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  1. I think the photo could be a sign na sooner ipapasa ni Stella ang Miss Universe Philippines franchise sa yo Tito Norman? Hihihi

  2. Congratulation tito Norms! Good things come to those with good intentions and pursuing passion with enthusiasm.

  3. Wala akong pake kahit iblack-out sa media ang BbPilipinas 2017 Coronation night hihihi
    Di naman ako nanonood sa ABS-CBN, lol
    Ang importante sa akin ay ang MUP Crown ni Queen Jehza.
    Marami akong ginagawa at sex na lang ang aking pahinga bwihihihihi Charerette lang 🙂
    JawzKuh, ginagawa ko ng tabloid ang broadsheet blog ni Mommy N. hihihi
    Nag-enjoy naman c Fabian sa kababasa … charette 🙂

  4. Dyusko ang ABS talaga puro pera lang. Dapat kasi may livestreaming na para mas bongga. Gotta go with the modern times!

    • 4M, maraming dilawan ang di papayag sa blackout media charmos kaya gagawa talaga yan ng katarantaduhan para maipuslit ang live coverage bwihihihi

  5. Dapat manang norman, gora agad sa fresh news wag pahuli ingga. tapos pakisabihan si johnny Manahan kung siya ang mag director sa show naku wag naman puros ilaw na kikislap kislap naka focus ang camera at mga fans na sumisigaw zsarotte lang hihihihi dapat may live streaming wag ipagdamot

    • You’ll be surprised how things are so restrictive inside. The presence of ABS-CBN as exclusive broadcaster has started to dampen the once-unbridled enthusiasm of all media outlets. Don’t fall off your chair if the live finals will have a media blackout until the slightly delayed TV telecast is finished. We are not allowed to share any form of live streaming as well. :-/

      • Count your blessings. Miss Universe does NOT ALLOW Media inside the venue during the finals. They are sequestered in a separate location.


      • I do count my blessings, of course. What I’m scratching my head about is why the link to the Official Live Streaming can’t even be shared when it is already being watched worldwide during the live telecast. As for Miss Universe, I was inside MOA Arena during the finals last January as a result of my partnership with TV5 then.


      • HD ang mga live streaming ng Miss USA/America/Teen USA naku wag naman ipa pay per view ng abs-cbn yan sa mga TFC subscribers hihihi

        eniways, mam, heto ang ganap sa chipangga

        Srishti Kaur from India on Tuesday was crowned Miss Teen Universe 2017, beating out 25 other contestants from around the world in the annual beauty pageant.

        Samantha Pierre from Canada and Ary Trava from Mexico were the runners-up in the event held at the Ruben Dario National Theater in Nicaragua’s capital Managua.

        Kaur also won the prize for best national costume.

        Xirelle Agustin from the Philippines won in the Teen Popularity category, while Nicole Obando from Costa Rica won the award for Teen Charm.

        The six-year-old beauty pageant for teens aged 15 to 19 is held by the Miss Universe Organization.

        Pageant contestants came mostly from Latin America and the Caribbean, though two came from Africa and one from Europe.

      • Norman what would they do censor your Twitter and Facebook? What about the live audience watching? That just kills it with the delayed telecast. ABS-CBN Please listen!!!!

  6. Congratulations sa ID😊
    Important yan para maaudit din sino lng ang kasali sa saya at ligaya hi hi hi charerette😄

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