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  1. dapat talaga sa MWP sya sumali. her talent will give her a spot in the semis of MW. mahirap makuha ang ibang FT. sayang may talent na sya eh. talo nya pa sa ganda at brain si miss indonesia 2017.

  2. I don’t think she’s Universe-al outside of the Philippines. I’ve always found her to be a decidedly Filipino choice, but not necessarily one that will appeal to international tastes.

    There’s no denying she presents quite an overall package. I’ve never been her biggest fan, but appreciate that she has remained strong and consistent where as some of my personal favorites have plateaued if not regressed since the 40 were announced. I do not doubt she will place very high, even up to International.

    I just don’t think she’s a universal beauty facially or physically, and let’s be honest, she hasn’t transformed much in either department since February. At this point in the game I’m not inclined to get behind someone who’s “saving the rest of my transformation for when you put that MUP crown on my head.” I’m also not sure the lived abroad-now back home-first cookery-then opera singer-20something find myself storyline is consistent with the new MUO under IMG.

    International appeal to me for sure.

  3. She has always been my top favorite to win MUP. She just radiates the beauty queen aura. Reserved, elegant, sophisticated. Ganda ng mukha talaga which she has undoubtedly ang first criteria and everything else follows after this. Cool, calm and collected din sya sa question and answer under time pressure. Not a bit of hesitation so I sense she has that inner confidence. Kung may problema sa kanya which is her perceived “fatness” madaling gawan ng paraan. Ang timbang nababawasan, ang utak mahirap dagdagan. I still believe MUP is for Mariel’s crown to lose. It will all boil down to her presentation skills, catwalk, styling and flawless answer. Best of luck Mariel!

      • Of course Glen! I have strong feelings Mariel is the one the saw way I had for Maxine last year when everyone was bashing her from her jawline to her communication skills to her Coco Martin similarities. Her appeal is universal and she is transformable plus she doesn’t need to be fierce for fierce’s sake. Her inner confidence is palpable in my opinion. And yeah I love her ha ha

  4. sa totoo lang. may pagasa naman sya sa MU. she has the beauty, the height and the brain. and also she know how to talk. Pero sa pinapakita nya ngayon, sa kinikilos nya sobrang nakukulangan talaga ako. i know ma te trained yan ng ilang buwan para mas maluto sya basta tama ang timpla para masarap ang kalabasan. But i jujudge sila base sa kung ano ngayon at hinde sa possible transformation nila b4 the international competition. So dapat itodo na nya ipakita nya ang hinahanap natin sa kanya, ang worth nya. kahit sa mga simpleng event dapat magpapawow sya ng mga tao para ma convince not only mentaly but physically. Dapat on a pageant night you should come out on stage well prepared From head to toe. dapat complete na ang formula mo para sure win ka. sabi ko nga ma te trained pa everything sa kanya especialy her body. pero dapat talaga her body on the pageant night ay nasa tamang ukit na din. 2 more thing na kukulangan ako sa kanya is her pasarela and awra. medyo weak. kulang sa spark. She will not get the top prize/crown. but she can surely win one of the crown.

  5. May freckles ba si Mariel?
    May angle na kahawig sya ni Liza Soberano. Advantage nya ang beauty, height and comm. Good luck Mariel. MUP or BbP Interational crown for you!

  6. Mariel is beautiful, has the height, and her figure can be toned to perfection. So no problem with those. My main concern is her ability to project – she tends to be underwhelming in pictures and videos, tends not to register well. Although her pretty face is undeniable, she is inconsistent, even weak at times(the ‘coldness’ that people had mentioned). No one wants an underwhelming candidate in Miss U, where the competition has become even more fierce. It’s an issue that must be addressed if she wins MUP.

  7. Miss Universe based on brain, beauty & skin..its either
    Sirene Sutton or Jamaica Ambal! For the win. ❤️

    • Too trannylicious ! Need to soften their looks. Give them runner ups for joe

  8. I prefer her beauty for miss world philippines. Gandang sosyal. Di kelangan iexplain which was the trademark of mwp winners since 2012.

  9. Based on the parade of beauties, mas napansin ko sina Juliana at Ambal kaysa sa kanya. Don’t get me wrong tho, I loved her but I still think that the MUP crown will be between Elima, Rodriguez and Ambal.

  10. Kitam!

    On that video clip, bagay SA kanya ang off shoulder gown. And sa NatCos umimpis siya because of the eccentric design. Ano PA kaya kapag yung design eh makislap na tulad Nung suot ni Iris or Gabriela Markus? Sana Val Taguba or Cherry Veric or Carry Santiago ensemble Ang gown niya. And based SA latest pasarela niya lumulutang na rin SA ramphan si Ganda!

    • @gemma maganda talaga si ganda, matangkad and fluid q and a. tama ka off shoulders like Rolene Strauss style.

  11. MUP-Mariel or Ambal. height is might plus both are articulate and beautiful
    MI- Sirene
    MGI- Calingo or Angelique or Ambal
    Supra-Dindi or Angelique
    Intercontinental-Chanel Tomas or Ambal
    First runner up Jehza Huelar or Ambal
    Second runner up Ambal
    my friend who attended the parade attested that Jamaica Ambal is drop dead gorgeous. plus she is 5’10

  12. Her or Maine . Sirene and Peters runner up muna. Who cares about the other crowns ? mU and MI only .

  13. Her face is very arresting. Impossible to ignore her. Though my MUP choice is elima, i wouldnt mind mariel getting MUP too. Ang ganda ng mukha!

  14. The only problem i see in Mariel this year is her smile. She has this very controlled and stiff smile that u can t feel the sincerity . She needs to loosen up.

    I suggest (Mariel) that before she comes out of the stage or in any event , she has already put her smile . Beauty queens should smile with their eyes . Sa kanya kasi para syang napipilitan . There s this excercise while u are on a phone u put a mirror in front of u and smile while talking to . The other line will feel the warmth of ur greetings and sincerity thou physically , u do not see each other

    Opposite her is Dindi who smiles a lot . I dnt like it either.

    That s just me .

  15. People who were in the parade probably saw how SEXY Mariel is in person…she’s bangin’! I don’t know why she looks heavy in pictures but she’s definitely jaw-dropping!

    The witty, fresh and pretty girls Mariel, Chanel, Juliana, Lietz and Katarina are still my top picks…

  16. Yeah!. And I can visualize the Final Three consisting of Ms. M. de Leon, the sultry Demi Leigh-Peters of South Africa, and the heavenly Polina Popova of Russia. Asia-Africa-Europe. I do not necessarily have MU in mind for her, but if that is where SMA and her pack wish to send her, then I would totally understand. And of the six titles, it is MU, I believe, from which she can get the warmest reception.

    (THAT, if Ms. M. de Leon’s two competitors show up, with BOTH MW and MU happening within a week or so of each other.)

    Advise? Do NOT deviate TOO MUCH from your current look and styling, Ms. de Leon. You are making good progress, imho. You are NEAR PERFECT in YOUR OWN WAY. SLAY, please. 🙂

  17. She’s beautiful indeed. No problem with me if she wins MUP. But she needs to try other styling.

  18. Her Q & A presentation was among the top scorers , her beauty has elegance , her stature is very poised. I am placing her for Miss Universe Philippines ( Jamaica is another choice for MUP based on pre-pageant presentation ) Rachel Peters , Dindi Pajares and a distant 5th for Charmaine Elima on the basis of the Q & A presentation. Katarina Rodriguez for sixth place but anything can happen on pageant night. It is all about stage and on-camera performance.

  19. the next miss universe! 🙂 silang 2 ni peters ang maglalaban sa miss u crown! 🙂

  20. Mariel has a beautiful face but she has a big boned built. The good thing is she is 5’8. Her body structure are the likes of Gabriela Isler and Rolene Strauss. Aces should have her don the same styling of Rolene . It means the wardrobe should be well picked. a long sleeved evening gown or the same as rolene gown will do
    malaki talaga ang built kahit mag diet pa sya . sa wardrobe na lang at styling dadalhin. no to mi or supra. both prototypes are small face and small built. Mariel can be mup , intercon, good luck Mariel.

  21. How exciting only six days left. Can’t wait to see Norman’s predictions in a couple more days.

    Knock em’ dead Angelique.

  22. Bakit nga kaya ang lapad nya sa pictures?
    Last Sunday, yung video nila sa beach, ang payat-payat nya dun. Blue shirt suot nya at fit sa kanya.

  23. Been thinking who she reminds me of…

    Now I remember, Isabella Manjon. The hairline and the body built. Though maganda talaga amg mukha niya.

  24. It is Mariel Vs. Sirene for MUP
    (Mariel’s crown to lose based on politics)

    I doubt if she would be sacrificed to be sent to MI
    or Intercon.. So the next possible crown for her is Miss Grand which I think is resserved for Arienne. Her beauty and credentials would be a waste if sent to Supra or Globe. Only some weird divine intervention would prevent her from winning a crown this year.

    If she wins, it wont be a problem. She has the same bone-structure as Irene Esser… Therefore, if she gains muscle and fats at the right places on her body (butt and thighs)… she could achieve the same hourglass figure during her transformation… Of course, it should be done naturaly with out any rib removal or use of invasive technology.

    I wish you goodluck Mariel but I know you don’t need it.

  25. Look, she’s really beautiful but not versatile enough. Also, am I the only who notice that when she poses, she always does that one arm across her belly and one arm to her chin? lol wala ba syang alam na ibang pose?

  26. Yes and No. I’m fine if she wins. medyo may questions lang sa akin. Her face is not that versatile sa iba’t ibang styles. so mag a-ala MJ Ba siya na iisa lang ang ayos sa mu from the start? I know she’ll do her best magpa payat if she wins, but bakit hindi pa ginawa before she joins? I mean i believe naman hindi lang yan nagising siya isang araw sasali agad siya. months or even year yan na pinaghandaan. yunlang naman.

  27. The body is not an issue as that can be easily toned with the right prep. I mean, look at Pia from the time she won and how she presented at Miss U.

    I like Mariel’s face, it’s subtle but demands attention. She grew up in the spotlight so I’m sure she’ll be comfortable around the media which is a big plus.

    To go far in the competition, she’ll need to be relaxed and be herself. Study up on current events, especially with what’s going on in the US as that is where IMG is based. Make sure answers are sincere and addresses issues from a humane perspective. Don’t invoke God unless you’re running for Miss Nuniverse. Stand up and be vocal for equality in all its forms and she’ll win the crowd over.

    • Agree. On one note: Invoking God in her answer was probably Shamcey’s downfall. For the question “Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the man that you love?” – instead of saying, “…and if that person loves me, he should love my God too,” she should have said, “…and if that person truly loves me, he should love me for all that I am.” It would have been more impactful that way, and not seeming like she in turn is forcing the other guy to change his religion for hers instead. I can’t imagine how the judges can ignore that answer and not give her the crown that night. Oh well…

      • The question to Shamcey was abt religion so it was perfectly reasonable to mention god. The bitch Lea just did not want her to win

      • Oh really Fabian? Well I think Shamcey’s answer was the most close- minded answer in the history of MU. It was a very inappropriate answer being delivered on diverse stage that is Miss Universe. She could have just stated the famous line “Love Conquers All”. Tse

      • @Fabian

        Lea just reads the questions which is assigned for a particular candidate that apears on her screen.

      • Fabian, it is reasonable to mention God if the topic is religion. But there seems to be many gods, or names of God, depending on where you come from. For Shamcey to say that her spouse should love her religion too is very selfish of her, and not politically correct for Miss U. Because the husband may be practising another religion, or calling another name of God. To ‘force” someone to believe like you do, is to start a ‘war’. That has what fueled many wars in the past. So you see, it was a very narrow minded answer, one not reflective of the magnanimous mind of a Magna Cum Laude from UP and a board top notcher. She should have followed the lines of religious tolerance and understanding, and ending with the line that says there is really one God, and therefore no matter how you call Him/Her there is no conflict. What is important is that love is enduring, as that is what God is all about.

  28. Not a fan.but I will not complain if she wins MUP. I like her fire to win and good comm skills.
    Still Siren e vs Peters vs Dindi …vs Chanel for MUP.
    Elima and Jehza for minor crowns.
    Calingo for MUP or MGI.Recent pics say she can be transformed into a contender.
    Angelique for Globe or Intercontinental … just because everyone is rooting for her. Physically and otherwise, there are more deserving candidates.

    • Sirene and Rachel are pretty and did well in speaking skills but their beauty will just blend into the backhround, not stand out. Mariel and Jamaica have impact. Dindi will be great for MGI. I kind of keeping an eye on Olive. Sometimes she is stunning but sometimes she is not that pretty. She definitely can speak and has the height but not have the sexy curves but I am still on alert.

  29. Its Mariel vs Sutton. Whoever will not get the MUP will be my 1st runner up. International – Elima. Intercontinental – Peters. Grand international – Angelique Supranational – Naval Globe – Thomas 2nd runner up – Katarina Rodriguez

  30. Gabriela isler also had he same frame. So in terms of physical transformation, it will be very manageable as the coming months will progress. So We shouldnt be personally concerned about that. This time she needs to give attention to what people can easily perceive, her personality. She needs to look more outgoing, personable and especially relateable. Like she needs to exude that she can be bestfriends with anyone. Thats what miss universe is going for as of late. I know its her personality to be quite timid and ‘alta’ but she should work on connecting to people fast. Maybe after she wins bb pilipinas universe, her camp should expose her appeal to the masses like going on game shows, or guesting in eat bulagas kalyeserye, She needs to be phtographed getting down and dirty in the slums. Also she needs to be active in her social media presence to connect to her fans in order to put down that wall of misconconception about her by answering questions about her. She can also keeps a diary thru instagram or other forms of social media to document her journey of physical transformation. Not necessarily showing off her physical progress but just her everyday thoughts , low downs and motivations ans a few snippets of her work out or catwalk training to excite the fans.. Im sure there will be a lot of people out there who are going thru the same kind of pressure who can definitely relate and be inspired turning their lives around too. This will greatly help her relateability. She also needs intense training on posing/modelling, high fashion/commercial even off cam with top model mentors that will suit her body trame. Since IMG is very particular with girls who work it out on camera. She needs to visit schools/establishments in delivering speeches. Tv Guestings etc. simply said, mariels work starts immediately on day one after she wins the title. Its imperative that she has to triple or quadruple her efforts more than her quest for the local crown. She will carry the flag of the country and the amount of responsibility is immense and is loaded with lots of tears, pain, sacrifices and joy. But ultimately it will be all worth it… for the Philippines!

      • what i meant was Isler also had a big bone frame. A characteristic she shares with mariel. Something that that the latter should work very hard so she could develop the same outcome as Gabriela. Perhaps a few non invasive aesthetic interventions should also be considered.

    • Ikaw na P. Betty. Ang dami mong sinabi, but useful I may say. Dapat pumunta ka sa AQ and give them all your thoughts.

      Anyway, of all the girls in this batch I think that Mariel’s face is the most arresting, even without trying hard. It has a universal appeal, classic and classy but with a fresh modern vibe. And when she speaks, her English is correct. She is comfortable speaking it, and her syntax is correct. She has the package. She just needs a lot of intensive training and exposure, as you said, in all areas. For MUP I think it should be Mariel. She is a classy, beautiful lady that has a powerful presence and can speak naturally well. Margie-Moran inspired somehow. Hope she wins.

      Elima also has great projection, and appeal. But she tries too hard sometimes. And her mouth is rather ‘loose’, literally. But her main problem is that while she can speak she is not a natural English speaker, and she comes across as a bit contrived. She also has some minor grammatical flaws. But she should win a major crown.

      Angelique de Leon is another lady that has a powerful presence and can speak very well. She was not a disappointment in the Q and A. It’s about time she wins a crown. She is in the same category as Elima – exotic, dusky, appealing and sexy, and she can speak volumes, correctly. But she looks a bit older.

      Sirene is beautiful in a Caucasian way, and can speak too, but lacks power.

      Rachel is strong and communicates naturally, but looks kind of old, and her face seems out of proportion at times. Ditto Chanel Olive Thomas.

      Dindi? Good luck but is not a queen material. Nelda Ibe – dark horse that can steal a crown. Good height. Huelar? Good luck too. Anotjher runner up placement, or a minor crown. What happened to the rest, like Elizabeth Clenci? I thought she is promising.

      • Almost same analysis with me except Huelar for another runner-up finish, minor crown is acceptable, and E5 mouth for me is fine.

  31. I want Mariel to win. Ignore lang the bashings, Mariel, but listen to constructive criticisms ng mga may K mag-advice.

  32. Mariel VS Rachel Peters!!! Their type of beauty aren’t questionable like others! Nuf said!!!!

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