u hate her?
      Please do not politicize this topic and … pls stop the drama

  19. I liked her last year. She was a fresh face. Surprised she didn’t win a crown.
    Not sure if she’ll win this year.
    Best of luck to her.

  20. Which planet does Fabian live in? The planet of the blind. This us a beauty pageant and dindi maybe the nicest saint in the world but she cannot be the same level as the top 10 girls!!!! she’s pretty but look at her face next to Mariel , Sutton, Elima , Peters, Kat, Ruffa, Jezha, etc etc . Please let’s be objective

  21. I’m not a fan of her beauty or lack thereof. Though she has her own charms, she possesses the classic oriental look that is much maligned throughout the world. The small singkit eyes coupled with a wide flat facial bone structure together with a snub flat nose and buck teeth are mongoloid/oriental traits that are unattractive to the rest of humanity hence the cruel association by Westerners with a specific disability – Down syndrome to scientifically describe orientals. Maxine was dragged through the mud by Latinos, Indians and our neighbours for looking oriental. Thais called her and Pia the epithet ”mong’. Even westerners who appreciate exotic Filipina looks only liked Maxine after her looks was Filipinised. Angelababy, Fan bingbing, Dilrabat and Gulnezar are the definition of classical beauties in China. Google them they look nothing like Dindi thus the chinese here calling you classic oriental beauty is lying through their teeth knowing full well Dindi will be considered ugly even in oriental countries.

    It’s good that Dindi fixed her teeth and looks to have done Botox to minimise and give facial depth and structure to her flat face. Thus her pronounced dimples similar to the procedure undertaken by Miss Chinatown Nicole. This is a popular plastic surgery procedure as it is less invasive but requires maintenance. Dindi unfortunately has broad shoulders to hips ratio more typical of a man. This coupled with flat ass and chest areas and lack of waist will give rise to accusations of looking like a ‘tranny’. Her height of 5’8 is on the medium/short side. Her lacking in comms and wits a la Maxine is specially aparent in her confusing and lacklustre videos. Dindi’s relatively good presentation skills is not enough to cover for her lack of beauty in face, body and wit. She also has no charisma and looks to have to try hard on things that should seem effortless.

  22. She’s missing that spark! Last year was better, Proabably the hair. Kinakain syang buhay ni Sutton and Mariel and Peters

  23. Mas maganda ang sagot nito kesa kay Maxine last year.
    Mas maganda siya last year kesa ngayon.
    Sana magkaroon sila ng korona ni Angelique kasi obvious na gustong gusto talaga nila.

  24. for me she is suited for MI kase Asian ang dating… we have asian in MU na last year… pero kung mapunta ang MU why not? it was not based upon performance that i decided but on type of beauty only.

    she is definitely a frontrunner.

    very refreshing

    luv her

  25. Last year, akala ko ikaw na ang pinagpala hihihi pero biglang c Maxine ang tinawag 🙂
    Sana wagi ka ngayon kasama si Queen Jehza hihihi walang charette yan:-)

  26. Pahabol…

    Oy, kaloka etong gurl na to may Edward Razek connections pala. So yun pala ang secret trip to New York few months ago. Eyniways, sige pagpatuloy mo yang binibini, Dindi. Malay mo pag nakuha mo ang pinaka coveted na binibini crown na may missing rhinestones at nagtagumpay ka sa Universe, pagkakaperahan ka talaga ng bongga ng IMG. Ikaw na teh! First pinay Angel. Goodluck sa everything ateng!

    Ngayon ko lang na-appreciate maganda pala talaga siya at height at proportion talaga ang labanan. Classic oriental beauty ang peg nila ngayon. Lolz. Yun lang… sana remain humble kahit ano man success mareach. Support lang at happy for you. Usually, kaiinggit pag ganiyan, pero super bait at hardworking at deserving sa buhay kaya naman I’m just happy. 😊 👍🏻

  27. Mabait siya at may matinong disposition sa buhay. Hindi ko siya bet nung simula pero na-touch ako dahil may reason pala siya kaya nandiyan nag-ttry maging succesful sa pageant at pati sa work… sila pala nung ate niya ang nag-ssupport sa family nila, yun very hardworking si gurl. Siya yung tipong hindi ginagawang front ang financial chorba or kahit anong kaechusan sa buhay, straightforward at honest lang siya sa hangarin niya kaya naman bet! Simple lang family nila, makita mo si mudra pawisan kakahiyaw sa parade at sa kahit anong event kasama niya yung mga fanz ni Dindi. Na-touch lang ako kasi di mo makita sa ibang rich or mataas na parents ng ibang candidates yang ganiyang magulang na lulusob talaga anywhere para sumuporta. Lolz. Bet ko kapag mapagmahal sa parents, lalo na pag sa mother. Yun lang.

    Wish ko lang sa Sunday ay koronahan ang mga girls na deserving at ready. Isa ka na dun Dindi, sana makuha mo ang crown na pinag-pray mo! Wag masyado rehearsed, feel mo lang every momentz ha?!? Bet ko yung palaban mong attitude. Versatility lang sa facial expressions, hindi puro smile. Kaloka, mukha kanang joker kung ganiyan lagi. Remember na you can be fierce and sassy and flirty at kung anu-ano pa. Basta be genuine lang sa stage at be-YOU-tiful. You can win that crown! Kaya ravvvan lang!

    Eyniways, si Ate Kim bet ko sa Miss World Philippines kung di siya palarin this Sunday. Last try niya na to, kaya naman larga na, malay mo maging bet siya ni vegafria? Diba? Best of luck sainyong 2. Deserving at mababait na bata kayo kaya pagpray ko ang victory niyo. 🤗

    As the great Alexander Hamilton once said ‘IN THE END… We only regret the chances we didn’t take’

    XOXO uhhh-nuhhh win-daaamnng 💋

    • Masyado namang rehearsed yung comment mo ana, Nakakawindang hihihi charerette lang.
      Pinakain ka rin ba ni mudra sa sozy na restoran hihihi charette again 🙂

      • Ikaw, Cocoy, masyado namang magkapareho mga commentz mo, lolz! 😂 Diba inakusahan mo din si Tito Norman ng ganiyan? Bistado si Vhakla sa ip add niya. Hihihi charette lang.
        Tigilan mo ako at baka ipasunog kita diyan or ipadala kita sa Maribeles total may sakit ka talagang Vhakla ka! Hihihi charette lang again. Shabunutan ko bulbol mo diyan eh! Apir, disappear at go away forever, Cocobonggay! 😘😋

      • Aba mahaderang vaklush na to at nagkunwari pang maraming alam 😄
        Cocoy? Hellowww Meowwwww.
        Wrong ka inday ana hi hi hi.
        Ikaw lng ang may maraming alias dito Not me😄hi hi hi

      • Prove or you are a liar. Tirahin ko pussy mo diyan eh, you like? Hihihi charette kang. Cute ka naman pala, pero ang rough ng mga commentz mo, di match sa cutie face mo. Yun lang labyu 😘 Wanna ✊🏻🍆 💦? Contact me and we can arrange a meeting. Lolz hihihi charette lang again 😛

  28. My Miss Supra, has the Mutya Datul personality! She is very pretty as well…

  29. I’m curious how this heavy favorite will fare this year. For me, she is on the short list capable of wearing the MUP crown.

    Go on Dindi.

  30. MUP or runner up for Dindi , no minor crown pls. Based on the above pics, Dindi is in the same league as Peters Sutton and Mariel. Any of these 4 should be MUP.

  31. My bet for MUP of course!

    As I browse through her timeline at IG I was so impressed with her credentials. She achieved something that I only dreamt of when I was the same age as her. She gave up her modelling career to something with stability. Her life has direction. Immediately after college she has a job right away and at a very tender age was already visiting a dozen of countries.

    I hope her face to face encounter with Iris during one her flight is enough to inspire her to clinch the MUP crown and as what she says during the mock interview, “what’s rightfully mine”.

    I know she is prepared but as what MamaRu advised Pia on her pre-departure, huwag masyadong gigil.

    Best of luck!

    • Madami mang nangbabash sa kanya mas marami kaming sumusuporta sa kanya! SPREAD THE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Our MISS UNIVERSE 2017! Kahit na sobrang yayaman ng ibang kandidata na minsan gumagamit na ng connection to down the other candidates hinding hindi mamatawaran ang determinasyon ni Dindi just to win one of the crown!
      #Binibini24 #DindiPajares #Bb. Pilipinas #BinibiningPilipinas2017 #Miss Universe #DindiLovesU #DindiLovers #Dindivine #Dindifenders #Dindiyosa #QueenDsquad #Dindipapatalo #Dindisusuko #Dindipapaawat

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