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  1. For me it’s a toss between Berches (Ibe) and Cliff (Nava).

    What happened to Rodriguez’ face? She looks like Frida Kahlo. And she looks very short.

  2. kahit sino dito ang manalong best in natcos ❤ — huelar, de leon, ibe, borja, thomas, nava(sana palitan color shoes/heels), manongsong(alisin ang peacock feathers). sana maisuot lahat sa international pageants! 🙂

  3. The exclusion of De5-Mendez MAY imply something down the road. Abangan…

  4. Wow unexpected ang pagpasko ni Sirene. Mapapansin mo talaga siya kahit di mo mawari ang sinusoot pero pag dinala ni Sirene aw… Umaalingawngaw talaga pansinin… Para g aiya yong mapapasigaw ka ng more exposure sa kanya kasi magaling. To elima, sabi na nga sa lighting nung photoshoot lang yung impressive pero you canr deny maganda si maine is that hindi pang rampa ang nat cos na yon pang picturials lang talaga.

  5. In fairness kay number 7 ah second time nya na makasama sa top candidates for national costume, pero syempre dahil likes lang sa FB ang basehan mukhang malabong manalo. Pero saken #18 vs # 20, I love the colors!

  6. I was surprised that Maine’s natcos was not included sa top 10. I believe it’s one of the best from the past years. but we don’t know kasi their basis or their criteria. to each his own….

    Maine was my top pick for the Natcos followed by Kimberly. but since hindi sila nakapasok parehas… I’m picking my third fave, Nelda Ibe’s terno. ang vibrant ng color. the fit, the colors, the print. parang stained glass na ibong adarna ang dating sa akin.

    In fairness kay Jennyline ha! Last year kasama rin siya. napapaisip ako tuloy if it’s the terno ba talaga or she really knows how to present her national costume.

    Congrats to the designers!

  7. I will go for Nelda Ibe and Jehza Huelar.
    Sayang di nakasama si Charmaine.

  8. Sirene FTW! Avant Garde costume and she carried that like a pro! Maine’s costume is too heavy!!!

  9. Wow, no Elima. I think the exclusion is just the right reminder she needs to pump some thunder into her veins come Sunday night.

    This group undoubtedly reflects many BPCI likely favorites for the shortlist.

    Sutton is definitely staying strong…

    • I am surprised that the Pablo Mendez creation for Charmaine failed to impress the judges. I think it’s one of the best if not the best one this year. As usual expect the winner of this award to the one with many fans. If I were to pick, it’s either Chanel’s or Christine’s tribal costumes should win this in my opinion.

      • Sorry Dawn. As I said in my previous post, Chairmaine’s gown belongs in a museum, not a beauty pageant. I did not understand why Tito Norman said before it is the best, bar none. I said booo. I’ll say it again. Tito Norman, practice some more. Try to be more international and get out of your own personal prism. Then you will see na masyadong local minsan ang preferences mo. But let me not get carried away. I salute you and admire most of your posts. So please don’t get me wrong. I am just trying to be objective.

        Sirene’s gown is a stylized and ultra modern version of the terno with only a single butterfly sleeve as the remnant of the revered terno. That’s the idea. You don’t have to be faithful to the original, just be inspired by it. And the more flamboyant, the better, just as long as there is unity in the creation and it doesn’t look incoherent. Having said that, I am not sure whether Sirene’s custome is a winner. It is still neither here nor there. It is just a statement, but not an overwhelmingly beautiful or awe inspiring one.

        If you go for a more traditional natcos, Mariel’s is a good choice, especially with the head gear. It’s just that the designs in the fabric tend to be a bit boring. Some layers would have added more drama.

        I think Jehza’s custome is heavy on the upper half. The eagle inspired layers are a bit OA/cheezy/jologs/daduy and heavy. ‘Nuff said.

        Nelda’s natcos is fabulous, and a winner. Her custome is a take off from Miss Venezuela’s terno in Vigan in the last Miss U, which was the best. Nelda’s though is more avant garde, and therefore more exciting, yet still integrally terno. If there is anything that can be improved, it is the head dress. Can be bigger and more attention grabbing than just a small accessory on her head. A bigger one would make her look more imposing, tall as she already is.

        Tops for me are those worn by Nelda, Mariel, Katarina, Chanel, Karla, Ruffa, Sirene, Karla in that order. Of the last three, I only found that of Christa Gale Borja weird. It combined tribal and terno inspirations in an Amazonian way, which i did not find Filipino in an appreciable way.

  10. Hello Dear Readers, Pls. i need 100K likes of my NatCos picture in BbPilipinas FB page.
    I love you and Thank you very much 🙂
    Love Love Love from Queen Jehza hihihi

  11. Oh . I was wrong in predicting Ang as Nat co winner .

    Evn thou i love Sirene , its only her Nat cos that i can t really understand . But kudos to the designer and her .

    Nelda Ibe , Ruffa Nava and Edwin Uy’s costume for me.

  12. OMG ang ganda pala ng details ng each costume. #BeadingKungBurda These High Res Images brought justice sa hard work ng Filipino Designers! Congratulations sa Top 10! #NoTeaNoShade

  13. OMG…OMG…OMG 😄😊😃
    Pasok ang aking NatCos Top 3… Queen Jehza, Sirene and Chanel😀
    Loyal pa rin ako sa ating Diyosa ng Kagandahan, Queen Jehza Mae Huelar (Best in NatCos, SS, EG)😊
    BbPilipinas-Universe 2017 is Candidate no.10 😉☺😃

    • @Sas, nawaley c d5 este e5 kc Di talaga maganda tingnan in motion yung gown hi hi hi.
      Pero kung biglang bubuga ng volcanic ash yung headress ay malamang panalo kc may dahilan bakit mabigat dalhin bwihihi charerette lng😃

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