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  1. This may be deleted by Sir Norman, but I notice that the blogger has compromised objectiveness with commerce. It shows in your post. Favoritism and siguro too closeness and familiarization and good tydings with some has blurred your commentaries to the advantage of other candidates and the unfairness for some. And that easter hunt selection you made, its so tacky. Kindly review your entire Bb Pilipinas posts and it’ll show you how favoritism has muddled your blog.

    • Gloria, I am not deleting your comment. Let me just say that – in my dealings with the Binibinis- there are the cooperative and less cooperative ones in terms of facilitating my blog features on all 40 of them. I can’t fabricate articles about certain ladies who do not find even the shortest time to engage me in a chat or quality talk to serve as basis for my writeups. But I always make an effort to reach out- more than twice at the very least. I can only do so much. I can’t name the relatively oblivious Binibinis anymore because that would create unnecessary fuss. But you can tell the ones who take advantage of the opportunity to be featured. For free 98% of the time.

      As for the Easter Sunday feature, I apologize if you find it tacky. But the ladies I included came as a collective result of my assessments and feedbacks from people who matter.

      P.S. I have already made features on practically all the Binibinis at least once. You can now tell the specific candidates who went for two. And the few who did not bother to respond to me for whatever personal reasons they might have.

      Whoever invented the “seen-mode” has a cruel sense of humor.

  2. ok lang if angelique’s not on the list .. id rather na wala sya sa list and deliver come apriil 30 , kesa naman bidang bidang sa kung ano anong list tapos waley naman sa coronation night. i agree facially dun sa JAG video , hindi sya maganda dun … but the walk! love it … sa ibang videos naman her face looks fine.

  3. I agree to Angelique’s non-imclusion . Her face is too small and not in a good way . Her smile is better this yr but still leaves much to be desired .she sounds sophisticated but her English is not as good as Sirene’s .

    • @fabian Angelique is on my list even last year. She is tall, dusky and a fluid speaker.

      • Jackie, I was getting convinced to include her in my top 15 this yr . Her national costume pic is great but her JAG sealed the deal for me … out of the top 15. I hope I’m wrong .

  4. MU -Sutton
    MI – Huelar
    MGI – Peters
    MS – Nava
    Intercon – Elima
    Globe- A deleon
    Photogenic – Mariano
    Swimsuit – Sutton
    Nat co – Ang
    Evening gown –

  5. may something ba between sir norman and angelique? most of the pageant bloggers (national and international) has angelique on their list pero kay sir norman wala. #justasking

    • @jakiey12. yup sir norman supported and featured angelique in his blog many times. but for this year wala pa. #justanobservation

    • Yeah Angelique should also be on the list. Aside from Elima and Peters, I actually don’t mind if she wins MUP too.

    • Sorry ha…but to be very honest, wala din si Angelique sa list ko this year. But if she will get a crown, I will be happy for her.

  6. Complement to the MI crown that I want for Elima would be the Miss Photogenic special award. Exactly the same accomplishment of Kylie last year.

    Di naman kailangan pagtalunan Yung award na yan. Kahit SA anong anggulo mo tignan si Maine eh maganda talaga. Whether candid shot or photo shoot, she register well on camera.

    Like Sirene, Maine is not demanding when it comes to style.


  7. It’s almost the same list for me except for three. Nevertheless, here are my thoughts as per my wish list.

    • For Mariel, smile! Smile! Smile!

      Libre Ang ngumiti!

      She is better than in 2013. Since she doesn’t have problem with comm skills, it’s more on styling that she need to focus since she appears bulky on pics.

      I know she likes wavy hairstyle but she should consider voluminous curly tip this time.

      As for gown, she should consider eccentric design so she would appear less bulky. Gowns worn by Iris or Gabriela Markus will work well with her. She may want to consider Val Taguba or Cherry Veric to dress her.


      • @Gemma Mariel is beautiful and tall pwede pa non ivasive lipo melting yun likod niya. wala problem sa q and a.sana manalo
        Height and being a fluid speaker ang mahirap solusyunan.

    • Sirene is in a way in a middle of a dilemma considering the one size fits all format of BBP. Being an independent candidate she doesn’t have the know how to penetrate Top 15.

      Nevertheless, if she will be able to make it and defeat those with beauty camps then it’s guaranteed that the MS crown is for her even without the Q&A.

      Any gown, any hairstyle will work with her. That’s the good thing about Sirene! Hindi demanding Ang face and figure.


    • Arienne’s latest pasarela in Pampanga shows how prepared she is. There are negative publicity to drag her down but the effect on her is positive. She’s really determined. And given the sequence of the pageant (i.e, SS, EG then Q&A) then she’s really expected to reach the finish line.

      Recommendation ko lang as kanya is to have a high bun or chignon with teardrop earrings on finals night. I hope she choose Mark Bumgarner or Patty Ang for her EG na one shoulder gown in dark color to elongate her. Mark & Patty’s design is more on silhouette and clean lines instead of delicate beadwork or embroidery.

      I hope she will not repeat her styling at MWP. If she could project the same aura as Ms.PR2013, MGI crown is for her.

      I also like the fact that she spends time thanking her fan on social media for their support.

      I don’t know if my neurons were just exaggerating but analyzing her qualification (I.e, embassy staff, multilingual), may pagka-Sydney Bristow Ang dating.

    • Browsing through Dindi’s timeline at IG, I was really impressed! She knows what she wants.

      Her career has direction considering that she is a millennial where the habit is to jump from one job to another. She also has a picture with “Kapitan”, her employer.

      As of now, she really has her eye on the crown and “gigil” to take it. She need to tone down a little. What she did last year that ferry her to the Top 15 should be the same performance she should do this year. The only modification would be the way she will answer at Q&A where she has to stay away to an answer that will lead to taboo topics like sex, politics, race and religion. And based on her candidate intro and mock interview, she’s ready.

      I hope she wear an off shoulder gown with minimal beadwork or glitter and just let her hair down. If she captures the MUP crown, she will be the third FA of PAL after Pamela Manalo and Jewel Lobaton.

    • Angelique is not on Norman’s list.

      Most of the KF’s girls doesn’t have pasarela video as reference. Nevertheless, I still believe that Angelique will be able to deliver on finals night.

      There is still a problem with her styling so to be safe it’s better that she just do a bun ala Minorka Mercado. Her comm skills is on point already. If she would impress the judges, I really like her for MG.

    • The rest of my Top 15:

      Chanel Thomas – whom I’m expecting as first runner up.

      Ruffa Nava – whom I’m expecting as second runner up.

      Christa Borja – whom I’m expecting to be Best in Swimwear.

      Rachel Peters – drop your boyfriend and you’ll have a crown

      Elizabeth Clenci – I’m reserving you for next year along with Anthea Murfet.

      Jehza Huelar
      Patrick Asturias
      Nelda Ibe
      Jamaica Ambal

  8. I agree with your top 5 Norman. Ms Charmaine Elima has the rare combination of a maamo at magandang mukha, balingkinitang katawan, magandang tindig at kahumahumaling na boses. Her beauty is at once regal, glamorous, arresting and alluring whilst still being unique and angelic (pang bida ika nga) with a hint of mystery and mischievousness that make you want to know more. No wonder she is the choice for Bb Pilipinas Universe not only by Filipinos but by all other nationalities who genuinely find her the most gorgeous. A true Filipina beauty.

    I would replace Cristagale and Dindi with Angelique and Asturias. Though they are pretty in their own ways, their type of looks will not be received well internationally. Oriental/mongoloid looks are an acquired taste, and are viewed as extremely unattractive in the West but more so by other non western countries like Middle East, the Subcontinent, Africa and Latin America as well as in our region. Just look at the horrendous comments thrown at Maxine deriding her for her oriental looks. This is after Maxine’s looks have been de-orientalise significantly. Even in oriental/mongoloid countries, they view oriental looks as ugly, hence the much publicised plastic surgery their candidates undertake just like Venezuela.

  9. MUP – Sirene alt: Peters Dindi Mariel
    MI- Jehza alt:Sirene Calingo
    MGI- Peters alt: Calingo Dindi Sirene
    Globe- Elima
    Supra _Dindi alt: Elima Sirene Peters
    Intercon- Elima alt: Sirene Peters

  10. MU – Elima
    MI – Peters
    MGI – Sutton
    MInter – De Leon
    MG – Huelar
    1st – Calingo
    2nd – Rodriguez
    2nd –

    • Obvious ba eh bayarang media ng Aces yang si Norman! Buti naman at wala ang babalinang sali ng sali sa list! Naspluk na siguro ang kaingratahan ng retokadang pa-angel na yun!

      • may something ba between the blogger and angelique? most of the pageant bloggers (national and international) has angelique on their list pero kat sir norman wala. #justasking

  11. The first set of 5 are also my Five for Fighting. In my choice, I’d rather put Mae Liezel Ramos in the place of the Cristagale Borja (nasa gitna talaga). She’s a dead ringer talaga of Ella Mae Sayson which isn’t a plus factor. Not a fan of Dindi eversince (she’s more of a Miss Vietnam), so I’d exchange her place with Rufa or Sammy. I am liking Miss Calingo’s fighting spirit.
    #KanyakantangItlog #WalangBasaganNgEgg

  12. “I am certain that those who didn’t figure out well in your blogger’s Fantasy Egg Hunt above will step up their gameplan more strongly and hopefully shake up the rankings.” – Norman T.

    Hindi din kung hindi mo naman sila gusto kahit galingan nila hindi sila masasama sa list mo.

  13. I’m ok with Sutton or Peters for the MUP crown. I used to like Elima for MUP but her problem lies with the fact that Indonesia’s Bunga Jelitha is also dusky and kinda looks like her. It’s gonna be Maxine/Keke2.0 all over again and not gonna sit well on the eyes of pageant fanatics from Indo and Phils. Sirene is tall and lithe and walks like a winner already. On the other hand, Rachel is also tall with a hot and banging body and was educated at Australia. If Miss U will be held in Australia, then it’s another plus factor for her. Sirene and Rachel are facially appealing to the international fans and the MUP crown will depend as to how they will answer the final set of questions. Right now i see them as my top 2 contenders. I could be wrong, i could be right. Opinion ko lang ito mga kapatid. Sila abi ya akun gusto, pili ka man sang imu kun wala ka nananian eh! That’s all, k bye! 😃

    • Segue lang?

      Yung last two winners ng shupitbahay, mga prototype type Sila ng mga Pinay winners in the 90’s. Si ekek kamukha ni Liza Berroya and si Bonggacious kamukha ni Sonia Rodriguez (96/2nd RU). Partida lang si Sonia dahil mala Karen Carpenters any boses at sumali pa ulit sa pageant at 44.

  14. OMG na napakalaki hihihi 🙂
    Queen Jehza for Bb.Pilipinas-Universe bwihihihi
    C Reyna Jehza lang ang may karapatang magsuot ng Blusang Itim kasi yung apat ay walang bisa kung isuot nila ang Itim na Blusa dahil alam nyo na ang dahilan hihihi
    Itudo mo na Mahal na Reyna Huelar 🙂
    Walang Charette, charette ito ha bwihihihi

  15. Im in total agreement with the top 5. I see three of them vying for MUP-Elima, Sutton and Peters. Each in my opinion are capable of the title. Relegating the other 2 to a lesser crown seems almost like a crime : -(

    I wish everyone the best of luck!

  16. I’d exchange the places of Elizabeth Clenci and Katarina Rodriguez with Arienne Calingo and Camille Manalo…

    I’d also exchange Mae Liziel Ramos with Angelique De Leon, Samie Anne Legaspi, Kimberlie Pajares or Patricia Asturias

    Based on this ratings… I am afraid that Dindi may not win a crown this year unless she would be able to answer w/ flying colors the polarizing question assigned to her.

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