23 comments on “#Binibini31 Katarina Rodriguez: “…I’d have to say I’m aiming for sexy. Sexy in class. Sexy in intelligence. And sexy in discipline.”

  1. There is a reason why sya ang iginitna sa limang iyan. Definitely, Katarina is the most powerful in this set pic

  2. Sorry Katarina dear, but I can definitely speak from experience. Anytime anyone says to me they are “aiming for sexy” … that’s when it becomes NOT sexy.

    • BUT I do agree with Norman. Katrina’s face is among one of the most beautiful of this batch.

  3. Another gorgeous truly Filipina beauty. Mestisahin pero pure Filipino parang si Shamcey, Toni Hipolito, Maricris Pascual and Kimverlyn.

    Good luck! By joining you elevate the quality of beauty in the competition together with Ms Elima and a couple of others. Truly beautiful faces.

  4. Very lovely face. Well-spoken.
    If only she was tall.
    Good luck to her.

    • PS

      It’s so nice to see the ladies wearing regular heels in the group photo instead of those ugly chunky tacky platform shoes.
      They look so classy and sexy wearing classic high heel shoes 😊

  5. Friends sila ni Queen Jehza, ang BbPilipinas-Universe 2017.
    Sana makuha nman ni Kata ang MI para DU30 supporter ang mga Big Winner😂😂😂

    • It is a disadvantage if a girl is Du30 supporter. Stella is Araneta, and so is Mar Roxas. Off if maka-Duts nga si Kata kahit sya pa MUP ko

  6. This girl have a lots potentials. Beauty and Brain. theres a beauty and strong awra if she smize. i really like her face. her beauty. her height is just okay. her body can be trained and so her pasarela. But during press presentation and Jag jeans event she disappointed me. she always did something which are not necessary on being a beauty queen especially sa pagrampa. but still im liking her. hope ko lang na sana nababasa nya ang mga comments na makakatulong sa kanya. and she will do the right/best performance for her come preliminary competition and especially sa finals and makakuha sya ng crown. supra is my 2nd choice for her. if not, we can have a chance to win our first Miss Intercontinental crown.

  7. Kat definitely has one of the prettiest faces of the whole bunch..

    Sirene nailed the last shot! WOW!

  8. Hmmmm? Aiming for sexy?
    Keep aiming sweetheart.
    Sexy is like humility. You don’t advertise it, you simply apply it and “other” people will acknowledge that you have “it.”

    Sorry.. turn off👎

    Good luck anyways…

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