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  2. She’s very pretty.
    She should be mindful of how she puts on her lipstick.
    Minsan parang Joker lips.

  3. Based on my assesment of each girl, majority has specific and sometimes unique strengths.

    TOP 10 based on facial beauty:

    1. Charmaine Elima
    2. Katarina Rodriguez
    3. Maria Angelica De Leon
    4. Elizabeth Clenci
    5. Sirene Sutton
    6. Mae Liezel Ramos
    7. Jheza Huelar
    8. Arriene Calingo
    9. Gail Tobes
    10. Jamaica Ambal

    TOP 10 based on Body:

    1. Christagale Borja
    2. Rachel Peters
    3. Sirene Sutton
    4. Jheza Huelar
    5. Charmaine Elima
    6. Dindi Pajares
    7. Jamaica Ambal
    8. Mae Liezel Ramos
    9. Sammie Anne Legazpi
    10. Channel Olive Thomas

    Top 10 based on Pasarela and Projection:

    1. Sirene Sutton
    2. Charmaine Elima
    3. Jheza Huelar
    4. Dindi Pajares
    5. Christagail Borja
    6. Arienne Calingo
    7. Rachel Peters
    8. Ruffa Nava
    9. Maria Angelica De Leon
    10. Channel Olive Thomas

    Top 10 based on remarkable Personality
    (Neither Positive nor Negative)

    1. Arienne Calingo
    2. Maria Angelica De Leon
    3. Angelique Celine De Leon
    4. Katarina Rodriguez
    5. Channel Olive Thomas
    6. Ruffa Nava
    7. Jheza Huelar
    8. Charmaine Elima
    9. Sirene Sutton
    10. Christagail Borja

    Top 10 based on Comunication Skills

    1. Christagale Borja
    2. Arienne Calingo
    3. Maria Angelica De Leon
    4. Channel Olive Thomas
    5. Rachel Peters
    6. Katarina Rodriguez
    7. Angelique Celine De Leon
    8. Arah Salientes
    9. Sirene Sutton
    10. Jamaica Ambal

    Top 10 based on Academic & Proffesional background

    1. Arienne Calingo
    2. Christagale Borja
    3. Camille Manalo
    4. Angelique Celine De Leon
    5. Nelda Ibe
    6. Sirene Sutton
    7. Charmaine Elima
    8. Rachel Peters
    9. Katarina Rodriguez
    10. Maria Angelica De Leon

    In my humble opinion, they should crown the most consistent and well-rounded.

    • Summary based on your assessment: 1 point per criterion
      6 points – Sutton
      5 points – Elima, Angelica deLeon,Calingo, Borja
      4 points – Rodriguez, Huelar, Peters,Thomas
      3 points – Ambal

  4. I’m rooting this girl for the MUP crown. she has all the weapons for a MU battle. Mariel would definitely fit the Miss international and Maine for Supra. Katarina for Grand because she speaks well.
    Chanel is fit for Intercontinental and Peters for Globe.

  5. Light make up lang…she has very strong features that in some pictures parang trans

  6. If her looks will not fit the “tan” skin color then this will be a challenge for her… to standout with that fair skin where most are fair skin. I remember beautiful faces with fair skin who didn’t standout because they came ordinary blending with other contestants.

    • Madali lang magpa tan… Pia and Ariela actually has naturaly fair skin before they got tanned..

      • what Kehoe is saying.. what if hindi bumagay sakanya ang tan at fair skin lang talaga ang babagay sa beauty niya.

  7. Aminin na natin, wala talagang iisang stand-out sa batch na ito. Up to now, wala pa ring malinaw na common choice for MUP na masasabing may 100% chance na magpapatuloy sa magandang placement ng bansa since Venus time in 2010. Lahat sila tinimbang ngunit kulang. I have a few in mind like Sirene, Mariel, Maine Elima but as i said lahat sila tinimbang ngunit kulang. Kung pagandahan ng mukha, kay Elima ako. Kung katawan, kay Sirene ako. Kung personality, kay Mariel naman ako. Now, kung ganito rin lang na may “kakulangan” sila, why not try this time the likes of Arienne Calingo for MUP for a change. Total may sash factor naman na tayo, galingan na lang nya sa preliminary competition at sa pasarela para pasok sya sa semifinals. Alam naman natin ang caliber ni Arienne when it comes to Q&A. Malay natin baka siya pa maguwi ng ating 4th MU crown. Just a thought. 🙂

    • pero ang timbang ay nagbabago sa paglipas ng ilang araw. ilang linggo at ilang buwan. pwedeng mapunan ang kulang o madagdagan. Give them the benefit of the doubt. baka pagdating ng finals nga nga ka teh. may ilang buwan pa for training para masakto nila yang timbang na sinasabi mo.

      • yep. but i think their height is qualified naman sa age req ng bawat ng titles. andyan na naman yan. important is yung ibubuga nila sa stage and yon ay madadaan naman sa traning. and eustaquia wag mo ismolin si arriene. wait ka lang teh.

    • Personality kay Mariel? Anong personality ng bababuying kakastahing biik na yun?!!! Shes bland fat boring white pig!

  8. Parang she’s too pretty lang talaga for MUP…so pretty to the point na nagiging boring…but yeah, if she wins, no prob naman…

    Nakaka-excite the thought of crowning binibinis who aren’t heavily hyped…

    Dane Marasigan
    Juliana Kapeundl
    Patricia Asturias

    But my ultimate bet so far for MUP is Chanel Olive Thomas…With kayumanggi skin (tan her please), it’s like sending Venus Raj all over again! 🙂

  9. As a working model, brand ambassador and marketing student… I know Sirene can talk…. And she is also being trainned in the Q&A and Public speaking by Bambbi Fuentes.

    What I love about Sirene is not her beautiful face, slender figure and long legs…I love her very proffesional work attitude, her consistency in everything she does and her dedication for being the breadwinnner of her family. Took me some time to asses who I should root for and finaly, I found her.

    Sirene Sutton FOR THE WIN!!! 😀

    • Ano namang alam niyang si Bambbi sa Q&A aber? makeup at hair nga niya outdated na!

  10. She’s beautiful. haven’t heard her talk that much so I can’t really say if she’s a good speaker or if she can speak. concern ko lang is.. i don’t know if sa styling or make up, some of her stills are not that flattering. I mean may something.. minsan pag tinitigan mo siya, parang.. basta hindi siya kagaya nung may aura / fez na lalong tumatagal mo tignan lalong gumaganda or masarap titigan. parang ganon.

    But she’s beautiful.. If she wins MUP i wouldn’t mind. I believe with proper training, preparation and handlers.. she’ll do good. 🙂

    • oo parang minsan joker face ewan ko din maganda siya ofkors sa tingin ng iba siyempre tisay pero pag sinama mo na yan sa ibang MU candidates parang mas lulutang pa ang ganda ni mae liezel ramos na uma awrang Andrea Tovar.

      • She’s really beautiful. to each his own naman. I like her photo (2nd, small on the left) but the third one (2nd big photo) not that much.

        same sentiments. I am not sure if her beauty will stand out. As I have commented before. she looks like Ms. paraguay, nicaragua, argentina or dominican republic to me. but again.. let’s see. though I have my top pick for the MUP title, Sirene isn’t a good choice either. I’m just keeping my doors open 🙂

    • May mga anggulo kasing nakikita yung natural na hitsura niya, hindi magandang-maganda. Madalas kasi nakukuha niya sa projection kaya lumalabas parang diyosang-diyosa, kahit naman hindi talaga kasi nga nakakadagdag ang maputi sa ibang taste ng Pinoy. Ako agree na magpa-tan siya ng bahagya, may umay factor siya sa akin.

      • hmm yun na nga, nadali mo. she just knows her angles very well. kaya siguro nasasabi din na mas maganda siya sa glamshots – because that’s her forte.

      • She looks good, great body but not over all not that stunning, maputi lang .

  11. I’m curious just what the judges will be looking for MUP this year.

    Will they choose a darkhorse this year? Perhaps a Bb no-one had on their favorite list?

    This could be that kind of year.

  12. rooting for her to get the top plum . im quite concerned about how her handlers are training her in Q n A. There was never any feature or interviews of her in the news as what tito norman said. Its either she was edited out or her answers are forgettable or her conversation skills are bleh.

  13. Wag naman sayangin ng BBP to please, MUP or runner up to be reserved next year.

  14. gondoh!!! I will be haappy if she wins a crown…unless she falters in the QandA

  15. I consider Sirene ❤️ as one of the top three front runners of this Bb Pilipinas batch. I hope she does very well on finals night.

    Good luck Sirene!

  16. Masculine face. Will need a makeover if she wins for MU. Good she is tall

    • Wow Will…
      These head shots are “interesting” to say the least.
      What happened? 🤔

    • Whoever took this shot and styled these candidates should be banned from BB. Very amateurish make up- ngmukha silang probinsyanas na abay sa kasal, bad angles and bad lighting. Hayss kailan kaya magbabago ang taste ng pinoy. Sorry po!

      • You know what happened….Holy Week Happened. They look like all of them have not slept for days tapos suminghot ng Katol sa easter sunday #Kaloka #AllTeaAllShade

    • Litaw na litaw ang tabas ng retokadang baba ng isang feeling pa-angel na babalina hahahaha. Lotlot na naman ang ingrata!

  17. Bb Unverse -Sirene Sutton
    Bb International- Mariel Deleon
    Bb Intercontinental- Maine Elima
    Bb Grand international – Rachel Peters
    Bb Supra – Dindi Pajares
    Bb Globe- Olive Thomas
    1st runner up – Katarina Rodriguez
    2nd runner up – Jehza Huelar
    Rest on top 15
    Liezel Ramos
    Angelique Deleon
    Jamaica Ambal
    Ruffaa Nava
    Nelda Ibe
    Arriene Calingo
    Patricia Ortega

  18. Her only hurdle to win the top crown is pageant politics and if she’s not able provide a more than satisfactory answer for whatever politicaly polarizing question assigned to her. Goodluck Sirene, may the stars allign for you on the corronation night.

    • Are you sure?!… She wouldn’t be Miss Global Philippines 1st runner-up for nothing… FYI, she actually did well during the Q&A. It was the complicated pageant politics that prevented her from winning. 🙂

  19. Love her facial bone structure, parang si Angelina Jolie. Like you, tito Norman, I sincerely hope she wins.

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