12 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2017: Rehearsing for the Big Night

  1. Sa mga taong ayaw kay Xian Lim, di magtatag kayo ng sarili nyong pageant para makapili kayo ng gusto nyo! Dami nyong reklamo…….. Xian Lim is a fine host and he has the height advantage. The girls are wearing 6-inch heels so dapat matangkad ang lalaking host.

  2. I don’t have issue with male host. Dahil the most impossible thing na gagawin niyan eh to have their gentleman be questioned.

    Mas worried ako SA female host na Hindi mapigilan na i-express Yung insecurity Nila at the expense of other girl.

    With Pia being a co-host and having proven something already, she will do a good job. She knows exactly what it feels to be on those girls shoes.

  3. THIS IS IT.

    The ladies have done all they possibly could. Between now and Sunday, which will merely be formality, BACKROOM NEGOTIATIONS and HUSTLING take over.

    I mysellf have taken to heart (chos!) the VARIOUS comments made here, and have had to make the painful (chos!) decision to let go of Misses Huelar, Ibe, and A. de Leon, because they simply fell short, yet again. But their beauty will be known for all time. Godspeed to them!

    And like I said before, it is politesse to accord an esteemed guest the privilege of the First Pick. And Mr. Itsaragrisil will, imho, pick… Ms. Sutton!

    Fair-skinned (Thais love “maputi”, like one of us commented), sexy without being bootylicious, and NOT-TOO-TALL (so as not to upstage Ms. Grand-Thailand, whoever she might be), Nawatt will proudly parade her around the Kingdom of Siam. Not bad, when you think about the benefits!

    With that in mind, I respectfully recommend to the BBP organization to consider the proposal, here :

    MUP – Ms. Ambal, because one of us commented that SMA wants somebody TALL for MU this time. Provided that the pageant will be held in the USA (Las Vegas?). If in Australia (Sydney, Darwin, or Perth?), Ms.Calingo should be sent. Whoever is not, will be 1st Runner-Up/Reserva Primera.

    BBP – International – Ms. Peters, as I want Filipinas to finally bag the Miss Perfect Body subtitle!

    BBP – Grand International – Ms. Sutton (see above).

    BBP – Supranational – Ms. Elima, because some foreign pageant fans find her beautiful, as one of us commented. Which means that she possesses a universal beauty, just like Ms. Datul. And her lack of gravitas and struggle with eloquence will bear little weight here. SLAY, Wonder Woman of Asia!

    BBP – Intercontinental : Ms. M. de Leon, because she, like Ms. Elima, also won some foreign admirers, as one of us commented. Just look at this pedigree : Janson – McGarry – Hammond – De Leon. Not bad, ain’t it? And if Filipinas is, yet again, f_cked, then she can UPGRADE to… MWP!

    BBP – Globe – Thomas, because she is poetry in both repose and motion. Style her to look like an Edwardian version of Ms. Colis, and I believe the serpent-like Globe crown of the Deliart Association will once again be in the hands of a Filipina!

    2nd Runner-Up/Reserva Segunda – Ms. Pajares is HUNGRY and READY. Unfortunately, she, as one of us commented, looks and feels more like Miss… Vietnam. And NO, I do NOT hate Vietnam!

    The hypothetical Top 12 will round up with Misses Kapeundl, Borja, Clenci, and Ortega.

    The POWER-PACKED PRETTY PETITENESS of Binibini 4, Ms. Ramirez, will be PHOTOGENIC.

    Done. Salamat po. 🙂

  4. Last year, we have witnessed a live crowning moment for our 2016 queens, I hope that in next years, we can witness a live telecast from prod up to the crowning moment.

  5. I thought this edition will be hosted by Kc Concepcion? I don’t like Xian Lim, sana si Derek Ramsey na lang.

    • agree. i like derek ramsy more than xian lim. napanood naman siguro ni SMA yung hosting stint ni derek sa prelim ng MU. so bakit si xian lim na naman. hayssss. kung d man bongahan ng stage at hinde palitan ang crown sana kahit ung host man lang pinagisipang mabuti. im ok with Pia or KC but xian lim? a big NO!!! nayayabangan ako sa kanya kapag binuksan na nya bibig nya.

    • honga, anyare kay Ms KC? Nagpapayat pa naman cya nang husto… Plus, I think she and Raymond Gutierrez are the most admirable hosts of Bb ever. Agree too, BAKET Xian Lim? Si Derek Ramsey na nga lang sana…

  6. Excited for the pageant! However, it doesn’t seem to be listed on the schedule for DirecTV (USA).

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