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  1. bukod sa natcos ni elima, maganda rin yung kina thomas at ibe. sana isuot din ang mga ito sa international pageants 🙂

  2. Sirene nailed this Angelina Jolie pose….

    Jheza’s gown has great ideas…. I’d prefer if the lower half was more minimal so that there would be only one focal point.. I do love the modern payoneta/headress

    I find the front of Elima’s costume too frumpy… would’ve looked better if it was sinched anywhere below the bustline. The embroidery is gorgeous.

    I love the patterns and color on Nelda’s gown.. And her halo headress looks really good on her.

  3. Elima loses her beauty when she starts talking.
    Angelique is prettier in motion.
    I’m impressed with Peters and Mariel in their Q&A performances . I like Dindi’s and Rodriguez’s too.

  4. Sirene… sorry d talaga ma register sakin. Saw a video of her natcos.. even yung pag present niya dun sa video, more on parang fashion show ang dating.. i mean basta di tumatak saken.

    MDL – LOVE the headpiece!! cary santiago is ❤ dapat to mag suot sa mga future queens natin e.

    Nelda Ibe – I love her natcos. ang kulay, ang vibrant. pero ang eleganta. ang fez ni bakla paka ganda!

    Chanel – Love the natcos.. problema ko lang.. nakita ko na yan e. parang iniba lang ang kulay.

    Larah Grace – Very imeldific!

    Dindi – not so sure with her natcos. love the fabric and the color.. pero nakulangan ako sa impact.

    Kimberly – Ganda!! Deserve to sa top 10! my next fave to Maine's.

    Gabriela – Anyare? Lalo siyang naging heavy dahil sa headpiece. a simple red carnation flower pwede na e. may pamaypay pa. wala lang parang sumobra langfor me.

    Katarina – Nakakaloka ang ganda ng natcos niya (front view) sana ito yung shinowcase niya sa photoshoot.. but then i realize.. sorry… wala siyang shape.. 😦

    Maine – as usual. my top pick! Ganda in motion. sana lang medyo nilagyan ng shape ung dress then mlaking cape. or nilagyan ng parang belt? wala lang.

    Jamaica – ang perfect ng white sakanya! love that clean look hairstyle and light make up!

    Arienne – perfectly fit! Love it.

    Jessica – I don't know why i like her Natcos.. simple pero elegante.

    Liezel – Can somebody enlighten me bakit iba na ang suot niya na natcos?

  5. So obviously for the photo shoot the girls were standing in boxes to make them look taller. So disappointed to see the gown live. Sa pictures Lang pala Maganda! What’s the use of good photos when they are just illusion! Elima costume look so heavy. Sirene looks like trash bags. No one looked good in these gowns!

    • hmm ganon naman talaga ang kalakaran sa photoshoots e. lalo na pag evening gowns ang shinu-shoot. they’ll give you an illusion na ang tangkad ng model, or ang haba ng legs na pag sinuot mo ung damit, ganon din ang effect sayo.

  6. Sirene Sutton looks like a goddess. Goodness… MU or nothing, if you ask me.

  7. It’s Jehza Vs. Chanel kung Pinoy ang Judges pero kung Foreigner ang Judge, the Winner is Sirene or Jehza sa National Costume 🙂 Charerette
    E5’s gown is not good to see in motion 🙂

      • Based on that clip in ALONE and biases aside, the following gave very substantial answers:

        1. #21 Ambal
        2. #35 Halvorsen
        3. #6 Nama
        4. #31 Rodriguez
        5. # 28 Kapeundl

        Their train of thought was impressive. They conveyed their answers in a logical and eloquent manner.

        Some comments:

        Ortega could have expounded the MEAT of her answer and not wasted too much time explaining how come she picked that word.

        Dindi’s answer was actually okay, especially her side to side comparison of the diamond and herself. My problem was her delivery and enunciation.

        Mariel took it to another level by comparing the gem to all the Binibinis not only to herself (contrary to Dindi’s answer). She started really well but failed to end with a bang.

        Angelique was a disappointment, so was Huelar. 😦

        Elima cannot systematically compose her thoughts and clearly lacked conviction.

        While Sutton delivered her answer well, I am looking for just more “depth”. Nevertheless, I believe she has it. (Same case with Chanel).

        Admittedly, I am not a big fan of Rachel but she won me with her poetic opening line. She was calm and sincere. She only needs to end her answer with a more powerful line that will be remembered.

        To all the ladies:

        The conclusion, like in all pieces of literature, plays a magical part in a story.

        “…confidently beautiful with a heart” made Pia the QUEEN that she was meant to be. 🙂

      • Bong , sorry. jehza will not be MUP. she was lucky last yr she gave a short answer to a very simple question … Her flaws in grammar were not exposed. But grammar is not her only problem. The diction and thought content are wanting too.

      • 6,28,31 sa akin. Sa tatlong yan ay si Katarina lang kilala ko dahil napanood ko na siya dati sa ASNTM.

      • I second in motion with the observation of “komunikasyon”. The content of the thought of those girls are indeed deep.

        Imagine Jamaica’s stride and strut during the presentation and now her comm skills, she is one of the spoiler come pageant night.

        Kapeundl thought is Also good. Just a little accent neutralization will do the job.

        Nama’s accent is already neutral. Just stay away from redundant words and phrases but still the content of her answer is superb.

        Dindi has the strong desire to perfection thus a lot of things was on her mind, she just need to organize it to become a very strong statement. She’s still my bet for MUP. As what Henry Kissinger said “a diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure”.

        Charmaine’s perspective during the mock interview to this challenge didn’t change. I am now more convinced that she’s really intended for MI.

        Sirene has the idea but her lack of eye contact could be interpreted as lack of deduction. Hindi siya talaga masasayang SA MS since Hindi naman ganun kabigat Ang q&a dun.

      • Ms. Gemma – Hello! I am glad to be sharing the same views with you, again 🙂

        Appreciating those answers does not necessarily mean those particular ladies will be in my top 15 already. What the interviews provide are mere indications of what they are capable of, or a preview of what is coming up. Some of the favorites are not really that ‘great’. I want to be surprised by the other ladies (often out of the radar). I just want the winners to be women of substance. 🙂

      • The judges + SMA pa rin ang masusunod ☺
        Queen Jehza will surprise you sa coronation night at handa na sya sa mga bashers 😄
        Lahat nman na past winners sa MUP ay na bash ng sobra kaya Go lng Queen Jehza hi hi hi 😃

      • Let’s hope na madaling tanong at masagot ito ng magaling ni Miss Jehza para may crown siya.
        I’m rooting for Sirene pero nung nanonood ako last Sunday, naisip ko na baka manalo ng mup si Ambal. She’s tall beautiful and smart. Pinay na pinay ang hitsura.
        Wish ko lang na sana kasama sa top 15 Yung magagaling sumagot like 6,28 and 31.
        Angelique de Leon, Gusto ko Sana may crown siya pero based on what I’ve seen on TV, although she gave a fact, her answer is not impactful. Nagkwento lang. I expect na mas magaling na siya on her third try. Sana maayos nya pa yun. She still has few days to go before finals para maging organized, impactful and inspiring ang answer.

    • Share ko lang 🙂
      Sara Suzette Namba, Pinay na may hubby na Bulgarian nanalo sa the Battle round ng The Voice Bulgaria.
      I like her voice but not her outfit at yung galaw nya sa stage and i’m happy she won.
      Sana aabot sya sa Live Show 🙂
      Bongga ang Audition nya hihihi.

  8. I love Christa Borja’s PINTADOS National Costume! It’s such a standout, it promotes other culture within our country. Puro nalang terno ang suot ng iba. Mayaman ang ating kultura at dapat natin i-pakita ang ibat ibang side ng ating lahi.#bbpilipinas2017 #Binibini20 #ChristaCorona 👑👑👑💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

    • @ cic : Good afternoon/morning/evening. Credit goes to Nick Guarino.

      Fyi, there is a MALE version of this very NatCos. His competition is forthcoming. Hopefully, Mr. Tinio will post on him. Abangan..

  9. Tingin ko, malakas ang laban ni Miss Ambal kung pagbabasehan ang palabas sa abscbn last Sunday

      • Ang galing diba?
        Hindi ko kilala mga babae kaya nung time na nanonood ako, nilista ko na lang numbers ng magagaling. I’m so impressed with the answer of #6. Sana makasama siya sa QnA part sa finals

  10. Based on QnA sa ABS-CBN
    1. #6
    2. #28
    3. #31


  11. Ruffa Nava was serving Face and Phoenix Rising Realness #AllTeaNoShade I am surprised you did not include her in the photoset Sir Norman

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