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  1. She’s one of my bets to win Bb Pilipinas International. Good luck Jehza!

  2. Based on Question & Answer with a Twist + Beauty factor:

    Miss Universe Jamaica Ambal
    Miss International Sirene Sutton
    Miss Supranational Mariel de Leon
    First runner up Charmaine Elina
    Second runner up Gillian Colcol

  3. The repeaters have a soft heart in my heart thats why Im wishing Liezel Ramos, Angelique De Leon, Dindi Pajares, Mariel De Leon,Jehza Huelar and Elima to place in the top 15 and eventually clinch a crown. Its not an easy task to train for this . may they see the reaps of their labor.

  4. someone commented that Chanel was comfortable w q and a. I did not watch but a good friend who is always atm said Chanel is one articulate lass . One of the fluid speakers to watch out for

  5. She’s pretty but her ears are distracting sobrang laki.im sorry madaming pretty this year so swerte na siya if make it sa semi plus she’s short I’m guessing 5’4 lang siya. World peace ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. eto yung ok ang mga comm skills base dun sa show last night sa abs —
    calingao(kung 5’9 height lang niya, siya ang bet ko sa mu),
    mariel de leon(bet ko sa mu),
    peters(mu bet ko din ito!),
    chanel(she looks good in motion pero sa mga pic may mga angle na mukha siyang matanda),
    yung pumili ng guitar
    at yung lumaki sa barcelona ba yun?
    medyo disappointed kay elima, pang supra na lang siya…

    • Based on QnA
      1. #6 Ito yata yung pumili ng guitar.
      2. #28
      3. #31

  7. AFter last nights telecast, certain ladies stood out. Among thr frontrunners, mariel was really a standout. I was genuinely surprised at how she described the diamond. She was very articulate. Maine was not so bad. Medyo paikptikot lang yung sagot but it wasnt so bad. Sutton, dindi also were ok. Pasado na. Katarina also was great, and so was peters.
    Was disappointed with huelar. If indeed true that age is the anointed one, more practise pa please sa q and a.
    As fir the darkhorses, no. 6 was great in describing. Yun nga lang at medyo facially not pang beauty queen. Same goes for Ang. The way she described the feathers and incorporated it in her advocacy was excellent. Calingo was ok too. Jamaica was ok too kaso ang laking babae. Was a lil disappointed with IBe . Kinulang ng subsatance.

  8. hindi ko siya bet gaano during 2016. siguro di lang masyado nag reregister ang beauty niya sa akin noon. but this year is different. from screening pa lang, nasurprise na ako sa ganda ni ateng. i mean nag evolve tlaga at nag transform ang aura niya. I hope she wins a crown this time. good luck beh!


    • Respect please. Nagpapahinga na po ang Mama ni Jehza so please wag nyo idamay yung mga taong malapet sa kanya para lang siraan or bigyan sya ng masamang image.

      Take note: Karma is digital nowadays.

    • Her mom died years ago na of lung cancer… That was almost immediately after she lost her dad. Please do your research

    • @Richmonde

      Ulila na si Jheza… Both parents died at an accident… part ka ba ng Social Media marketing ng Aces?

    • hello? PAra makapanira lang? Her mom died a few years ago, closely following her dads death. Go somewhere else to spread your bad vibes

    • you are really sick ANGELO REYES!!! dinamay mo pa parents nya for hate and bashing purpose to norman. tsk.

  10. Kelan ang showcase ng natcos? Pre-recorded naba yun para sa intro ala MU circa trump era?

  11. Saw the parade too. Sa totoo lang di ko cya napansin. Then may nagsabi lang beside me, ngulat ako bakit over hyped cya. Masyado din cya maliit. IMHO. Di din impressive yung impromtu speaking challenge nila last night… Well,bottomline magkaka alaman pa din s finals night! Good luck

      • Bakit? Candidate bako ng binibining Pilipinas para magpapansin? At mapansin? Kaloka….O ikaw, napansin mono. Hahahhaa

      • Mali p grammar! DID she SAW…Te balik k muna s mababang paaralan. D kita k level. Mga papansing basura ng bayan

  12. If she gets MPU, I wouldn’t mind, her facial beauty isn’t as equal with Maine, but I believe she’s one of the most prepared. Her edge over Maine: height, communication skill, stance, a runner-up finisher. Over Mariel: body, stance, a runner-up finisher.
    Medyo na-sad ako kagabi with Maine sa activity where she had to say something about a painting. I can feel the struggle in collecting her thoughts, hindi pa talaga flawless. I know it was nerve-wracking, what more during the finals. There’s no confidence in her voice also. I can still sense the little coyness in her which I am trying to ignore for the past weeks. Mariel has one of the best answers to the diamond painting, nasobrahan lang ng slight sa seconds. Even Sutton and Christa weren’t that impressive with their rhetorics, I expected more from them. Those who did good were Rachel Peters, and the girls who are not considered “strong favorites.” I feel so sorry for Rufa, nagkawindang-windang ang answer. Chanel showed that it was her comfort zone, so relax. As usual, Calingo shows what she is made of. E5 must practice to think on her feet, beautiful face isn’t enough, communication skill is the name of the game this time, if her handlers want her to get MPU.


    • What? Seriously? Jehza’s edge over Maine is her height? LOL, Jehza’s height is 5’5 1/2″. Charmaine was listed as 5’7″ back in Bb Pilipinas 2013, though I think she’s actually like 5’6″ which would still be taller than Jehza.

      • If that is so, then, I’m glad to know that, hindi naman pala mababa, not bad for MU. In some writings, Maine is said to be 5’6 while Jehza is 5’7. If Maine is 5’7, all she has to improve is comm. skill, then she’s good to go for the highest plum.

  13. Highest placement for Jehza will be BbP International (in my opinion).

    • MUP and MIP are of equal rank as I understand

      We’re u trying to say she was not gonna be MUP?

      • MUP po ang last na tinatawag sa mga kinokoronahan sa finals. Although same level daw pero Miss Universe is bigger than MI.

  14. I hope she wins a title. A returning BbP that was a former runner-up has so much pressure.
    Winning a title is the only satisfaction. Anything else is depressing. Ask Ann Colis. ๐Ÿค”

    • Ann Colis won a national title and eventually Miss Globe. I think you might be referring to Hanah Ruth Sison. She won back-to-back runner-up placements in 2014 and 2015.

      • Thank you Casper…you’re right…my bad!

  15. Slight revision :

    MU – Sutton
    MI โ€“ Huelar
    MGI โ€“ Peters*
    MS โ€“ Nava*
    Intercon โ€“ Elima
    Globe – A Deleon *

    Photogenic โ€“ Mariano
    Swimsuit โ€“ Sutton
    Nat co โ€“ Ang
    Evening gown โ€“
    Jag –
    PAL -Elima

    That s just me ๐Ÿ™‚

    *maybe / eyeing for another candidate

  16. I started with Elima, Sutton, Peters, Mariel as my 4 top ladies. Now I can add Huelar to my list. I see a Miss Globe come her way.

    Norman Tinio, do u still check your private email

  17. Kinda off-topic…but after the parade and the primer, top 10 could be:
    *Lietz Camille Ang
    *Mariel de Leon
    Rachel Peters
    *Chanel Olive Thomas
    Charmaine Elima
    *Juliana Kapeundl
    Dindi Pajares
    *Katarina Rodriguez
    Jehza Huelar
    Sirene Sutton

    The five with asterisks are my top bets! Here’s hoping that the MUP and Bb. International will be among my top 5…

    Pero grabe…ang hirap nang mamili!

      • Ay nope…yung may asterisk talaga ang top 5 ko bong ๐Ÿ™‚ Yang 10 na yan, sobrang tight ng competition…binase ko na lang sa nakita ko nung parade…mas gusto ko lang ang dating ng limang may asterisk…youthful and fresh, magagaling pa sumagot… ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Congrats & happy Sunday #Binibini10 Jehza Huelar I wish u best to future

  19. Oh, my Queen Jehza ๐Ÿ™‚
    Gusto kong itapon ang headress mo at ang borloloy ng chinese welcome greetings ng main door ko, sabay ganun hihihihi.
    Pinaglalaruan lang kayo ng mga julalay ni SMA ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Ayoko rin yung “whatever happens” mo Mommy N kasi negative vibes yan sa akin dahil Binibining Pilipinas-Universe talaga ang nakatakda kay Queen Jehza bwihihihi.
    Puwes, I second the motion na rin Mommy N; Whatever happens Inday Jehza, you’re still my Queen ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jehza Mae Huelar, The Queen of the Universe … Charette hihihi ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I’ll probably put her in Intercontinental. She can also be International I guess..

  21. I’m sure she will get a crown but I think she is apt for Miss International or Miss Globe.

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