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  1. Dumi tignan. Dapat yung gandang di kailangan ipaliwanag ang ipadala.

  2. Ito yung tipong Top 6 lang sa MU kahit sobrang ganda. Ligwak din to sa MI. Pang Top 5 lang sa MGI at pang QF sa MS or MIntcn.

    MGI nalang please…

    • I don’t think she would win Miss Grand because of her South Asian features and for not being as articulate as the other girls. I do know that her comskills has greatly improved so we’ll see on the coronation night.

  3. There is only 13 days left until finals night on April 30th.
    It is starting to heat up. ๐ŸŒก๐Ÿ”ฅ๐ŸŒก

    Inasmuch as I believe awarding multiple crowns is truly a positive format, I cannot help but to feel a little disappointed that some Bb tier 1 hopefuls who deserve nothing less than competing in MU, MW or MI will be sent to Globe, GI. Intctl, or Supra.

    Bianca Manalo and Nichole Cordoves are prime examples.

    It is what it is.

    • You mean the sister of Bianca Manalo, Nicole. I never felt Cordovez fits more than what she got. Okey naman ang First Runner-up finish niya. The girls who got away in my opinion are the likes of Tifanny Janson, Isabella Manjon and Nichole Manalo.

    • Nicole Cordovez was given just the right crown. Personally, I would consider Nichole Manalo, Kris Manalo and Janicel Lubina as the real wasted beauties.

  4. I had to see the pictures again but I’m sorry but she has no spark for MU. Hueler and Sutton will be the last two girls standing. Mark it!

    • I will not mark it because Huelar and Sutton will never win MUP2017.

    • Taray. Eh di emark na natin c Queen Jehza as MUPhilippines 2017 hahahaha ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜„

      • And you will be proclaimed Bading Universe Philippines 2017. Walang kokontra. Mark It!

      • Hahaha relax lng BbGayPritil1950 bwihihi
        Pakimark mo na c Queen Jehza sa puso mo para magiging kapusong KapatidTV5 ka na rin.
        4M, bakit mo pinapainit ang Bading International ilog pasig 1970 na to baka mastroke at mahirapan ng mag comment sa blog ni Mommy N ๐Ÿ˜Š
        Fabian, any medical interventions para sa bagong friend natin hihihi charette lng๐Ÿ˜„

      • bong700, ayaw ko nang Bading International crown because my beauty is timeless. Iisa lang ang crown for grab and that is Bading Universe Philippines. Hands down ikaw yun.. hahaha! Congratulations!

      • Awwww๐Ÿ˜ƒ
        In Denial ang burikat na nagreyna reynahan ngayong flores De mayo sa pintuan ng North Cemetery hi hi hi โ˜บ
        Magharvest ka na ng mga kandila at mga bulaklak sa N.C. at bagay gawing national custome yan sa kandidata mo na sa kulay ng make-up ay kulang na lng ang kabaong.
        Sinasabi ko lng ang truth ha. ..hindi ako nagbabash bcoz I think b4 I click. ..Big Charette bwihihihi

  5. The hypothetical crown:

    Kung MUP ang crown for her, base on her Q&A in 2013 and mock interview few months back, mukhang sasablay. Facially beautiful talaga siya. Pagtabihin mo sila ni Raquel Pellisier, panalo PA rin si Maine but will the judges choose her?

    Kung Supra naman, at A&Q Ang camp Niya, Yvette 2.0 Ang kalalabasan.

    Kung MIC naman, pwede Rin. Features ni Sovietskaya pareho (I.e, brown skinned, average height) pero 1st RU ang kinalabasan. Nagpadala ng matangkad na version in the person of Christi Lynn, 1st RU pa Rin ang labas.

    Kung MG naman, pwede rin pero after last year’s incident, sayang naman Kung di mapapakinabangan yung pagiging proactive and exposure Niya to different cultures being an FA.

    Which leaves me to MI,

    Kahit na first runner up finish like Mosquera-Barboza pwede na Kasi sa accomplishments ni Kylie ngayon magiging mataas expectations ng MI SA next winner. Although di PA din impossible Ang b2b. Ang chicka SA mga Latin pages, si Kylie Ang nagbabayad ng pagkalugi ng MI kay Edymar last year.

    • Pray tell – paano “nalugi” ang MI kay Edymar, and how is Kylie paying for it? #curious

      • @gemma dear 2 runner ups are also madame’s favored picks(not as mup) the q and a will have a higher percentage this year

    • If she wins Supra, it won’t be Yvethe 2.0. Fans were divided on Yvethe’s beauty whereas most if not all say Elima is gorgeous … with make up on. She’s sweet and extremely feminine. I won’t be surprised if she wins Miss Supra Intercon or Globe.

      For MU and MI , I think they are looking for a leader type of personality . Elima is too coy for that.

      • I for one thought Yvethe Santiago was MU worthy. However, afterwards I noticed in some photos and angles of the lenses Yvethe had an extraordinary peculiar nose.

        Make up does wonders.

      • It’s actually the training she will be receiving.

        Both KF and AQ Hindi nila makuha Ang timpla ng MS. Yvette is from AQ while Joanna & Rogelie is from KF. Parehong Top 20 Ang finish. Mutya is Independent like Sirene’s status now. So take advantage Yung virgin mindset ni Sirene on how she would execute.

        MS for me is a modelling competition packaged as a beauty pageant.

      • @gemma . I think we should send someone who is universally beautiful… someone who everyone thinks is gorgeous….like Mutya who got a unanimous vote from fans regarding beauty .
        Rogelie Eden and Yvethe all divided the fans during their reign .. dapat pang I-defend yung beauty nila to others .
        I don’t believe it’s the camp who can’t find the right formula for the competition. They just haven’t found the right candidate for it.
        Maybe this time , they will get itright with Elima.

        Sirene can definitely do the same job .. but she’s meant for bigger things.

      • @Fabian

        Yun naman Ang objective talaga Diba? Universally beautiful and gorgeous pero Yung kinalalabasan like opposite. Gorgeous ba si Asha at Srindi? Ang Dami nating “hafu” na ganyan. Mas fit PA sa description si Valeria Vespoli or si Jaleesa Pigot for me pero runner up lang at yung Isang tinalo ni Parul Shah SA MGI eh PASOK PA sa 10. How can it be?

        Original bet ko for MS is si Ruffa. Imagine mo ang Isang dusky promdi na rarampa Sa Bansa na karamihan eh blonde hair blue eyes eh Ewan ko Kung Hindi Sila mamangha! Pero dahil KF siya, huwag na lang din.

  6. Kung bet din sya ni Madam, e di uwian na, may dalawa nang nanalo. Rachel Peters (sya lang pinalakpakan ni Madam nung presentation) at Charmaine Elima.

    Di ba kasi bet at first sight din si Madam kay Maxine dati nung una syang sumali nung 2012.

    • Pinalakpakan din si Camille Manalo and Nelda Ibe ni SMA nung press presentation.

      • Brian, padded ang height sa MU. Sinagot na yan dati ni Venus. Matindi lang ang padding kay MJ kaya naging 1.75 (5’9″). Nung sumali si MJ sa 2011 edition, candidate number 34 sya. Ka height nya si Dianne Necio na 5’6″ din at number 33 (pero ang announced height nilang dalawa nung mismong pageant ay 5’5.5″).

        Usapang padding na rin lang. Wala pa rin hihigit kay Czarina Gatboton. Gawin ba naman 5’10.5″ ang height nya (5’7″ nung nasa Ms. World na sya).Krista Kleiner din ay 5’10.5″.

  7. I really like Elima. I hope she wins a crown. But I was quite disappointed to know she’s only 5’6″ – that’s a bit short for Miss Universe. To me, 5’7″ should be the minimum for Miss Universe. Olivia Culpo has the same height, but she won because she is absolutely gorgeous, her body symmetry perfect, and she’s intelligent and articulate. Despite her height, Culpo possessed an incredibly strong aura, on and off stage, that made her look ‘taller.’ It didn’t mattter that she was shorter than most candidates. I’m not sure if Elima possesses similar qualities, enough to compensate for her shorter height.

    • Not to mention, Culpo had more than a homecourt advantage aside from being highly articulate.

    • And just FYI, all the successful representatives from Philippines in the last seven editions of Miss Universe have been 5’7″ or taller.

      • That’s debatable Brian . I do not think Shamcey is taller than 5’5″ or 5’6″ . I’m taller than Shamcey and she was already wearing heels when I saw her. Same thing goes with Pia and MJ.
        Maxine is prob 5’6 and Venus and Janine are prob 5’7-5’8″

      • Inamin ni Venus na 5’8 sya. Dinagdagan lang ng MU para maging 5’9.
        Pia, Janine, Shamcey, Ara, Maxine – 5’7

      • For the record, si Czarina Gatbonton pa din ang pinakamatangkad na major title holder. 5’10.5 sya nung nanalo syang MWP nung 2010. Hehe

    • @Brian and Fabian. the little insider birdie said it will be a toss bet 3 tall halfsies and a celeb relative for MUP(all 5’8 and above) They caught the matriach’s attention for mup.

    • Remember Matteo? He was taller than all of the 2013 winners on tv and he is not even 5’8

    • Wala sa height yan, Brian. If you are at the right time with the right set of judges, you are unarguably destined to win, and a few of your shortcomings will be kept into obilivion.

    • Wala sa height yan, Brian. If you are at the right time with the right set of judges, you are unarguably destined to win, and a few of your shortcomings will be kept into oblivion.

    • Yan ang tinatawag na seductive look. Titindig ang “kuan” ng lahat ng heterosexuals any time of the day. Hahaha!

      • O na miss mo na kasi you are the reigning Bading Universe Philippines at nasa contract na hindi ka pwede kakain ng ibaibang hotdogs during your reign because you will be automatically dethroned. Wahaha!

      • Open ang Universe sa ganyan burikat hihihi
        Ewan ko lang sa International na ginagalwan mo kasi balita ko ay isinusuka ka raw kasi puro hadaan at awrahan lang ang alam mo hihihihi charette lng ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Really? Kaya pala laging nka open ang pwet mo sa mga ibaibang colors and sizes ng hotdogs. Nakakasuka ka. You’re not a good example to our youth today. Sabi na ngang iisa lang ang crown for grab at Bading Universe Philippines yun and you reign supreme. Sorry to say and I am happy to tell you that my beauty is timeless and I am still immaculate. LOL!

      • Ikaw lang nagsasabi ng ganyan coz i’m the real immaculate and my mom is BVM bwihihihi
        Did i say that you’re a burikat hihihi.

      • Meron ka palang bagong crown – Bading Charette International Queen 2017. Hakot crowns ka talaga. Hahaha!

      • Really? Burikat yet immaculate? That will remain a mind-boggling mystery. LOL!

      • Really? Burikat yet immaculate? This will remain a mind-boggling mystery. LOL!

  8. Let s see. I won t protest if Elima wins MU . May nasasaktan kasi .

    As for me , im for Sutton!

  9. What a goddess!! The one to beat. She looks like that girl you daydream about but can only worship from afar. In her video, she looks, moves and sound alluring in a very feminine way that triggers a man’s protetive instincts.

    Wish you all the best Miss Elima!!! I believe I am speaking for the overwhelming majority of Filipinos and foreign observers in saying that no matter what happens, you are my MUP 2017.

  10. Basta not MUP for me. Jehza is Aces’ biggest chance for MU. Mariel will get International if Jehza wins MU. If Sirene wins MU, Jehza will be MI and Mariel will possibly be Intercon with Peters at Grand. hihihi Wishful thinking lang.

  11. Hays yung iba dito pag maka pag comment akala mo mga expert judges.

    • If that is what you thought, opinion mo yan, but what we wrote below was merely our guesses? And we are entitled to what we want to say based from what the pictures showed.

    • Jeremi Everyone is an expert here … and rightfully so. Remember beauty is in the eye that sees it . Who are we to judge someone is wrong if that’s the way he sees it? Let’s give enveryone the stage to say what he thinks here.
      Walang basagan.
      Tse hihihi!!!!

      • O sya sige na nga Fabian go Dindi Tse
        Pero kidding aside Fabbie I’m afraid sa bet mo baka di man lang sya makapasok sa semis this time around. Pede pa ba sya sumali next year baka sakali hahaha

      • Jeremi, i would rather Dindi lose than get Globe or Intercon . She’s only 24 so she can still join next yr .
        Remember the girl u hate in all of pageant history . She cried in 2014 but became the top Dog in 2015-16. I hope Dindi is as strong and patient as she was.
        Dindi has great body and great stage presence. She knows how to deal with Q&A.She is beautiful now and she will impress u more once they get her ready internationally .
        I believe in Dindi!!!

  12. MU -Sutton
    MI โ€“ Huelar
    MGI โ€“ Peters
    MS โ€“ Nava
    Intercon โ€“ Elima
    Globe- A deleon
    Photogenic โ€“ Mariano
    Swimsuit โ€“ Sutton
    Nat co โ€“ Ang
    Evening gown โ€“

    • MU – Sutton
      MI – Mariel de Leon
      MGI- Elima
      MS- Huelar
      Intercon- Peters
      Globe- Katarina Rodriguez

    • I like your prediction… except that I do not see Nava in the top 8 . She is too raw for me

      • @ Fabian- Nava is raw, but it seems that she has something more to show.

        Who will replace her if its your choice?

  13. She reminds me of Isabel Lopez when she won MUP. Isabel Lopez was gorgeous that night and extremely smart.

    • @ Fabian : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Yup. Gutsy. The “Immaculate Conception – Are you still a virgin – If I say I still am, will I win?” thingy.

      • That is just an urban legend, Andrew.

        It was Ariel Ureta who actually ask that to Rita Gomez i think. Na-embed ko na din Yung video Dito before pero in-snob lang.

  14. E5 reminds me of … Wonder Woman! With stellar tiara, aquiline bustier, star-spangled panty, and golden lasso. And invisible jet as the ultimate high-fashion accessory. An Asian Linda Carter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Pls no more Gloria or Margie on the show. They have had plenty of airtime already … and they are not articulate enough and do not anymore look physically pleasant on tv.
    Let the modern queens give their take on the pageant.

    It’s nice that KC is returning. Xian is fine ( OA Lang mag-pronounce ng last names) or so is Richard Guitierrez. Raymond G may do the backstage .

  16. She will be get one of the crowns, but I really doubt if she clinched the MUP. I think the battle for MUP are Sutton vs De Leon Vs Ibe (Who is bubbling UP). For the meantime, I place Charmaine as my MI a complete contrast of Kylie last year, I think she can replicate Kylie’s performance.

    • I agree with you Garga, Sutton and Mariel deleon, MUP and MI…. Can be Peters as well.

  17. Well, learning from last year from the equally stunning Maxine Medina, as MUP-worthy Charmaine Elima is her defining moment is how she answers her final q&a.

    Imo, the final q&a will determine which Bb goes where. In otherwords, this year poise and content in their reply is the key.

    Good luck Charmaine.

  18. She is a top contender too. But still i cant say for now if i will put her in my MUP list. so far sutton top my list for MUP. some say she looks like keke and banga jelitha is a dusky beauty too. But maines face and beauty is unforgetable than banga jelitha. madaling mawala sa isip ang face ni miss indonesia. si maine hinde mo makakalimutan agad agad and maine is more beautiful than her.

  19. she’s my mup from the start together with huelar, MDL, sutton and Dindi. but Maine is my sentimental fave. lol

    • Yes, that’s right, I am tossed between Maine and Rachel, but sentiments get in the way. E5 has a soft spot in me. Whatever happens, I’ll be happy if Maine becomes a titlist. I want her to become a part of BBP history as one of the queens. Iba ang nanalo sa naging kandidata, it is like a birthmark.

      • Rachel for me is reserved for supra. I don’t know why. but I’m fine if she wins other title. I’m just not seeing her as MUP. I’ll be fine whoever wins the MUP i’ll support them all the way. I believe BPCI now knows what MU is looking for. I’d rather have Maine as a runner up and train a lot ten join again next year than send her to Globe or Intercon. she’ll be totally wasted there.

      • @ MrManila : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        But wasn’t E5 part of the Binibining Pilipinas Gold batch of 2013, together with MDL? It is now four years since. Should E5 still wait another year? Now na!

      • Andrew , yes . Now na for Supra Intercon and Globe. She can and should get all those 3 crowns!!!

    • So agree, Andrew. Maine has waited four years to join again, she must be placed na, next year will have another batch of strong contenders, how can one be so sure of her chances. It’s now or never. Para sa akin, kahit na anong korona, basta manalo si Maine. Kung di niya makuha ang highest plum, I guess it’s fate. Hindi lahat kagaya ni Queen P. Huwag umasa sa ikatlong chance. Marami na ang sumubok pero di lahat pinalad. One should take this chance as her last.

      • Sorry. Noon pa man wala nako bilib sa kanya kaya ayun ckap your hands ang peg. At hanggang ngayon dipa rin ako napapa ooh ahh sa kanya lol ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ anyways opinyon ko lang toh may bet ka may bet din ako. Betlog betlog lang yan

    • Sabihin mo nga kung sino bet mo. Tingnan natin kung sino ang next please. Kung hindi mo sabihin talaga ngang next please siya kasi nahihiya ka sa kanya.

      • Madami akong betllogs for MUP. Sirene A. De leon M. De Leon Katarina at J. Mariano. Oo malaki man si mariel pero pag sya ang mananalo im sure itatransform yan ng bonggang bongga. Si Janine nga nun dami nagsasabi mukhang katulong baluga pero nganga sila. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

    • Luis, wala ng next sa mind nya kc mahihiya na yan sumali Next year dahil semifinalist lng cya ngayun hi hi hi ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
      Hanggang FA lng daw sya bwihihi๐Ÿ˜‚

    • @luiskie, and daming mong betlogs baka sa kaling makachamba ka. You have to decide now and choose one because only one crown is at stake for MUP and we will see. I’m sure she will be the “NEXT PLEASE GIRL” for MUP. Btw, I love Janine because her beauty is exotic and very Filipina.

      • Hanuveh! lahat nga ng binanggit ko ay pang MU para sakin. Kaya ok lang kahit sino sa kanila ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

    • Sigurista ka talaga @luiskie. Hindi lahat sila ay pwede maging MUP. Between Sutton, A. de leon, M. de leon, Katarina and Mariano sino sa kanila ang bet mo for MUP? If you are one of the judges ng beauty contest, you have to have a decisive mind. Hindi pwede yung kahit sino sa kanila. I know you are confused kasi alam mo bawat sa kanila ay may kulang talaga kaya hindi ka makapagisip ng matuwid. These girls are obviously not the type that the MUO are looking for. Malaking NEXT PLEASE. LOL!

    • Sigurista ka talaga @luiskie. Hindi lahat sila ay pwede maging MUP. Between Sutton, A. de leon, M. de leon, Katarina and Mariano sino sa kanila ang bet mo for MUP? If you are one of the judges ng beauty contest, you have to have a decisive mind. Hindi pwede yung kahit sino sa kanila. I know you are confused kasi alam mo bawat sa kanila ay may kulang talaga kaya hindi ka makapagisip ng matuwid. These girls are obviously not the type that the MUO is looking for. Malaking NEXT PLEASE. LOL!

  20. Sirene or Rachel for MUP. The Q & A will decide for us who will eventually win. If Elima gives a solid performance come final night, i wouldnt mind either. Wag lan masyado pa cute beh sa pagsagot. Watched her mock Q&A and pabebe po sya magsalita. That’s all, k bye! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  21. She’ll be great for Globe Supra or Intercon. Maybe we’ll have a new Miss Globe or our first Intercon … maybe we’ll get into the top 10 at Miss Supra

  22. International, Intercontinental, Supra and Globe…

    She’d be a wasted beauty at International…
    Possible win at Miss Globe which is still a waste IMO. She has a great chance of placing if sent to Intercon or Supra. She could still win BBP-U if she gives the best answer among all the other top contenders who’s given politicaly polarizing questions.

  23. Sir Norman wala na po National Costume Competition. Yun fashion show po yun na po naganap sa Talent Competition. #NoTeaNoShade

  24. One of the best girls this batch. I guess the determining factor is the girl’s performance on the coronation night itself. I wont mind Maine, Rachel, Sirene, Mariel or Dindi.

    We should be grateful the Philippines has a surplus of beautiful girls that can think and express themselves on their feet. The filipina is truly world class, at par with the very best in the world.

    I am getting anxious for the coronation night. It is going to be a blood bath.

    More so next year when Catriona Gray competes.

    • At Par? Pamela, you’re wrong. Filipina beauty quuens are above par I must say. Hehehe!

    • Pamela my dear, panoorin mo na lng ang performance nya sa coronation night at ihanda mo ang mobile clinic dahil Di nya matanggap ang pagiging semifinalist lng nya bwihihihi ๐Ÿ˜‚

  25. SHe reminds me of young “Racquel Welch”Good luck.. Hope you get the MUP.. you deserve it!!!!

  26. Ha ha ha… Dami namang maging MUP ๐Ÿ™‚
    Pero sabi ng aking kaibigan sa BbPilipinas Organization ay Queen Jehza or Queen Huelar, isa sa dalawang yan ang maging BbPilipinas-Universe 2017 bwihihihi

      • @Jeremi, Dindi has got great body and great stage presence. Her English may not be perfect but she knows how to answer questions . And her ‘Mongoloid’ face? I don’t think it’s the case buteven so I’m sure A&Q will solve that issue for everyone once she wins MUP.
        Dreaming ? Oh no , Jeremi. I use an odds probability calculator . Tse hihihi!!

      • Nemen, huwag ka ng mainggit kasi ibibigay ko naman sa yo ang Bading International Philippines 2017 crown bwihihihihi

  27. My top 2 remains the same – Elima and Peters. Anyone of them can be MUP

  28. Maine Elima has the potential to represent on any international beauty pageants…she may have the exotic looks of a filipina and therefore if she is lucky enough on the final night, I’d rooted for her to win the MU Philippines crown. I hope that her communication skills in english has now improved than on her first attempt at the national pageants…she has the exotic aura to be our next Miss Universe soon. Good luck and God bless Maine Elima.

  29. Pinakamaganda at pinakamahusay! The wittiest? There is no clear barometer for that, so far. Not even Masters Degree.

  30. She will win a crown but her face really reminds me of Keke. Personally, she might be good for Intercon. Sutton or Hueler for MU.

    • Sirene or Peters or Dindi for MUP
      Huelar for MI
      Elima for Supra Globe or Inter

    • Her face reminds you of Keke? Really? Ang layo naman. Maine is a league of her own. Sa tindig pa lang, sa ilong, sa ngipin to name a few, kahit 1/8 wala si Keke na nasa kay Maine.

  31. I hate the styling but she’s going to slay come pageant night. She’s almost perfect but maybe a little upper enhancement with make up! No surgery just clever make up to make her upper lip seam bigger

    • One of her physical attributes that makes her unique is her upper lip.

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