49 comments on “#Binibini2 Arienne Calingo: “…I don’t perceive winning as the end goal; rather, it is the start of an amazing-and perhaps universal-journey!”

  1. What I like about Arienne is that no matter what her bashers say or try to put her down, she still is true to herself and quite determined. Go Arienne! Keep working hard. I was unsure of you from the start, but you won me over by not quitting.

  2. I had a chance to see Arienne in person during the Parade of Beauties—and was pleased with what I saw. I happen to be in the Philippines for my vacation leave. I saw all the gorgeous candidates and felt proud once more at how our country has such a goldmine of beauties! But to someone exposed to people of different racial backgrounds, the many Caucasian-looking candidates seem just like any beautiful Latina, European or American—not really standouts side by side with them. From my vantage point, Arienne fits the wonderfully beautiful Asian prototype. Each one has his/her concept of beauty and I respect his/her opinion. But if the objection to Arriene is her physical features, which is obviously based on Western standards, I beg to disagree. What I saw for myself is a physique and face that will give all the western prototypes a run for their money. Now, surround these physical features with an amazing brain power, outstanding academic achievements and noteworthy humanitarian engagements, and the result is a Philippine representative to an international beauty derby who will give a new dimension to the Philippines’ beauty powerhouse trademark– land of beauty, brains, brawn and values.

  3. I laugh at the bashers because I remember every year, there is always at least one contestant people seem to bash, and then they end up doing well. Janine, Ariella, Nicole Cordoves, even Pia – many bashed them then what – they win a crown. This girl has a spark that is different from other contestants and I want Arienne to win. Super support.

  4. Please crown her lang. She is not the usual contestant we get in our pageants, so that is a plus. I am so impressed by her talents, no bashing. I am truly impressed and I wish I could do that too.

  5. Look, I get it that Arienne might rub some people (yes, that means you Casper dear) the wrong way. But after all, this is a competition. Obviously, some of Arienne’s best assets are her academic background, foreign languages, etc., and these are things she’s proud of, and also what sets her apart from most of the candidates. You can’t really expect her to sweep them under the rug and not talk about her background, especially if broadcasting them herself — at times rather assertively — could bring her closer to winning a title.

    “And I don’t find anything wrong with that at all.” — Pia Wurtzbach

    Right dearies?

  6. I went to Georgetown, I speak 120 languages, I do ballet, I am a woman of substance, I am “universal” , I am the smartest, I’ve got class, blah blah blah, I, I, I, me, me, me, LOL!

    • Ha ha ha. Di masyadong halata na bet mo cya hi hi hi.😊
      Basta bet ko cya for MGI kc bagay din cla ni Nawat hihihi
      Good luck my dear Arienne ☺

    • Why? Is it wrong to take pride of your education or acquired knowledge. Arienne is truly worthy of any crown. And you sir, badly need a reflection. For someone who argues about humility.

    • Im not exactly a fan since I always state what she is lacking of(height and a beauty that not everyone appreciate) I also say that her styling greatly improved, sexy healthy body and she has a nice jawline. A good friend of mine told me Arianne and Mariel are gracious and kind. Arianne might be paying the collateral damage of people around her (the people around her might be the pompous ones not her) Im just relating that the lady she is close w always says great things about her. all these ladies worked hard and deserves unwavering support .
      my faves are Sirene , Angelique, Tomas ,Dindi(Supra) . Im liking Mariel’s beauty Peters body Ambal height. If Calingo wins I will also look forward to her international pageant. di tayo mapapahiya kay Nawat if ever just in case Arienne will be MGI(wishful thinking our first mgi)

    • I don’t get why you’re so mad (dare I say jealous?) for her ballet – that’s her talent and she wanted to share at the talent show. Why aren’t you bashing the other contestants for doing a talent, ah? So why are you mad? I also don’t get why you bash her academic background. She can’t change it, and she isn’t the only person bringing it up. If people ask, what’s wrong? Eh?
      Go Arienne! I support you 100%! Win MUP and watch the nay-sayers jaws drop.

    • So what if she does ballet? That’s her talent and they had a talent show. Why aren’t you “bashing” other candidates for sharing their talent, ha? She never said she’s the smartest – she lets her credential speak for itself. Jeez.

    • Dang Casper. Just because you don’t dance ballet (or your bet didn’t perform at the talent show), have her credentials, or have the guts to do BBP even when haters (like you) are around…don’t take it out on Arienne. I wish I had her background, but would be very happy with her representing the Philippines.

  7. I like her styling now. I hope she will be our rep in mgi. I also like the fact that she registers as feminine. I just wish she is a bit taller . anyway Ariska is also not that tall .

  8. I hope she wins one of the Top 3 crowns.
    Nawat of Miss Grand would be insane not to crown her!

  9. inibining Pilipinas 2017: The Road To The Crown on Sunday’s Best: April 23, 2017 Teaser

  10. I dont know about Universe, but I hope she gets a crown.
    She seems so humble – something sorely lacking among most frontrunners.

    Not saying this trait alone should make her win (of course not) but at the very least she’s above average in most respects. And I feel she can still be transformed.

    • If you know her from before, shes maldita and her humility wala. Mabuti she now learns. Thats what Bb does to one.

      • I know her from before and siya ay super mabait. She used to be I guess maging shy, but very humble.

      • She was and still is humble. Never rude, always kind. Before, siya ay a little shy, but never “maldita and her humility wala.” I know her and her family. Never like that.

    • HUMBLE ?!! She hasn’t stopped yappin her mouth about Georgetown, her “substance”, her linguistic skills, her fantastic accomplishments, qualifications, her uniqueness, and hinting how much more deserving she is compared to the other lowly candidates since day one! HUMBLE MY ASS!!!

  11. All of the girls will perform on stage with make up. so, Sa tingin ko madadaan naman sa make up yan para mas mapaganda pa sya and its okay to be beautiful with make up lang. arriene needs to show Full of feminity it will works for her. proper make up and styling ang kailangan nya. she has the brain and com skills na. so i trust her and her team.

  12. Off topic:

    Napansin ko lang, magkaiba yung mga age nang ating mga MU reps at the time of their respective competion sa Miss Universe for the past 7 years except kay M4 at Pia.

    MJ Lastimosa (2014) – 27 years old
    Pia Wurtzbach (2015) – 26 years old, same with Maxine Medina (2016)
    Shamcey Supsup (2011) – 25 years old
    Ara Arida (2013) – 24 years years old
    Janine Tugonon (2012) – 23 years old
    Venus Raj (2010) – 22 years old

  13. Pasado talaga sa communication skills, kulang lang talaga sa ganda. She maybe beautiful inside pero she’s far from being the total package. If she wins MUP, she’ll probably ace the prelim interview to help her get into the MU semis. Kung may online voting and with the help of filipino fans’ balikatan baka kaya siguro umabot ng top 6. Mahirap pero possible, yun tipong either kabahan ka ng todo or tanggap sa loob mo if matalo. But I really want her to win MGI.

  14. I’d say she’s best suites for MGI. Her credentials match the MGI proptotype. Had she been taller and prettier, she’s MUP handsdown. Alas, you just can’t have it all, can you? If she gets the MGI crown, Nawat would be blind not to crown this girl. Right now, there’s NO clear standout for MUP. Come finals night though, i know they will deliver. And the tranformations hey go through after they win even makes their victory sweeter! Laban Pilipinas! Ayun lang. K thanks, bye! 😎

  15. She reminds me of that girl in class who is always in time; always raises her hands in class; always top marks, but everyone sort of hates her deep inside for being, well, always over-achieving.

    And as my mother would say, you should make up for what you lack in other ways- and Arienne does, admirably so, though I think that sometimes, she goes a tad over the line and end up being a bit unlikeable. But her credentials are impressive- would it be impressive enough for Universe??? Even Sushmita Sen with half the wit she displayed at MU 1994 is twice more beautiful and that’s the caveat isn’t it? Dapat talaga first and foremost, you have to be unquestionably beautiful or commandingly tall and she is neither- for Universe at least.

    But I am convinced at this point that she would be a perfect fit for the other crowns- like MGI- universal peace and understanding anyone? lol

  16. Off topic
    In retrospect, snce 2010, the MUP are distinctively memorable in theor own right and are a diverse batch of success.

    2010 – Venus Raj; the ground breaker.
    2011 – Shamsey Sup-Sup, repeat beauty.
    2012 – Janine Tugoonon – threepeat Bb that should have!
    2013 – Ari Arida – fourpeat but stiff at the q&a
    2014 – MJ Lastimosa – external dress drama, underachieving styling and big hair.
    2015 – Pia Wurtzbach – the drought is over, long live the queen!
    2016 – Maxine Medina – insurmountable odds as host country atteempting b2b, top 6 finaist.

    With 2017 finals night looming, my biggest hope is the success streak continues.

    The worst nightmare is if that the MUP rep becomes a repeat of Bianca Manalo’s infamous non-placement clapper status in 2009 of being the last BBP not even placing in the semi-final. What pressure? 😉

  17. The exact words one would expect from a typical achiever! Winning is not the end-goal, but what to do after the win. Just like in a job interview, getting the applied-for position is not the goal, but what achievements to attain to add value to the organisation. This is what confidence is all about. Arienne just defined how it is to be confidently beautiful.

  18. Oh la la if she’s luccky enough to be in the Top 8, i will give the MGI crown 🙂
    MGI 2017 talaga ang bagay kay Ms. Calingo.
    Good Luck and i will support you 1M% like what i did to my Queen Nicole C. 🙂

      • @ bong700 : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        There was a comment on YouTube that the Miss Earth crown is overvalued here.

        And I personally think it is the … (uhm) least pretty. imho. 🙂

  19. I love this girl so much. She is continuing to shine and working hard to prove she deserves to be up on the stage. Go get it Arienne!

  20. Bravo! I am definitely rooting for Arienne. Like you said, she walks the walk, and talks the talk. She would be perfect on the international stage! Keep surprising us, Arienne!

  21. I JUST hope WME/IMG would not find her pompous or full of air or rhetoric (did she not say in Mr. Tinio’s previous post on her that she was a “woman of substance”?). After all, she said “perhaps UNIVERSAL”.

    Can it be said that she would make a worthy successor to the down-to-earth lass from Lille? Would she hit it off with Iris Mittenaere? Because as anyone who has been watching the MU contestants post-pageant, more and more they are being obliged to work together. May she have this in mind at all times.

  22. Love this girl’s pageant credentials. She is a MWP veteran which means keep an eye on her. I would not be surprised if she ends up in the winners circle.

    Liked he from the gate. 👍👍

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