18 comments on “Exclusive! A Day with the Binibinis at David’s Salon Academy

  1. Ako lang ba nakakapansin na parang hindi na natural ang cheek bone at chin ni Angelique de Leon? I was a huge fan before until i noticed na parang may nabago sa mukha nya.

  2. Sino naman sa kanila ang kaaway ni Mr. Norman?
    Si Miss De Leon ba?
    40 x 99%=39.6. May 40% na kabutihan pa yung kaaway ni Mr Norman. Bakit kaya sila magkaaway?

    • Not technically kaaway.

      Dindi is the only one missing on the pics.

      Of all the candidates that was featured here, Dindi was the only one who was not. She’s generally aloof to most bloggers, kahit anong site, pero accommodating siya SA mga fans. I believe it’s all part of her gameplan.

  3. Ma. Angelica de Leon and Jamaica Ambal are the only two who have Miss Universe vibe … I hope one of them wins the crown. It will all boil down to performance on the stage on pageant night.

    • I don’t understand the so called ‘ Miss Universe’ vibe. If u r beautiful with a good physique and exceptional personality and comm skills , u can succeed at any pageant.

      • Once a bb candidate there is always a chance to win any of the crown!

      • Fabbie it’s called a spark! It’s hard to explain but it’s this quality that makes someone look like she’s oozing with confidence without doing anything.

      • 4M i believe it depends kung sino ang tumitingin. Meron nagagandahan sa isang candidata na hindi naman nagagandahan ang iba and vise versa. May kanya kanya tayong bet. That’s why there are judges who maybe are more experts than most of us. Mostly ine-express lang natin ang mga opinion natin which is not bad naman. Huwag lang mang-bash ng iba.

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