20 comments on “Sunday Specials: Once more, Cebu rules Reyna Ng Aliwan 2017

  1. nakaka inis ang organizer enutil tlga di man lang nilagay ang crown ni apriel, its seems di nila bet si apriel kaya siguro 1st runner up na lang…. mas deserving sya kesa nanalo.

  2. Apriel is still with A&Q? Even with her stint in Aliwan? She’s more deserving to win than the winner, I saw the coronation on Aliwan FB page, they wouldn’t even crowned her because she’s tall? Wth! Felt bad for her…

    • Yeah, right? What an effin’ joke. Apriel should’ve won this. And the winner is like 5’4″ and looks a lot like the other 3 runners-up. Nuff said.

  3. Huh!!!!!?????? I really don’t care at all sa pageant na ito pero based sa pictures pa lang paano natalo si Apriel Smith.

  4. What????
    Inaasahan ko pa naman na mananalo si Apriel.
    O cge na kung KF ang nanalo eh di pasalihin na rin yan sa ME 2019 para maging Miss Earth Philippines 2019 para maging tunay na Blood Compact ang namagitan sa KF, Aliwan at Miss Earth bwihihihi charette lang ha… sabagay may katotohanan din minsan ang sinasabi ng isang ibong chacharetterette 🙂 hihihi

    • Eto, kaloka at pinahawak lang ang korona kay Apriel dahil matangkad daw… jawsmio mga utak ng Aliwan Organization 🙂
      Kakagigil talaga at napakasimple na gawain ay hindi magawa ng tama at kung pansinin mo ang mali ay sila pa ang may ganang magalit GRRRRRRRRRRRR 🙂
      Kaya nakakainis talaga ang galawan at pag-iisip ng mga dilawan kaya mabagal ang pag-asenso ng Pilipinas dahil may utak naman sana pero di ginagamit sa tamang paraan GRRRRRRRRRRR bwihihihi …Charette lang 🙂

      • Bong ano ba yung lagi mong binabanggit na dilawan? Mga Aquino ba? Kung sila. Based on what I have observed, read and heard, si Cory and Noynoy lang ang naging presidents ang di nagnakaw sa yaman ng bayan. I’m not a fanatic of politics or political parties but I know to distinguish a good leader and a bad one. I don’t affiliate myself to any political dogmas or whatsoever but I base my own judgement on common sense and what the eyes can see, what the ears can hear and what the mind can fathom, devoid of any prejudices originating from any kind of affinity. I know you are from Davao that is why you are a Duterte fanatic. Bong, let me ask you how many Dutertes have had ruled Davao before and what happened to their political rivals?

      • Doremi, what happened to the Philippines during the 2 Aquino’s regime bwihihihi 🙂
        What happened to Davao City when The Duterte became mayor hihihi 🙂
        FYI, i’m not from Davao but i live in Davao for 5 yrs in my life …. charette 🙂

      • @Jeremi

        Really?… So what do you call Hacienda Luisita?… How did the Cojuangcos aquire it? Don’t you think the government assuming the cost of building the P170-million Luisita interchange for the Cojuangcos’ privately owned industrial park inside Hacienda Luisita a for of corruption? Don’t you think the farm workers of Hacienda Luisita should be given their 33% share in the P83 million the government paid Hacienda Luisita, Inc (HLI) for the road right-of-way to build the Luisita interchange? Don’t you think the payment of P83 million for the right-of-way was a tad overpriced?
        When Cory privatized the government shares (people’s money) of major corporations and public utilities, who bought most of it (at a low price) which created a monopoly of our country’s major industries? Which particular family earns the most from rising gasoline prices, rising electric prices and peso depreciation? Would you be the antagonist of your own biography?


      • Just answer the query. Rely on the strength of your own arguments and not on the weakness of the other. Pag napatunayan mo bang pangit ang Aquinos, it follows that Digong is good or Arroyo is good? Pfftt. Pinoy talaga. Kung hindi blinded by affinity, makakalimutin. Hahahays.

      • bong is an ilocano from Ilocos region I guess. Maka-Marcos siya kaya support din niya si Duterte. Die hard Marcos fanatic. 😐

      • J, hardcore dilawan ako noong time pa ni Cory😊
        Sinusuka ko nga c Marcos noon kahit virgin at may sipon pa ako😄
        I was exposed to politics at very young age/elementary-grade 6 OMG na dapat laro laro muna and
        Speak/discuss politics with adults and my parents are marcos loyalist😲
        Galit ang parents ko dahil korikong ako hi hi hi 😄

      • @Jeremi, Catriona and J

        If you guys know better then show evidences not just mere allegations. You can all type ad hominems against those who don’t share the same opinions as yours with condescending tones but those are not evidences to support your arguments.The president even answered your allegations himself:


        I’m not a fan of Du30 or Marcos but if I have to choose the lesser evil then who should we support?.. Grace Poe? ( FYI she ran for Danding Cojuangco) Fact is that the Cojuangcos has business shares at almost all forms of local media, and the authors of school textbooks of most millenials were under the aproval of the Aquino administrations. Ever wondered why K-12 barely has History units in its curricullum? And yet these are not enough power and influence to hide their corruption.




        PS. I’m Tagalog, Kapampangan, Illonggo and Bicolano therefore my opinions are not based on chauvinism or regionalism but because I experienced them all 1st hand. Ang ganda ng Davao at Ilocos.. Pero kumusta ang Tarlac?

  5. Ganun ata kalakaran sa aliwan tito norms, mka-KF sila tapos mahihilig sa mapuputi. She bagged Best in SS and Best in EG, madami ang nagsasabi na mauuwi na nya ang korona kase pati sa Q&A nag excell din si Smith. Hays! Gusto ko lang talaga yung idea na diversity in color.

    • i think nanalo si ms. alforque because she’s flawless in dancing.. Aliwan is not a simple beauty pageant, kung di pagalingan sa pag sayaw. i observed in the videos si ms. alforque marunong mag bali bali nang kawatawan hindi sa rampahan.. so si ms. smith ang winner sa rampahan pero sa sayawan si alforque… an Aliwan is a festival dancing comp.

      • Sana “Reyna ng Sayawan sa Aliwan” ang title po. Hahaha. Di rin nmn cguro ganun katigas katawan ni Smith kung sayawan lang ang paguusapan pero she excelled in SS, EG and Q&A. Pero sorry, may something talaga na di natin alam. Smith even won Sinulog Festival queen 2012 and it is enough to sat that she is graceful and have flawless dancing skills.

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