23 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Photo Blog: Sponsor Visit at AXA Philippines 

  1. Rachel Peters and Sirene Sutton. Would be happy if either one wins the top plum.

  2. Most everyone looked gorgeous. Specially beautiful are Ms Elima, Sutton, Nava, Rodriguez, A. de Leon and Ortega. Shoutout also to Ms Colcol, Asturias and Thomas for looking specially gorgeous.

    The depth of high calibre beauties that can be competitive in Ms Universe is a testament not only to the abundance of naturally beautiful Filipinas, the tireless efforts of Filipino pageant enthusiasts such as trainers, designers and bloggers who are true fans but also to the dedication and efforts of the candidates. The results speak for themselves despite coordinated and relentless sabotage efforts by members of a certain ethnic group for the past 15 years from the days of Voy forums till now. As well as continued social engineering efforts to promote and shove down Filipinos throats their downright unattractive people to represent Philippines through crooked means. They want to ride on Philippines sash and reputation to win internationally what they could never win otherwise withoubpaying and hosting. Hence several candidates with looks that are not meant for a beauty pageant let alone Bb Pilipinas and represent us abroad. Twice is enough already and sana masiyahan na.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  3. Serine… Umaalingawngaw… Effortless makipag talbugan… Sarap nyang pagmasdan…

  4. @ Anonymous : Good afternoon/morning/evening. The dusky/bronzy/morena lady… standing in the group photo? I think she is Ms. Ambal, one of the tallest together with Misses Borja and Peters. Or if you were referring to the one seated, yes @ Closer2Fame is probably correct that it is Ms. Colcol.

    At sino ‘yung ka-beso ni Mr. Tinio sa likod ni Bb. Mariel De Leon?

    I like 18 (Kapeundl), 28 (Ibe), and 37 (I’m sorry. Could someone tell me who she is, please?). Tyvm.

  5. Gusto ko tong AXA life insurance ng mga winners.
    At least may panglibing na dahil magastos na rin magpalibing lalo na after 10 or 50 yrs ay milliones na ang palibing hihihi

  6. Gandani Chanel sa solo photo niya.

    Mariel.. ang heavy bes.. sorry.. hindi talaga versatile ang fez niya sa iba’t-ibang hairstyle. or mali lang yung hairstyle niya jan?

    Sirene.. beautiful. kaloka dark lipstick kung dark!

    Maine – in fairness, siya agad napansin ko sa group photo together with…

    Colcol – ganda niya in fairness ha! Bakit kaya di siya nasama sa top 40.. hmmm

    pero ang winner talaga dito ay ang mga cuticle boys.. hi bebe boys… CHAROT!

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  8. Natakpan ang number niya. She’s really pretty. I like her skin tone.
    Bronze beauty.

  9. Cute ng boylets sa table! I don’t get the hype on Chanel. Mariel, wow this is what I’m saying that she isn’t versatile with hairstyles. This is just disastrous!

  10. Pwede pa kayang ayusin yung hair ni mariel sa noo? Nkakadistract lang kc medyo mababa ang pagtubo, lumiit tuloy ang noo.

  11. alot of girls to be wasted on pageant night. those nameless newbies dami magaganda although the favorites like dindi and mariel are indeed standouts. chanel is gorgeous as well. hirap pumili!

    • Hindi lang sa photo, heavy talaga siya! Pansin nyo swimsuit may stretchmarks pa kasi pinipilit habulin ang pagpayat! Pusta bubulagta ang baboyita na yan soon!

  12. Taray ng parehong aura at anggulo ni Tito Norms and Olive Thomas!!! Pak n Pak!! 😀

  13. The very morena girl with long straight hair na nakaupo sa group photo.
    She is gorgeous!

    • I agree, is she Colcol?… Pretty but I wonder why she didnt make the orginal cut as official candidate?

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