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  1. Tall, gorgeous, an okay face, articulate and a very feminine voice. I am liking her chances.

  2. the good thing about peters is that she can compete tomorrow for MU and everyone can sleep soundly tonight but to win MU ? she can the follow the path of MJ (peters is silightly better) or the ususal ms brazil or ms venezuela that they normally sent. But with the likes of sutton or angelique you can bet your money that these two will give us a good show and a sure top 3 placement. SMA may want to Sutton to hunger for it some more or crown Angelique’s efforts at trying. Mariel is a natural for Miss international a top 5 placement is almost as certain as seeing a great manila bay sunset 😀

  3. I like Rachel Peters w that Latina vibe and nevertheless crown worthy but during the parade I dont know if its only me who noticed she is a hit and miss. so a runner up for me. better a runner up than be given a crown she doesnt like. still she has next yr

  4. GIve the crown to a girl whos very hungry for the MU crown. Peters? ayos din pero i want someone who wants it soooooo badly and i see that on angelique, elima or dindi. a peters win is OK but that wont excitre the fans.

  5. pero waley cya sumagot during Miss World, walang problema sa communication skills dapat smart din sumagot

  6. sila ni mariel ang maglalaban sa miss u crown, i prefer mariel to win the u crown pero ok din kung siya ang manalo, love them both 🙂

  7. I think she deserves to be crowned on the 30th. I’m placed her before as BB Supra. But I think umangat ang ranking niya for me. she can be MI or MUP I wouldn’t mind. problema ko lang ay ang pag handle ng KF. LOL

  8. as i said b4 she will win but not the top prize (MUP) ilalagay ko sya sa MGI list ko. dun ko sya nakikita sa MGI. she still top my MGI list. possible din na dun sya ilagay ni SMA. gustong gusto ni Nawatt ang uri ni Rachel Peters. Latina ang dating nya and well spoken too. Her height and body is to die for. Mas bebenta si rachel sa MGI kaysa MU. i really cant understand her beauty. She is a Donald Trump type. but gone are the days when latina beauty and awra always won. We can finally win our ist MGI through Rachel Peters. But if she wins the top prize. Well! we need to support her still. But to be honest, she is also in my MUP list. Sutton top my list followed by Charmaine Elima and i cant put her above my list as of now. Pero mas malake ang percentage na sa MGI ko sya ilalagay.

    • @ Geoff : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      She might just be a tad too tall for Mr. Itsaragrisil, imho. After all, he would NOT want Ms. Peters to upstage Ms. Grand -Thailand, whoever she might turn out to be.

      • Mr. Nawat did it already. He allowed Nicole to upstage their rep. last year.

    • You’re right. She’s more suited for MGI. There’s no stopping her if she will be sent to that pageant. I can almost visualize her winning the first crown for the Philippines.

  9. She has everything it takes to be MUP. From the brains down to her toes except her….face.. I find her really beautiful (thats a given) yes but the way she presents her face puts everything else in the iffy position. One day she looks like the goddess Solenn, then the next day she’s overshadowed in their group shot alongsides katarina, mariel, Sirene and Nelda .Then another day she sports an AiAi delas Alas look like in the picture above in terno. She’s like shine now fade later type and it gets me frustrated cuz she cannot afford to take one bad picture especially when she’s already up there in the Miss Universe competition otherwise other countries will hound her like rabid dogs. She should always be up in her game and BE CONSISTENT. Although I can see that she only needs to get into the semis and she will just glide thru the top two spot with her eloquence. There she will battle it out with Mariel de Leon as to who gets the MUP and MI titles.

    Tell me if she catches your eyes from the picture below. As for me, she did not.


    • Aside from the “ka look-alikes” you mentioned, she also resembled Cita Astals in her younger days. If she wins, I know that she’ll be transformed pa rin naman. So far, Mariel De Leon, for me, is the complete package, she’s getting stronger by the day. Nakasama pa sa top 10 among the best in the national costume. Lumilinaw na habang lumalapit ang finale.

  10. Rachel might win BBP- International, Supra, Intercon or Globe… only a random twist of fate would she win Grand or Universe. If she doesn’t win a crown then she would at least be 1st RUp.

  11. @ms. Gemma, @justgrc, @kevin

    Ditto! These are the lessons that can be drawn from that 2016 experience. 🤔

    I have no particular favorites yet. I want to assess who are really “committed” to win (until their respective international assignments) as objectively as possible.

    The judges, who will have the final say, will not (hopefully) be swayed by the fad and should consider the entirety of the girls’ performance.

    • Sutton sa akin.
      After watching the primer masasabi kong Ambal has a good chance of winning.

      Ang nasa wish list ko na sana pasok sa top 15:
      Angelique dahil makikita mong gusto nya talaga manalo at hindi nya sasayangin kung bigyan siya ng pagkakataon. Ganun din si Dindi.
      #6 and #28 kasi impressed ako sa pagsagot nila sa qna with a twist.

      Other observation:
      Hindi ko ma-appreciate beauty ni Mariel at Rachel. Kay Elima ako sobrang attracted, parang Lovi Poe .

    • I definitely agree!

      And by this time, in one way or the other the logistics of BPCI is already checking the background of each candidate not only with their professional life but also to a lesser extent personal. They know the lessons better than pageant fans.

  12. Pretty in person but lacks personality. Yung term na parang patay na bata, siya yun. I’m still hoping na by Sunday, wala na siyang energy gap. Itodo mo na ategurl.!!!

  13. HIndi ko talaga sya masyado feel, siguro she’s a diyosa in person pero hindi talaga sa pics or sa TV. Well it is just me saying

  14. I can’t wait to see Norman’s personal assesment and prediction of the winners circle.

    For MUP, it is a crossroads of sorts. With seven consecutive years of astonishing success that includes 1 MU, 4 top 5 runners-up, 1 top 6 finalist, and 1 top 10 semi-finalist, this years pick will be difficult to predict because the MUP has been there and done that.

    For BbP International, it would seem like a bitterseet title this year. Although a “major” title, it’s history of having never awarded b2b winners is very daunting. In addition, although 2013 was three years ago, Bianca Guidotti’s ibrave but sad mage of not making the semi finals is still very fresh in my memory.

    Oh well, such is life in the pageant world.

    • There is still hope, Saluda, for MI.

      Totoo na parang impossible Ang b2b pero nothing is set in stone. Tatlong beses na nagawa ng Venezuela Ang winner then first runner up the following year.

      Akala ko Nung una Ang basehan nila SA pagpili eh Yung magaling SA rampahan, magandang Mukha at glamorous pero Hindi Pala. Mas after Sila sa personality kaya unpredictable siya, secondary na lang yung physical attributes. Yun NGA lang Kasi Ang personality is subjective.

      Kung makakapagpadala lang Ang Pilipinas ng kandidatang proactive Ang personality, vibrant, committed at kayang isabuhay yung sinasabi Niya then Hindi impossible Ang b2b.

  15. Well, she has MWP pedigree which in my opinion is a great asset for MUP or BbP-International. As far as Im concerned MU, MW and MI are still the 3 major crowns in the pageant world.

    All the best Rachel Peters.

  16. Gusto ko sya. Ok lang sa akin kung magiging MUP sya. Alin man sa kanila nila Charmaine Elima, Sirene Sutton, Chanel Thomas, Jamaica Ambal at Angelique De Leon ang MUP ay ok lang sa akin. Huwag lang yung malaking panga na laging parang naka- deppresant walang buhay, parang lugaw at walang latuy at saka yung parang oblong ang face pero maliit ang noo at chin ala Tingting Cojuangco ang beauty at yung humble daw pero laging “me, me and me” kung iniinterview

  17. Sorry ha mga kaDDS, but I can see a Pia or MJ history in her – 3rd time panalo kaso sa ME2018 (1.MWP 2.Bbpilipinas 3.ME)😂
    Join sa ME 2017(baluarte) and you’ll win a crown👍

  18. Nope. I’m not placing my bet on her for any crown though I like her on the Top 15.

    And after the Q&A with a twist thingy, it’s Jamaica Ambal who is waving the flag now for KF.

    Nakakadala ang may jowa kahit na Sabihin pang committed Sila. Diba, Joanna Eden?

    Come finals night months back sa MS, Performance ni Joanna eh parang gusto na lang niyang tapusin Yung pageant at umuwi. And by “cold reading” and base dun sa mga pics Niya sa IG miss Niya si jowa! I don’t see any other factor.

    Ganun din si Maxine. In fact Kung Hindi sa Pinas ginawa Yung pageant, she will not exert extra effort to do her best.

    Learning from that lesson and with the success and tip of Kylie….

    BF o Corona?

    • BF ang pipiliin ko ciempre mamimiss ko ang Daks at masarap na nilutong Hotdog with 2 eggs hihihi pero may nababasa ako sa article na to pero ayokong sabihin kasi baka magalit c Mommy N bwihihihi 🙂

      • Ichismis mo na. Chismis lang naman yun. Hindi fact. Nagalit na rin naman sa’yo dati si Mr tinio

      • Aynaku, Bong! Predictive na by default Yung pipiliin mo.

        Hmmm! Engat engat SA mga epes na jowa. Alam mo naman reputasyon NILA. 😆🛅

    • I have to agree with this assessment. With the exception of Kylie and Cordobes, the current group seemed ready to go back to their normal lives the moment they clinched the national titles. Maxine especially seemed more interested in her free sponsor gifts and going back to the beach than prepping in the months leading to MU. Only Kylie and Nicole seemed remotely hungry. Well, Manalo too, but I don’t blame her for not getting too excited over second-tier Globe in a back to back year.

      Look this year’s current winners all seemed very sweet. Undeniably young. Probably unaware of what they were signing up for.

      That’s where the camps & BPCI need to be adults and choose the ones who are hungry.

      Thanks 2016 for the lessons. We should apply them to 2017.

      That being said, there are a many girls in this year’s group that seem very hungry. I’m not convinced Peters despite having excellent English skills and the height.

      For me, Top 15.

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